The Hill confirms everything we’ve been saying about the deep state sabotaging Trump

One of the funniest things about the Beltway is that, when they talk amongst themselves, they often confirm everything people like us say about Washington and how it works. But they are so completely lacking in self-awareness that they don’t even realize that’s what they’re doing.

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WATCH: Ashley Judd LOSES HER MIND When Airport Worker Calls Her ‘Sweetheart’

She’s baaaack!

Fresh off her incredibly bizarre and vulgar slam poetry session at the Women’s March on Washington to protest the democratic election of Donald Trump, insane Hollywood feminist Ashley Judd went all Lena Dunham and reported an airport worker who apparently had the audacity to call her “sweetheart” and compliment her dress.

Where does this guy think we are? Saudi freaking Arabia?

And Ms. Judd, eager to stamp-out “everyday sexism,” took to Facebook to lament the traumatic incident.

“I was coming through security and a guy said ‘Hey, sweetheart,’” whined Judd. “And I said ‘I’m not your sweetheart. I am your client.’”

The horror continues, as the self-styled Nasty Woman recollected the kind employee — trigger warning — complimenting her dress.

“Then when I was setting my things out he said, ‘hey, nice dress.”

The totally rational actress claims the man “touched” her as he grabbed her belongings and placed them on what can only be assumed to have been a conveyer belt.

“I didn’t see him touch anybody else,” she accused. “And I turned around and I said ‘that was unnecessary. … By that time, you know, my skin was burning, my feet are burning. It’s so hard to continue to set these boundaries when someone continues to push.”

Unbelievably, the nice guy then told her: “Have a good day, sweetheart.”

Watch the insanity, below:

And we have a follow-up video! Thank goodness.

Here, Judd basically explains that the manager said he had a talking-to with the employee she complained about (for essentially doing his job in a friendly manner) and that she was given vouchers for coffee in recompense for the intense ordeal. Then, framing herself as a modern Rosa Parks, Judd complimented herself on her bravery for speaking up.

“Just because 89 people don’t speak up, doesn’t mean it’s okay,” the actress said the manager told her, “and the one person who does speak up, is the person who can help employees realize that it is inappropriate to use that kind of language.”

For clarity, “that kind of language” includes a man calling her “sweetheart” and saying “nice dress.”


How deeply entrenched in your own victimhood do you have to be to be triggered by a friendly airport employee calling you sweetheart? Really?

Stay crazy, homegirl.

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Charlie Daniels Warns Establishment: ‘The Days of the Career Politician Are Over’

Charlie Daniels Warns Establishment: ‘The Days of the Career Politician Are Over’

9 Aug, 2017
9 Aug, 2017

Legendary American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Charlie Daniels penned an op-ed this week in which he explains that President Donald Trump is not a member of the “club” of establishment Washington elites whose main goal is power – not public service.

In the op-ed for, Daniels reflects on the state of American government, industry and culture in the hands of establishment politicians – Republicans and Democrats alike – who, he says, easily obtain “immunity” from their own “crimes and misdemeanors”:

I’ll let you in on a little secret, Donald Trump is not a member of their club either, and while I’m very well aware that his juvenile name-calling and acerbic tweets do not serve him well sometimes, the main problem the establishment has with Donald Trump is not Russia.

Do you think that Chuck Schumer actually thinks that Trump colluded with Russia, had some secret deal that would benefit him to the detriment of America?

I’d be willing to bet my Ram pickup truck against a lug nut that if you hooked Schumer up to a lie detector and asked him that question he’d fail the test.

No, Schumer, the rest of the Democrat attack machine, George Soros, the Barack Obama’s well-financed underground – et al – have known better than to believe that.

“You see, if what Trump is trying to do is successful, there will be no need, for the Schumers, Pelosi’s and Soroses [who] will spend millions of dollars in vain,” Daniels adds.

The iconic singer, whose autobiography Never Look at the Empty Seats: A Memoir will be released in October, writes “the prosperity and security of the United States” is not a priority for the establishment.

“Reelection and power have taken the place of patriotism and honor in an atmosphere where betrayal is acceptable and common sense is as scarce as unicorns,” Daniels says. “[T]hose folks, with very few exceptions, don’t give a d— about us or the country. All they care about is winning, and they’d sell your whole generation down the drain if it meant they could keep their ivory towers for another season.”

Daniels speaks directly to average Americans – who are not “part of the club” either, and would no longer be “walking the street or drawing full government retirement” after having committed deeds similar to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, or Loretta Lynch.

“No, you wouldn’t because you’re not part of the club, and you never will be,” he asserts. “You’re just a hard-working American citizen who doesn’t participate in subsidized platinum insurance programs or spend the taxpayer’s money to ensure that you’ll return to your job next year.”

Daniels continues:

If American industry does come back, if the economy does soar, if the chronic influx of illegal immigrants does ebb, if our streets are ridded of violent street gangs, if the Supreme Court is again weighted toward constitutionality, patriotism and common sense, if our one-sided international trade deals are either fixed or discarded, if our military does regain and retain its rightful place as the best equipped, best manned, most technologically advanced and highly motivated on the planet, if the little Pillsbury Doughboy in North Korea gets his chubby butt handed to him, if Iran’s feet are held to the fire, if American energy sources are tapped and utilized to make us totally energy independent, if these and other goals of the Trump administration are reached, the days of the career politician are over.

“If that day ever comes, people will demand term limits, and empires will fall as Senators, Congressmen, lobbyists and bureaucrats find themselves on a level playing field with the people they lied to and took advantage of for so long,” the singer adds. “Come on home, y’all. Come on home and work for a living for a change.”

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Democrats Threaten Gov’t Shutdown To Block Border Wall

Democrats are threatening to shutter many government agencies on October 1 unless President Donald Trump gives up his popular campaign promise to build the border wall against Mexico, according to Politico.

In response, Trump’s deputies are offering political compromises to Democrats, including a rise in domestic spending, says Politico:

The White House is pushing a deal on Capitol Hill to head off a government shutdown that would lift strict spending caps long opposed by Democrats in exchange for money for President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico, multiple sources said.

Marc Short, the White House’s director of legislative affairs, met with top staffers from both parties on the Senate Appropriations Committee last week to make a hard sell for the proposal, the sources said.

Short — who said the border funding would be used for a “double fence” — stressed that the White House is insisting on a down payment for construction this fall. Short also lobbied for a big budget increase for the Pentagon, another priority for Trump.

If Democrats block the spending plan, many government agencies will have to send their employees home. But national security agencies, and various aid programs, such as the Social Security program, would keep operating.

Trump’s pending request for an October funding package of $1.6 billion would help build roughly 62 miles of border wall. In May, Democrats — aided by a passive GOP leadership — blocked a 2017 funding package that would have helped quickly build 42 miles of wall.

Led by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrats are hoping to block any wall construction, so protecting the northward flow of government-dependent workers to Democratic-run cities, and also breaking Trump’s 2016 primary campaign promise.

But Democratic politicians are also being squeezed between their radical base and popular opinion, which favors Trump’s immigration reform plans. For example, Politico reported that Sen. Tammy Baldwin is opposing the border fence. “I do know for a fact that every [Democrat] considers wall funding to be a poison pill,” she told Politico.

But a recent poll shows that Trump’s immigration reform gets overwhelming support in Wisconsin where Baldwin must faced the voters in 2018. The June poll of 1,000 likely midterm voters was conducted for NumbersUSA, which favors Trump’s merit immigration reform. For example, the poll asked:

Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose setting up rules to ensure that businesses give first preference for jobs to American workers and legal immigrants already in this country before businesses can ask for new immigrant workers?

The proposal won 53 percent strong support, and only 6 percent strong opposition, said NumbersUSA.

The NumbersUSA group also polled in Montana, where Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is also up for election in 2018. He suggested to Politico that he could support Trump’s double-layer fence, saying: “There are places where the wall makes sense, and there are places where the wall doesn’t make sense and there are better options … I’ll just take a look at it and see.”

Eight additional Democratic Senators are up for election in 2018 in states where Trump won.

In 2014, Schumer and Democrats lost 10 Senate seats after trying to push through the so-called “Gang of Eight” cheap-labor and amnesty bill.

Under pre-Trump policies, the federal government annually imports 1 million legal immigrants into the United States, just as 4 million young Americans turn 18.

The federal government also awards roughly 1.5 million temporary work permits to foreigners, grants temporary work visas to roughly 500,000 new contract workers, such as H-1B workers, and also largely ignores the resident population of eight million employed illegal immigrants.

The current annual flood of foreign labor spikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families.

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