Jason Chaffetz Slams GOP Leadership for Judging Trump on Personality Rather Than Policy

Former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz was quick to defend the Trump administration’s foreign policy Friday following an onslaught from one of its most prominent establishment adversaries. After weeks of conservative disunity on Capitol Hill, House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming struck out against former President Donald Trump once again this past week,…

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LinkedIn yanks ‘be less white’ diversity training lesson following intense backlash

LinkedIn has removed a training seminar from its site that encouraged attendees to "be less white."

What’s a very brief history?

Coca-Cola came under fire earlier this week after a viral social media post purported that some Coca-Cola employees had completed a racial sensitivity seminar that encouraged its participants to "be less white" and "less oppressive."

The webinar was created by author Robin DiAngelo, who wrote "White Fragility."

A description of the course promised attendees that the training "gives you the vocabulary and practices you need to start confronting racism and unconscious bias at the individual level and throughout your organization. There’s no magic recipe for building an inclusive workplace. It’s a process that needs to involve people of color, and that needs to go on for as long as your company’s in business. But with these tools at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way."

Elsewhere in the webinar, white participants were encouraged to be "less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant, and more humble."

Coca-Cola took major flak following the viral social media post, prompting a statement on the controversy.

The statement read, "The video circulating on social media is from a publicly available LinkedIn Learning series and is not a focus of our company’s curriculum. Our Better Together global learning curriculum is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace. It is comprised of a number of short vignettes, each a few minutes long. The training includes access to LinkedIn Learning on a variety of topics, including on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will continue to refine this curriculum."

What are the details?

Earlier this week, LinkedIn announced that it would no longer host the webinar on its site.

Nicole Leverich, vice president of corporate communications at LinkedIn, told Newsweek in a statement that the site provides a "wide variety of learning content, including more than 270 courses on the topic of diversity, inclusion, and belonging."

"The Confronting Racism course featuring Robin DiAngelo is no longer available in our course library, at the request of the 3rd party content provider we licensed this content from," Leverich added.

"We will continue to add new courses to help people learn the skills they need to be more successful in their career, including the foundational skills we all need to be effective allies and help build a more equitable future," Leverich vowed.

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Biden* Plans Tent City For Illegals…

No worries. He’s a Democrat, it’s not a problem now.

Via Stamford Advocate:

WASHINGTON – U.S. border officials are preparing to open another tent facility in Del Rio, Texas, to cope with soaring numbers of migrant families and children crossing into the United States in recent weeks, according to two Homeland Security officials involved in the planning.

The temporary facility is expected to open in the coming weeks and will be used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which opened a similar “soft-sided” structure in Donna, Texas, three weeks ago. That facility and other Border Patrol facilities are under increasing capacity strain from the burgeoning influx of Central American minors and family groups in U.S. custody.

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Arizona judge orders Maricopa County to turn over ballots to state Senate

A judge in Maricopa County, Arizona, ordered county election officials on Friday to answer a subpoena from the state Senate to turn over ballots from the November election and provide access to its voting machines for audit.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason said that the Senate subpoenas were "legal and enforceable" in a ruling resolving a dispute between the Arizona Senate and county officials over how to interpret state law.

According to the Arizona Republic, the county had claimed it was illegal for the Senate to subpoena the ballots and contended that multiple audits of the election which had already been competed were sufficient. The Senate argued that there are still lingering questions about the validity of the ballots and the integrity of the machines and wants to commission its own audit of the election.

The dispute arose over two state laws, one defining the Senate’s subpoena powers and another law that orders county election officials to seal the ballots for two years after an election.

From Arizona Republic:

First, state law gives the Legislature sweeping authority to issue subpoenas and conduct investigations. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office weighed in on this, saying that legislative bodies or committee chairs can issue summonses either to inform future legislation or to "investigate whether a particular governmental entity properly discharged its functions."

But state law also requires that, after results are certified, ballots be kept "in a secure facility managed by the county treasurer, who shall keep it unopened and unaltered for twenty-four months for elections for a federal office."

That portion of the law also states that a court order could unseal the ballots.

Essentially, the county said that only a court order could request the ballots and contested the Senate’s ability to subpoena. In his ruling, Thomason sided with the Senate and said the law "does not immunize the ballots from being subpoenaed, let alone from being subpoenaed by the legislature, acting in its Constitutional role to ensure the ‘purity’ of elections."

"This statute simply does not create a privilege, justifying non-disclosure," he concluded after a hearing Thursday.

Last December, Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann issued two subpoenas to the Maricopa County election board.

The first subpoena calls for an audit of scanned ballots to collect an electronic ballot image cast for all mail-in ballots counted in the November 2020 general election. The second subpoena calls for a full forensic audit of ballot tabulation equipment, the software for that equipment, and the election management system used in the 2020 general election, the Washington Examiner reported.

The county has already conducted multiple audits of the election, including logic and accuracy tests for the machines and a hand count of a statistically significant number of ballots. The audits found that the machines counted votes accurately.

Most recently, an independent audit of the election published its findings Tuesday. The audit found that the voting machines produced accurate numbers.

"The combination of these findings, along with the pre and post Logic and Accuracy Tests performed by the Arizona Secretary of State, the post-election hand count performed by the political parties, and the many security protocols implemented by the Elections Department confirm that Maricopa County Elections Department’s configuration and setup of the tabulation equipment and election management system provided an accurate counting of ballots and reporting of election results," the auditors said in a statement.

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Spanish Nets Silent as Rubio NUKES Becerra HHS Nomination From Orbit

The nation’s Spanish-language media have predictably omitted any coverage of Senator Marco Rubio’s recent searing indictment of both Latino identity politics and Xavier Becerra’s nomination to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.
Watch below as Rubio calmly dismantled the Becerra nomination in a Spanish-language interview that aired in Orlando, FL:
JESUS TORRES, 97.9 FM (Orlando, FL): There’s been discussion of the nomination of this official, of Becerra- Xavier Becerra, as Health Secretary. This would obviously mean a Hispanic occupies this position, and you’ve been a critic of his, based on this nomination. The confirmation hearings began yesterday, and whoever leads the (HHS) is going to have a major role with regard to how this pandemic is handled and how we as a nation emerge from it. Are you still a critic of this nomination? Why do you oppose the nomination of Secretary Becerra?
SENATOR MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): I’m 100% opposed, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, on the issue of (Becerra) being Hispanic. Well, I’m also Hispanic, and I ran for president, there were plenty of Hispanic Democrats throughout the country who criticized and attacked me. I’ve had Hispanics oppose me in each of my campaigns so yeah, I’ve never asked anyone to vote for me simply because I’m Hispanic and likewise, no one should ask me to do that. This is about a very important role, which is (HHS). First of all, (Becerra) has no experience in health care. He was the Attorney General of California. Where he did have experience, for example, was in suing nuns and religiously affiliated hospital systems, as well as everyone else, over a variety of social causes that have nothing to do with (health care). So excessive was his overreach that in fact the L.A. Times, a newspaper that is not conservative, criticized him for beating up on those persons. He’s what is referred to in English as a “culture warrior”. And we need someone who is… what we need is someone who is an expert on healthcare issues, specifically at a time like this. He doesn’t have that qualification, and what’s more- it’s troubling… the way he… I know how he used his power as Attorney General of California in order to pound on faith-based groups and everything else. Imagine what he could do with the power (of HHS) as the nation’s Health Secretary.
Rubio laid out a sequence of truths that have gone criminally unreported in Spanish-language media.
The fact is that Latino identity merchants and culture warriors have been after Rubio ever since he emerged on the national scene, over a decade ago.
Univision targeted Rubio early on, and senior anchor Jorge Ramos even devoted an internationally-syndicated opinion column to Rubio’s defeat in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. It would be natural, then, for Rubio to scoff at any demand to toe an ethnic line.
Then there’s the matter of Becerra. The networks that devote significant time to the arrest of Mrs. El Chapo can’t seem to find the time to report on Becerra’s true record as a persecutor of the faith-based community. Thus, the Hispanic community is woefully unexposed to Becerra’s efforts to compel nuns to pay for contraception or to compel speech from faith-based crisis pregnancy centers, as we noted in Univision’s awful reporting of his Supreme Court smackdown in NIFLA vs. Becerra, which featured this truth-bomb from Justice Anthony Kennedy: 
This law is a paradigmatic example of the serious threat presented when government seeks to impose its own message in the place of individual speech, thought, and expression. For here the State requires primarily pro-life pregnancy centers to promote the State’s own preferred message advertising abortions. This compels individuals to contradict their most deeply held beliefs, beliefs grounded in basic philosophical, ethical, or religious precepts, or all of these.
And the history of the Act’s passage and its underinclusive application suggest a real possibility that these individuals were targeted because of their beliefs.
“Targeted for their beliefs” has been Becerra’s calling card as California’s Attorney General. Shame on the networks for attempting to conceal that uncomfortable truth from the communities they claim to champion. The truth emerges, nonetheless.

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Amazon pulls Clarence Thomas documentary during Black History Month

Serving as just the latest example of Big Tech censorship, Amazon has pulled from its streaming service a documentary about Justice Clarence Thomas, the only black Supreme Court Justice, during Black History Month.

Viewers who attempt to watch the critically acclaimed documentary, "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words," which aims to tell the story of Thomas’ celebrated life "truly and fully, without cover-ups or distortions," have not been able to do so since early February.

"This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location," reads the message viewers are presented with upon selecting the title. The documentary is also currently not available for purchase in DVD format on Amazon’s website.

The film’s producer and director, Michael Pack of Manifold Productions Inc., informed TheBlaze that the documentary was pulled from Amazon Prime Video on or around Feb. 8, meaning it has been unavailable for the better part of Black History Month.

Pack confirmed that Amazon stopped streaming the documentary at its own discretion and without providing an explanation.

TheBlaze reached out to Amazon’s public relations department for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

The news will only raise further suspicions that Amazon, like many of its Big Tech counterparts, is engaged in the deliberate and systematic silencing of conservative voices.

Given that the company has made significant efforts to celebrate black voices during Black History Month, one might think it would embrace the opportunity to stream a documentary about the country’s only sitting black Supreme Court justice.

Although Thomas himself may be a controversial figure in American politics, the film has been largely praised since its premiere last spring, when it was broadcast nationally on PBS. The film has a 99% audience score on the film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, and has a 4.9-star rating from customer reviews on Amazon’s website.

The film received high praise from the media as well. The Washington Post wrote in April, "It is a marvel of filmmaking that two hours pass so quickly. At the end of a screening I recently attended, there weren’t many dry eyes in the room."

Time Magazine added, "[It] offers viewers rare insight into the mind of a justice known for his reticence on the public stage."

The film, though unavailable on Amazon, is still available for purchase or streaming elsewhere. Those interested can visit Manifold Productions Inc.’s website for more information.

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Equality Act Poses Dangers To Americans Of Faith, Sen. Lankford Warns

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) warned Friday that the Equality Act poses a threat to religious liberty in the United States and will effectively force Americans to keep their faith quiet.

Speaking on the topic of religious liberty at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida, Lankford began by mentioning the amendment he introduced to the Senate Budget Resolution earlier this month that would limit federal COVID-19 relief funds for states or localities that discriminate against houses of worship and other faith-based organizations.

“Here’s one of the many things that make our nation so special,” Lankford said. “In America, every person has the right to have any faith of their choosing or to have no faith at all, and you are still a great American.”

“You don’t have to take off your faith when you leave your house. You don’t have to take off your faith when you leave church. In fact, I would remind this group if you don’t practice your faith every day, you really don’t have a faith, you just have a religious hobby. Your faith should have an impact on you.”

After extolling the First Amendment for giving Americans the ability to choose any faith, Lankford warned of the threat he believes some on the Left pose to such freedom.

“The in-group in society doesn’t get to define who can and cannot have faith, what their faith would look like in public or in private,” he continued. “Left-wing politicians can’t push faith out of public view because they don’t like it. We have a First Amendment. We don’t have to submit to the in-crowd’s secular humanism.”

“The problem is not everyone believes that,” that said Lankford, singling out California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, President Joe Biden’s nominee to be secretary of Health and Human Services.

“He sued the Trump administration a hundred times and he led the lawsuit against people of faith, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, forcing them to choose between shutting down their ministry to elderly poor or to violate their religious beliefs,” Lankford said. “He worked to manage the faith of Californians.”

Lankford then took aim at what he described as “the ironically named Equality Act,” under which, he claimed, “people of faith cannot say you have faith.”

The Equality Act, a contentious legislative package, passed the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Proponents of the bill argue it is a necessary amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act that would protect citizens from discrimination regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Critics, by contrast, have warned that the legislation would endanger the rights of religious Americans in favor of the LGBT community by putting them in situations that would force them to choose the law or their faith.


Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) delivered a speech against the Equality Act on Thursday at the Capitol, saying in part:

This body being led by Democrats is trampling the rights of the people in the name of ‘equality,’ in the false name of ‘equality.’ Our federalist system allows us to agree to disagree, and we should be able to do that. But if this Democratic Congress, and if the Democratic leadership, and if this White House continues to trample the rights of the people of the United States, then it is they who will be destroying this Union.

Related: ‘We’re Not Ready’: Pastor Andrew Brunson Predicts Worsening Religious Persecution In U.S. Regardless Of Election Outcome

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