Sign-Twirler Who Makes $25 a Day Turns in $20K He Finds in Envelope

A 21-year-old street corner sign-twirler who makes $25 a day found an envelope with $20,000 comprised of hundred-dollar bills and found it in his heart to turn it in.

Benjamin Feliciano of Port St. Lucie, Florida, makes his living promoting a local furniture company on U.S. Highway 1 in Jensen Beach, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

When Feliciano discovered the envelope filled with cash, he placed the money in a clean plastic bag and found a passing deputy to turn it in to, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said:

Deputies said that soon after Feliciano turned in the cash, someone filed a report describing the exact amount. The money was then given to the man to whom it belonged.

But Feliciano did not leave empty-handed for his good deed. Feliciano, who took the sign-twirling job to buy a means of transportation, received a bicycle as a gift from a private citizen who works closely with the sheriff’s office.

“Ben was thrilled, but said he has no immediate plans of giving up his job,” the sheriff’s office wrote on its Facebook page. “We think Ben is amazing and his good deed is certainly worth sharing.”

Feliciano is not the first person to receive a small reward for turning in a large sum of money. In 2018, a Santa Barbara, California, teen who discovered $10,000 in a purse and turned it in to the sheriff’s office received a $100 reward from the purse owner.

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Collins: Dems Don’t Want to Acknowledge ‘Coup Attempt’ from the FBI

Thursday during an appearance on Fox News Channel, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), formerly the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, emphasized the threats of not putting into place FISA reforms, which is being held up by congressional Democrats.

The Georgia Republican congressman, who is running for U.S. Senate, accused his Democrat colleagues of playing “games.”

“[T]hey’re wanting to play games with the FISA,” Collins said. “I mean there are certain provisions that we do need to extend, and those are things like roving wiretaps, things that we’ve been dealing with that deal with terrorists around the world so that we can keep safe. But what they don’t want to deal with is the actual FISA process and FISA court itself, which — because they don’t want to acknowledge the Horowitz report. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that the — as the president said, this should never happen to another president. And, frankly, should never happen to an American citizen, like Carter Page.”

“Again, you get to the very roots there, and we start putting protections in this to make it do what it was supposed to do, and that’s protect us from foreign terrorists, not spying on American citizens, those are the kind of changes we need to make,” he continued. “And the Democrats are just — and blocked in the internal battle with themselves because they don’t want to acknowledge what happened.”

He went on to add that Democrats are reluctant to acknowledge the need for changes to the FISA process because it would “acknowledge” the attempted “coup” against President Donald Trump.

“Remember, their whole narrative is to discredit this president,” he said. “They do not like President Trump, and they don’t want to acknowledge the fact that there was an attempted basically coup with Comey, McCabe and Strzok and all the rest. And it happened at the FISA court. We’ve seen the Carter Page issue that has been now blown up. It was a — it was based on Democrat paid for information. It should have never happened. We could have done away with this national nightmare if they’d have actually not been this coup attempt basically from the FBI.”

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Horowitz: Bottomless money pit: Agencies dealing with coronavirus already have record funding

Rule number one in government: Never get into a bidding war with Democrats on how much money you want to spend. They have no limit to how much they will spend and will mortgage the future of our children to do so. Trump should heed this lesson as he fights with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over the level of funding to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump’s mistake was even offering another $2.5 billion in emergency funding to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS. Everyone is forgetting that HHS already has a record high discretionary spending budget – over and beyond the high levels of the Obama years. If that is not enough to deal with the coronavirus, then there’s something else wrong here. Yet now that Trump promised more funding, Schumer is demanding $8.5 billion in spending. Why not make it $50 billion?

In fiscal year 2018, Trump promised massive cuts to the bloated HHS. Instead, he signed a bill dramatically increasing spending on the very programs he targeted for cuts. The spending level at HHS for that year wound up being 43 percent higher than Trump’s budget request. The budget for the National Institutes of Health was supposed to be cut by 22 percent and was instead increased by 8.8 percent. The CDC was to be cut by 16.9 percent and was instead increased by 14.4 percent.

In total, the amount of spending on discretionary health programs (not including Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and similar welfare and entitlements) has grown from $56 billion to $73 billion since 2016.

NIH funding for this year is $41.68 billion, an increase of $2.6 billion from FY 2019. That is a total of $11.6 billion in more funding since FY 2016, a 38.6 percent increase. CDC is also at record funding levels.

At what point is enough enough? And if all that increased funding over Obama’s profligate years is not enough to deal with infectious diseases without more emergency funding, then what exactly is the department doing with the base funding?

Aside from the over $700 billion in entitlement spending through the department, HHS gets $105 billion in discretionary funding. Is there really nothing from all their international health programs that could be cut as a way of paying for this?

Trump himself planned on cutting the HHS budget by roughly 10 percent this year. Obviously, there are a lot of places to cut. Why not demand dollar-for-dollar cuts from Democrats?

The problem is that Trump let the cat out of the bag when he said at his press conference that he’ll sign whatever they send him. “With respect to the money that’s being negotiated, they can do whatever they want,” said Trump during yesterday’s press briefing on the coronavirus task force. “We’re requesting $2.5 [billion]. Some Republicans would like us to get $4 [billion], and some Democrats would like us to get $8.5 [billion], and we’ll be satisfied whatever it is.”

This has been the problem from day one. On the one hand, Trump will propose spending cuts, but then he’ll sign spending bills that increase those very programs to record highs, plus sign endless supplemental bills, further increasing spending.

Trump needs to stop relying on congressional Republicans to negotiate for him, because both parties are on the same side when it comes to spending. As Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., said, “It seems to me the administration’s request is lowballing it, possibly.” He’s never seen an agency whose budget he didn’t want to increase except for that of ICE.

The issue of public health concerns is not about throwing more money at the problem. Like everything else, it’s more of a policy problem. We need to be less politically correct in dealing with outbreaks by shutting off travel from day one. Also, as Senator Josh Hawley is advocating, we need to better retain our own supply chain for vaccinations and stop relying on China and India through outsourcing and foreign labor. China now produces most of the materials that go into vaccine production. So, what do we do when the supply is shut down because the actual virus stems from China? Those issues don’t seem to bother Chuck Schumer.

Throwing another few billion dollars at hundred-billion-dollar departments won’t make us safer. And Trump will never win a bidding war accepting the Democrat premise that the way to solve a public policy crisis is with more money while doubling down on failed policies.

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Gavin Wax: Trump Must Reject RINOs on Immigration, Double Down on 2016’s Winning Strategy

It’s hard to be a conservative and not revel in the chaos that the dominance of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is causing in the Democratic Party presidential primaries, as the establishment works to reject the party’s populist choice similar to what the Republicans tried to do to Donald Trump in 2016.

Like with the Republicans in 2016, it will be difficult for the Democratic elites to reject the people’s choice. Sanders’ lead is demonstrable, perhaps even insurmountable, with all of the momentum accumulated behind him, as his competitors dilute the vote of waning moderate and conservative voters among Democrats.

Every poll released shows Sanders with a bigger lead than the last, and he is one victory in South Carolina away from running away with the nomination. The best bet for the Democratic establishment may be to rip delegates from him during a convention coup, which may mean blood in the Milwaukee streets.

Conservatives can scoff at the news that Democrats believe that Sanders is the candidate most likely to unseat President Trump in November, but after closely examining Sanders’ coalition, it’s not far-fetched at all.

While Sanders’ supporters are often stereotyped as lily-white leftists densely packed around college campuses in places like Portland, Seattle or Berkeley, that is far from the truth, as Sanders’ base is stronger and much more diverse than his opponents are willing to admit.

TRENDING: Bernie Sanders Defends Fidel Castro, Ted Cruz Exposes the Absurdity with Biting Response

To the largely Hispanic immigrants who now populate the country in record numbers, Sanders’ far-left beliefs do not sound crazy. They sound moderate in comparison to the politics in the nations from which they have escaped.

Although they left those countries, their cultural values did not change as soon as they placed their feet on the magical dirt in the land of the free. They may see America as the land of milk and honey, but the milk and honey are to be extracted from the former majority to the rising soon-to-be majority through the political process.

While many conservatives laughed at the “squad” for endorsing an old, white career politician for the presidency, they were certainly politically adept to do so from their perspectives. Sanders paved the way for the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to gain prominence. He was her ideological predecessor, and his beliefs are representative of the ideals held by her people.

Sanders won by a much greater margin in Nevada than he did in Iowa or New Hampshire because of his Hispanic support, with an amazing 53 percent of Latinos supporting him. Sanders’ revolution is a vanguard that will be unstoppable, if not during this election cycle then in the near future, should demographic trends continue unimpeded.

Recent results from a Pew Research study show that an overwhelming majority of Hispanics support a drastic increase in government control. Researchers found that “most Hispanic voters (71%) say the government should do more to solve problems, while 27% say government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals.”

This pertains to health care, gun control, minimum wage policies and virtually every other issue. These findings bust the myth that Hispanics are natural conservatives due to their belief in Christianity and strong familial bonds.

Even Hispanics within the Republican Party support more government, with results indicating that Latinos drive the GOP away from conservatism with their presence in the party.

Sixty-two percent of Hispanic registered voters who are Republican or lean Republican favor increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Forty-seven percent of the same demographic supports government-run health care, with only 4 percent more Hispanics supporting free-market care. A plurality of Hispanic Republican voters support more gun control at 44 percent.

Expanding the Republican Party in the new America necessarily entails the death of the conservative movement.

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There are four million new Hispanic voters who will be able to participate in the 2020 election. Sanders is the candidate with the ideology for which they are predisposed.

Couple this with a candidate they have been propagandized to believe is literally committing genocide against their people, they could easily show up in record numbers. They certainly have every incentive to do so.

Meanwhile, millions of Trump supporters — those who remember what America used to be and how far it has strayed from greatness — have unfortunately passed away since 2016. This could create the perfect storm that puts a Marxist ideologue into office in November.

The Republican establishment solution will be to become more conciliatory to the Hispanic community by endorsing amnesty, paying lip service to the benefits of diversity, cutting taxes for corporations that hire illegal aliens, etc. There will certainly be operatives in President Trump’s ear telling him to go in that direction, but he would be wise to reject that counsel.

As every piece of data gathered shows, the political differences are cultural and that gap cannot be bridged regardless of the occasional outlier.

What Trump needs to do is double down on the formula that put him into the Oval Office.

He needs to make the point, as he has brilliantly done throughout his presidency, that he is the last thing standing in the way of the total annihilation of America. Immigration needs to be at the center of that argument.

As liberals will readily admit while many conservatives remain in denial, demographics are in fact destiny. Nothing short of the deportation of so-called DREAMers and a long-term moratorium on legal immigration will solve the problems facing America.

Trump needs his base as white-hot as the Hispanic base will be under Sanders in order to assure victory. This will be achieved only through strength, not capitulation.

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Devin Nunes Reveals ‘The Deep State Here Is Much Worse Than Even I Thought’


Devin Nunes Reveals ‘The Deep State Here Is Much Worse Than Even I Thought’

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes speaks during a hearing in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill on Nov. 19, 2019, in Washington, D.C.Shawn Thew – Pool / Getty ImagesRanking member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes speaks during a hearing in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill on Nov. 19, 2019, in Washington, D.C. (Shawn Thew – Pool / Getty Images)

California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes warned Americans that the “deep state here is much worse” than he ever thought during an appearance Wednesday evening on Fox News.

“One thing that  I tell the American people every time that I speak and I go out on the road and I talk to people is that, remember, the deep state here is much worse than even I thought it ever was,” Nunes told host Sean Hannity.

“People have to remember that this is one yard in a cloud of dust. You have to wake up every day to fight because the socialist left, they worked hard to take over the Democratic Party, they work hard to get Bernie Sanders in the lead. They’re not going away.”

The California representative said that Republicans need to take the House back in November if they want the seemingly endless investigations into President Donald Trump brought about by the Democrats to end.

Nunes appeared alongside Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan to discuss Republican efforts to renew and reform parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

TRENDING: Bernie Turns on Dem Audience After Getting Booed Over His Pro-Cuba Comments

Attorney General William Barr told Republican senators this month that he is working on internal reforms to prevent the errors Inspector General Michael Horowitz determined that the FBI made when it sought permission to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, the Washington Examiner reported.

Jordan said that while the FISA warrant was used in 2016 to spy on four American citizens, the main reason the reforms are important is that “it could happen again.”

“Remember, 2016 was an election year, that’s what they did in 2016,” he said.

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“This is 2020. They could do it again because remember what happened two weeks ago. They went and the intelligence community goes and briefs Adam Schiff and people on Capitol Hill but they didn’t tell the president what they were going to tell folks on Capitol Hill.

“And as it turns out, what they conveyed to Mr. Schiff, which he then leaked, what they conveyed to Mr. Schiff was inaccurate.”

Hannity then asked if the two representatives had confidence that people would be held accountable for the failures of 2016.

“I think that the Attorney General Barr knows that there won’t be a Republican left in this country that trusts the FBI or the Department of Justice if people aren’t brought to and held accountable,” Nunes said.

The president, in particular, has expressed his distrust with government officials after his impeachment and acquittal and has reportedly created a detailed list of disloyal officials to oust, according to Axios.

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“I don’t think it’s a big problem. I don’t think it’s very many people,” Trump said during a media conference in India, Axios reported.

He added he wants “people who are good for the country, loyal to the country.”

Both Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and former Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, high-profile witnesses in the impeachment investigation, were forced out of their roles following Trump’s acquittal.

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WATCH: Kansas City’s Travis Kelce Says He’s Excited To Go To Trump’s White House, Follows Up Comments With Tweet

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce told a reporter Wednesday night that he was excited to be headed to the White House following the team’s Super Bowl win, calling the upcoming meeting a “crazy opportunity.”

Since President Donald Trump has been in office, numerous professional athletes have made it a point to reject the president’s invitation to the White House post-championship win, claiming Trump is “problematic” for various reasons.

“You looking forward to going to the White House?” a TMZ reporter asked the NFL star.

“Oh, yeah! Always, man!” Kelce responded, while heading into the backseat of a vehicle. “Crazy opportunity!”

After the report was made, Kelce doubled down on his enthusiasm, emphasizing that an invite to the White House is a “unique opportunity to experience” no matter who’s in office.

“Grew up my whole life watching teams win championships and then go to the White House and get recognized for their greatness,” he wrote via Twitter, captioning the TMZ report, “regardless of who is in office I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital.”

Kansas City head coach Andy Reid is in alignment with Kelce. As noted by The Daily Wire, the NFL coach said the prospect of a White House invitation would be “quite an honor.”

“I mean, I’ll be there,” said Reid. “If they’re inviting us, I’ll be there,” he added. “It’s quite an honor.”

However, as noted by TMZ, at least one player is not as excited as Kelce. Chief defensive end Frank Clark, who famously rocked a Kanye West/Trump meeting t-shirt, said he has “mixed emotions” about the White House visit.

“I know historically … that’s something you do as a Super Bowl champion. But we’ll see, man,” the athlete said. “It’s a lot of mixed emotions about stuff going on there. We’ll see.”

“Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game and a fantastic comeback under immense pressure,” President Trump following the Chiefs’ win. “We are proud of you and the Great State of Missouri. You are true Champions!”

In the past, athletes who’ve dissed the president and rejected a potential White House invitation have been boosted by the Left. For example, national anthem-protesting women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who repeatedly hit Trump, was named Sports Illustrated “Sportsperson Of The Year” in 2019.

Before the U.S. team won the World Cup, Rapinoe told Eight by Eight that she would not be accepting an invitation from the president to visit the White House if the national team were to win, The Daily Wire reported at the time.

“I’m not going to the f***ing White House. No. I’m not going to the White House,” the soccer star said. “We’re not gonna be invited. I doubt it.”

NBA stars Stephen Curry and LeBron James have come out to rip President Trump, too, both preemptively announcing that they will not be visiting Trump’s White House if either of them win NBA championships.


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Sanders Champions Castro’s Literacy Program. Here’s The Brutal Reality.

Senator Bernie Sanders has been relentless in promoting his rose-colored glasses vision of Cuba by extolling the literacy program implemented by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. But despite Sanders blowing smoke, the reality of what Castro forced Cubans to endure is quite different from the sunny picture Sanders keeps pushing.

Sanders said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?” Sanders doubled down the next day at a CNN townhall, saying, “When Fidel Castro first came into power … you know what he did? He initiated a major literacy program. It was a lot of folks in Cuba at that point who were illiterate and he formed the Literacy Brigade … and they went out and they helped people learn to read and write. You know what? I think teaching people to read and write is a good thing,”

Writing in The Hill, Gregory J. Wallance, a federal prosecutor during the Carter and Reagan administrations, wrote:

Cuban children were taught in school that their highest loyalty is to the Communist Party. They were instructed to denounce their parents to authorities for counter-revolutionary tendencies. If parents, in the privacy of their own home, explained ideas to their children that conflicted with communist ideology, they could be jailed for three years under the Code for Children, Youth and Family.  The school system stifled private religious beliefs …

Starting in elementary school, a student’s progress was recorded in a so-called “cumulative school file.” The file not only recorded academic progress but also measured the “revolutionary integration” of both the student and the student’s family, such as whether they participated in mass demonstrations. The file was updated throughout the life of the child, whose education and work options would be determined by what it contained.

Hans Bader of the Foundation for Economic Education pointed out, “Castro did not give Cubans literacy. Cuba already had one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America by 1950, nearly a decade before Castro took power, according to United Nations data (statistics from UNESCO). In 2016, the Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler debunked a politician’s claim that Castro’s rule significantly improved Cuban healthcare and education. In today’s Cuba, children are taught by poorly paid teachers in dilapidated schools. Cuba has made less educational progress than most Latin American countries over the last 60 years.”

Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago, who fled Cuba in 1969, penned a blistering op-ed in which she described how brutally oppressive Cuba’s literacy program was, noting that despite the false claims of Sanders that Fidel Castro started the literacy program in Cuba, her mother “worked in a literacy program in the countryside after graduation from a teacher’s college in the early 1950s.” She wrote that her own “real-life experience is the antidote to your cheap, propagandist talking points on Cuba’s education system and Fidel Castro.”

NBC News admitted that Castro’s plans for Cuba “came at a cost — a repressive system that punished virtually all forms of dissent and expropriated private property. The literacy campaign that taught many Cubans to read and write also included political indoctrination.” NBC News added, “The last literacy estimate for pre-revolutionary Cuba is from 1953 when 76.4 percent of the population was literate, making it the fourth in the region.”

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