Group backed by George Soros, House Democrats, pushes for radical socialist ‘Third Reconstruction’

A group funded by infamous left-wing megadonor George Soros and backed by dozens of progressive House Democratic lawmakers kicked off a yearlong campaign to advocate for radical socialist policy reforms this week.

The group, known as the Poor People’s Campaign, announced earlier this year its intentions, starting in June, to organize mass assemblies promoting progressive laundry list items such as automatic voter registration, minimum wage hikes, free health care, free college, reparations, welfare for illegal immigrants, and the abolishment of ICE.

As a way to kick off the campaign, the group announced plans for a "Moral March" protest against Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W. Va.) over his recent decision to oppose H.R.1, a sweeping federal election reform bill.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the group was buoyed following the death of George Floyd by a sizable grant from Soros’ Open Society Foundations through the organization’s $220 million "anti-racist" initiative. It is supported by 30 House Democrats, including outspoken Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.).

The outlet noted that in a news release announcing the grant, Open Society Foundations touted groups like the Poor People’s Campaign, which are "fighting for an end to policing as we know it."

Alex Soros, the foundation’s deputy chair, added, "This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America."

In the "Third Reconstruction" resolution on its website, PPC states: "[We] recognize that these times require moral policies aimed at fully addressing the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, the denial of health care and ecological devastation, militarism, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism, as a third Reconstruction to build an equitable, thriving, and resilient economy from the bottom up."

To accomplish that goal, the group advocates for the implementation of federal living wage laws, a guaranteed annual income, guaranteed housing, "relief from student debt, housing debt, utilities debt, medical debt, and other household and personal debt," the "demilitarizing" of the southern border, and much more.

One senior GOP Senate aide described the resolution as the "next Green New Deal," the Free Beacon reported.

The outlet added that "in 2018, the group organized ’40 Days of Action,’ which resulted in thousands of arrests" as "protesters in dozens of states held sit-ins at government offices and blocked roads while demanding local legislators pass hikes to the minimum wage and expand welfare benefits."

Here’s more about the campaign:

The Demands of the Poor People’s Campaign (abridged)

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Seattle police furious after city finance department sends — and then defends — all-staff email calling cops white supremacists

Members of the Seattle Police Department have plenty of reasons to be upset with what’s going on in the Emerald City. For the better part of a year they’ve seen anti-police protests fill their streets and attacks on cops go largely unpunished as calls to "defund the police" have rung out across the U.S.

Now they have another straw to add to the proverbial camel’s back: A local radio station exposed a major Seattle city department’s all-staff email demeaning Seattle police as white supremacists. And when the department was called out for its messaging, officials defended the screed.

What happened?

KTTH-AM host Jason Rantz revealed Tuesday evening the text of what he labeled an "unhinged" email sent to the entire staff of the Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services, or FAS, by the "FAS Change Team."

The message, written by Daniel Holmberg, a FAS senior management systems analyst, was titled, "White supremacy thrives without consequences" and came under the heading "Black Lives Matter: A message and resources from the Change Team."

In the email, Holmberg and his Change Team claimed they did not want "to paint all police with a broad brush," but they began the message by attacking law enforcement generally, saying white supremacy is "ensconced" in American institutions and saying that police "serve the false gods of white supremacy" and "are not worthy of the power they wield."

Racist cops who extend restraint "only to white people," Holmberg said, "are no longer guardians; they are mercenaries and zealots, paid in the wages of white privilege, inflicting their wicked commandments upon us."

Despite his insistence that he didn’t want to taint all cops with his claims, Holmberg listed a few incidents of race-related incidents Americans have seen over the last few years and then insisted that "it strains the boundaries of credulity to believe that these are isolated issues, confined to a ‘few bad apples.’"

He continued:

The ubiquity of this phenomenon, found in all corners of law enforcement, reveals a broken culture, a world split in two: white supremacists and those who know better but go along to get along. In such a culture, good people who stay silent attempt to walk the razor’s edge between complicity and absolution. But it is a failed proposition. Silence is sunlight to the seeds of villainy. The full axiom is “one bad apple can spoil the barrel" and this barrel is writhing with maggots.

White supremacists are attracted to a career in law enforcement, he said, because "[t]hey get to use brute force to harm and restrain people of color" and "know their ‘thin blue line’ will encircle and defend them, no matter what."

More from Holmberg:

Might it be that white supremacy sees in law enforcement its most tangible, immediately satisfying and most enduring method of harming people of color? Law enforcement provides an ideal habitat for white supremacists—a pulpit from which they can level catastrophic harm while enjoying the greatest protections. They wear the uniform like camouflage, hiding in plain sight. I respect and hold gratitude for the service of anyone who does so with honor, but the dignity and duty espoused by the badge do not come with the badge; they need to be earned on the back of righteous deeds.

We talk about ignorance, unconscious bias, and the invisible systems that perpetuate racial inequity. But what about explicit bias? What about intentional, premeditated racism that is celebrated and rewarded? This racism cannot be scapegoated to fear or misplaced anger, or even “economic anxiety." It is a deeply rooted, marvelously disguised, desire to harm non-white people. White supremacists hold positions of authority and influence. They make the arrests and file the reports; they testify as expert witnesses, and they control the custody of evidence.

Holmberg closed his screed with advice for cops: “We’re not asking you to shoot guilty white people the way you shoot innocent Black people, we’re asking you to protect innocent black people the way you protect guilty white people."

City department defends itself

When confronted about the email, the department defended the attack.

"If we have learned anything from the past year — when COVID-19 disproportionately ravaged communities of color and the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others laid bare how entrenched systemic racism is in our country — it is that we cannot afford to stay comfortable," FAS spokeswoman Melissa Mixon told Rantz in an email. “Staying comfortable is costing lives, specifically Black lives, and we stand behind our Change Team for keeping us accountable and challenging all of us to learn, to re-examine, to grow and, above all, to act in this urgent work."

Cops react to email

Seattle police officers didn’t hold back in their response to the city’s attack.

One officer told Rantz, "This is a prime example of why officers are leaving the force in droves. There is absolutely zero support for SPD in this city. Now we have the people who work on our buildings and cars treating us like we are public enemy #1."

Another cop said the email was "inappropriate, bigoted, and full of misleading inaccuracies and over-generalizations."

Yet another pointed out the glaring double standard the city is using:

If any SPD employee made disparaging remarks about another group of people, they would be under a full bias investigation, yet this individual gets to spew this hateful rhetoric to an entire division of city employees with no consequences.

Articles like this one cause division and hate towards a group of people. To say they don’t mean to paint all officers with the same brush while at the same time painting all officers with the same brush is hypocritical and reckless.

Interim Seattle Police Chief condemned the FAS message, calling it "disappointing" and saying it "got so many things wrong."

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Government Report Undermines Biden’s Claim That Trump Had Protesters Tear-Gassed

Trump Lafayette park

A government watchdog concluded that then-president Donald Trump did not order police to clear protesters in order to stage a photo op during last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, a claim Joe Biden and Kamala Harris parroted at the time.

The Interior Department’s inspector general said in a report released Wednesday that U.S. Park Police cleared protesters from Lafayette Park so that a contractor could erect fencing in order to protect federal property and police officers. Police planned to build the fence hours before learning Trump would walk from the White House through Lafayette Square to give a speech outside St. John’s Episcopal Church.

The finding deals a severe blow to a longstanding Democratic allegation that Trump and then-attorney general William Barr ordered police to use force to clear protesters from the park. Biden and Harris pushed the now-debunked photo op narrative shortly after the protests.

"When Americans peacefully protested outside the White House, this president tear-gassed them for a photo-op," Biden tweeted a day after the protests.

"Donald Trump just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op," Harris wrote hours after park police cleared protesters from the park.

The Biden campaign echoed the allegation in an ad on June 12, 2020.

"[Trump is] afraid he looks too weak, so he has tear gas and flash grenades used on peaceful protesters just for a photo op," went the Biden ad.

The inspector general’s report states, "The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the [United States Park Police] cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church."

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

The post Government Report Undermines Biden’s Claim That Trump Had Protesters Tear-Gassed appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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PRESIDENT TRUMP Thanks Interior Department IG for “Completely and Totally” Exonerating Him in Clearing Lafayette Park — Another Fake News Story Carried by CNN

Last year the fake news media lambasted President Trump after violent Black Lives Matter protesters were cleared from Lafayette Park in Washington DC the day after leftists set fires across the city and torched the historic St. John’s Church.

CNN led the assault on President Trump saying “peaceful protesters near the White House were gassed, shot with rubber bullets so Trump can have a photo-op.

The Gateway Pundit reported at the time—    For the record:  There was no cloud of smoke or shots of rubber bullets when President Trump made his visit to the historic church that was torched by leftist protesters.

And now we know the fake news media was lying again!

On Thursday the Interior Department Inspector General reported that President Trump did not clear Lafayette Park as the fake news media reported at the time.

President Trump thanked the Interior Department Inspector General for his honesty in completely exonerating him in clearing the park.

It was just more fake news.

The post PRESIDENT TRUMP Thanks Interior Department IG for “Completely and Totally” Exonerating Him in Clearing Lafayette Park — Another Fake News Story Carried by CNN appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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As Unfilled Jobs Reach High, Economists Point Toward Unemployment Benefits

A new report from three economists at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity says the generous unemployment benefits contained in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan are to blame for the country’s record-setting labor shortage.

The report estimates that the total value of unemployment benefits for a family of four is more than $72,000 per year, which is higher than the $68,000 median household income. "The maximum benefit package when including the $300 a week supplemental UI benefit exceeds $100,000 at an annual rate," according to analysis from the report. 

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R., Ind.), who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee and appeared alongside the economists on Wednesday, expressed concern about the impact of the continuation of employment benefits on small businesses. 

"They’ve survived government-imposed shutdowns and restrictions, they’ve survived demand fluctuations in supply chain disruptions, which is a very real issue," Walorski said. "They’re struggling to survive, though, because the government is paying people to stay at home more money than they would make if they actually got back in the workforce, and it doesn’t make sense."

Republican members of Congress have sought to end the bonus unemployment benefits to alleviate the jobs crisis and jump-start the economy, but the Biden administration has rebuffed such efforts for months. Twenty-five states, all led by Republican governors, have opted to end the benefits early. 

"We don’t think it’s an accident that the blue states have more generous packages for the unemployed, and they have higher unemployment rates," said report author Casey Mulligan, an economics professor at the University of Chicago. "This is probably not an accident. This is part of the reason why their recoveries are going to take longer and red states have had an easier time emerging back to normal life."

Though the White House contends that the unemployment benefits are not to blame for the labor shortage, Biden has announced he does not support continuing the bonus unemployment benefits beyond September. 

A White House official told the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday that the responsibility falls on businesses to offer workers more generous salaries.

"If companies need to work harder, need to offer better wages, more benefits to attract workers, so be it," the official said

The post As Unfilled Jobs Reach High, Economists Point Toward Unemployment Benefits appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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“We’ve Reached Our Breaking Point” – Dozens Of Baltimore Businesses Threaten Not To Pay Taxes

"We’ve Reached Our Breaking Point" – Dozens Of Baltimore Businesses Threaten Not To Pay Taxes

It comes as no surprise to readers that dozens of Baltimore City businesses, located in the Inner Harbor, in a stretch called "Fells Point," are threatening the new city government, run by Mayor Brandon Scott, with not paying their taxes because they’re "fed up and frustrated" with the outburst of violence. 

In a letter titled "Letter to City Leaders From Fells Point Business Leaders," addressed to Mayor Brandon Scott, Council President Nick Mosby, Councilman Zeke Cohen, Madam State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, and Commissioner Michael Harrison, the 37 restaurants and small businesses are threatening to stop paying city taxes and other fees until "basic and essential municipal services are restored."

What’s happening in Fells Point, known for its hipster pubs and taverns, as well as delicious seafood from the Chesapeake Bay, is experiencing an overflow of violent crime from other troubled areas. 

The letter comes after three men were shot in Fells Point over the weekend. 

"What is happening in our front yard — the chaos and lawlessness that escalated this weekend into another night of tragic, unspeakable gun violence — has been going on for far too long," said the letter. 

The 37 businesses are planning to place their city taxes in an "escrow account" and released them until these demands are satisfied:

  • Pick up the trash
  • Enforce traffic and parking laws through tickets and towing
  • Stop illegal open-air alcohol and drug sales
  • Empower police to responsibly do their job

The letter continued to say that minor crime that police "ignore" is what is contributing to more violent crime. So Marilyn Mosby’s halt on prosecuting petty crimes appears to be backfiring. 

"When it comes to prostitution, public urination and defecation, and the illegal sale and consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs on the streets, we know these crimes are not as serious as the carjackings, shootings, and homicides that have become routine," read the letter. "But, as this past weekend proved, a culture of lawlessness rarely remains confined to petty offenses and invariably leads to the kinds of violence and tragedy we witnessed late Saturday night."

The letter concludes:

"Fell’s Point is one of the crown jewels of Baltimore. It has become the heartbeat of city commerce; its rich history, stunning views, and cobblestone streets make it a landmark destination for residents and tourists alike; and, at its best, it reflects the remarkable diversity and magic of Baltimore. But if there is a cautionary tale in the decline of the Inner Harbor and Baltimore’s Downtown, it is that where small issues go unchecked, it is only a matter of time before deeper problems take root and a neighborhood collapses." 

Here are the businesses and their owners, in alphabetical order, who signed the letter:

  • Abbey Burger – Marigot Miller
  • Admiral’s Cup – Darin Mislan
  • Ale Mary’s -Tom Rivers
  • Alexander’s Tavern – Carrie Podles
  • aMuse Toys -Claudia Towles
  • Barcocina – Shane Gerken
  • Barley’s Backyard – William Packo
  • Bertha’s – Andy Norris
  • BOP Pizza – Mike Beckner
  • Denzel’s Shark Bar Grill – Denzil Richards
  • Dogwatch Tavern – Marka Browning
  • EC Pops – Doug Yeakey & Lance Sovine
  • Emporium Collagia -Luana Kaufmann
  • Fells Point Creamery – Essayas Hable
  • Fells Point Surf Shop- Alison Schuch
  • Friends and Family- Ginny Lawhorn
  • Koopers Tavern- Patrick Russell
  • Luna Garden- Jascy Jones
  • Max’s Taphouse- Ron Furman
  • Papi’s- Charlie Gerde
  • Party Dress – Susan Singer
  • Pie in the Sky – Murat Mercan
  • Poppy & Stella – Kelley Heuisler
  • Red Star – Kevin Havens
  • Rodos Bar – Mike Katris
  • Slainte – Kaite Russell
  • SuCasa – Nick Johnson
  • Thames Street Oyster House – Candace Beattie
  • The Admiral Fell Inn – Ted Jabara
  • The Choptank – Alex Smith
  • The Horse You Came In On – Eric Mathias
  • The Point – Erica Russo
  • The Pretzel Twist – Essayas Hable
  • The Rockwell – Bryan Burkert
  • The Waterfront – Kevin Havens
  • The Wharf Rat – Sean Brescia & Jennifer Olivia
  • Zelda Zen – Beth Hawks

One name that rings a bell is "Alex Smith" of The Choptank, related to David Smith, the executive chairman of Hunt Valley-based Sinclair Broadcasting. Alex runs the Atlas group with numerous investments in Fells Point and the Inner Harbor. Sinclair owns hundreds of news stations across the country, and one, in particular, is Fox Baltimore, which launched "Project Baltimore" to expose the corruption in the city. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the push behind the letter were by the Smiths, who’ve spent an enormous amount of money to revitalize downtown Baltimore. 

But in an era of defunding the police and a liberal-run city that seems to be descending into another year of violence – the town is only going to get more dangerous, as we’ve explained over the past half-decade. 

In response, some restaurants in the downtown area are exiting the city and headed to the suburbs where crime is almost non-existent. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 06/09/2021 – 18:30

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Poll: Michigan ‘Generic Republican’ Beats Gretchen Whitmer 52%-41%

A poll released Wednesday by Cygnal found a majority of Michigan likely 2022 general election voters would oust Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in favor of a “generic Republican.”

The survey of 600 likely voters conducted June 2-6 found Whitmer has an approval rating of 41.1 percent, while 53.7 percent disapprove of the job she is doing.

Just 40.8 percent said Whitmer deserves to be reelected, while 55.5 percent said it is “time for someone new.”

As for that “someone new,” respondents would vote for a “generic Republican” over Whitmer, 52.2 percent to 40.8 percent. The survey did not test individual declared or potential candidates against the incumbent governor.

A story Breitbart News broke in May about Whitmer violating her own coronavirus orders to visit an East Lansing dive bar with at least 12 others made 55.9 percent of respondents less likely to vote for her. Just 9.6 percent said they were more likely to vote for the incumbent after her hypocritical action.

The other major scandal — the governor taking a secret trip to Florida aboard a private jet — also made voters less likely to reelect her. A slight majority of respondents — 50.1 percent — were less likely to vote for the Democrat, while 10.9 percent said the trip made them more likely to back her.

One glimmer of hope for Whitmer is that the partisan breakdown of respondents was skewed Republican. While 30.2 percent of respondents said they were Democrat and 31.2 percent identified as Independent, 36.8 percent said they were Republican.

But Cygnal said the survey “is based on a projected turnout model inline with historical midterm election voter trends.”

“While most Governors in the country – regardless of party affiliation – came out of the pandemic with strong marks for their leadership, Governor Whitmer appears to have used it as an opportunity to make voters like her less,” Cygnal CEO Brent Buchanan said in a news release.

“Heck, only 41 percent believe Whitmer should be re-elected. That’s a rough place to be seventeen months from Election Day.”

Cygnal touts itself as the Number 1 most accurate pollster, citing the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on Saturdays–download full podcast episodes. Follow him on Parler.

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Glenn Beck: ‘Breaking the News’ Reveals ‘Insidious’ Ways Media Are ‘Selling Their Country Out’ to China

Glenn Beck lauded Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption as “an important book” detailing news media corruption rooted in conflicts of interest related to China and the Chinese Community Party (CCP).

Beck spoke with Marlow about Breaking the News in an interview published Wednesday on the Glenn Beck Program.

“Barack Obama said yesterday that it’s the right-wing media just doing it for ratings and money,” Beck said. “It’s much more insidious than that when it comes to the left, and these giant corporations. they’re selling their country out to be able to have China.”

Marlow explained how many news media outlets must deceptively shape their reporting to comply with the CCP’s politics due to their integration into multinational conglomerates dependent on the Chinese market.

Corporate conglomerate owners of news media companies want to “pat their bottom lines with that sweet, sweet Commie cash,” Marlow remarked:

It’s throughout the establishment press, the ABC and NBC examples are the clearest, because they’ve got such big entertainment interests in China. Let’s say they did do it deep dive on the origins of the coronavirus and it turned out that maybe China was the bad guy after all — it wasn’t Donald Trump was the bad guy — well then maybe the country will put pressure on China and maybe the corporations won’t be able to pat their bottom lines with all that sweet, sweet Commie cash.

But even outlets that don’t have huge interests in China — the Atlantic magazine, for example, is owned by a lady named Laurene Powell Jobs — Steve Jobs’ widow, she makes all her money from Apple and Disney.

So she’s bankrolling [the Atlantic] with money from China. That’s where Apple does so much of its business. That’s where Disney does so much of its business. It’s so stunning, China’s tentacles, and how much they’re in virtually every corner of the American media.

Beck wondered if former President Donald Trump was aware of the depths of news media corruption revealed in Breaking the News when popularizing the term “fake news”:

Breaking the News … is about fake news, and I know when Donald Trump first started talking about fake news, it was kinda funny, maybe in some ways. We all knew that it was true, but I don’t think — I’m not sure — he even knew how in the bag they were when he first started saying it.

Beck concurred with Trump’s description of “fake news media” as “the enemy of the people.”

“They must know what they’re doing at this point,” Beck concluded, “and they are an enemy of the Constitution. They’re an enemy of the public.”

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