Ayatollah Khamenei: We Rubbed America’s “Nose In The Dirt”…

Yeah, and then Trump was elected.

Via IBT:

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the US is one of “the most corrupt and cruel” governments in the world in the latest broadside as he promised that his theocratic nation would frustrate Washington in all departments they confront.

Speaking to the Council of Coordination on Islamic Propagation, the supreme leader took the opportunity to heap scorn on the US and President Donald Trump saying they would never win the psychological war against Iran.

“Our main enemy, the American regime, rules one of the most corrupt and most oppressive countries. It supports terrorists. According to reports, it’s still supporting Daesh [Arabic name for Islamic State] and others like them. The American government supports the cruel House of Saud in his crimes against Yemen, and it supports the Zionist regime in their crimes against Palestine,” Khamenei said in his televised address on Wednesday (27 December).

Khamenei, who wields the highest political authority in Iran, continued, “The American government is trying to divide Iran. It is also profiting from help of some wealthy states in our region. They must know that we will advance, powerfully, with Divine favour, just as we did when we defeated them in our region. Just as we rubbed their noses into the dirt, we will go forward with great power. With Divine permission, we will frustrate America in all areas.”

On Trump, the Iranian leader said the American president is bound to fail if he presses on with his harsh stance on Tehran. He said former US president Ronald Reagan was “more powerful and smarter” than Trump and even he could not bring down the Iranian regime.

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Jorge Ramos Reduces Renowned Neurosurgeon To Immigration Prop

In a recent episode of “Real America”, host Jorge Ramos shows the extent to which an individual life story is but an accessory to a broader agenda- even that of a brilliant brain surgeon.

The story of Dr. Alfredo Quiñones is a quintessentially American success story, a rags-to-riches tale of a young immigrant who came to America, worked hard, and rose to the top of his profession.   Americans of all stripes can find something to celebrate and cheer as they learn of Dr. Q’s compelling story.

But in the hands of Jorge Ramos, Dr. Q’s biography and impressive achievements are reduced to a prop to be used in furtherance of a broader immigration agenda. For Ramos, the entirety of  the time he spent in the company of a brilliant neurosurgeon boiled down to this point- a ham-handed comparison between Dr. Q and an entire immigrant demographic:    

JORGE RAMOS, HOST, REAL AMERICA, FUSION: If we deport the dreamers who come here to help make America really great, we could be losing thousands like Dr. Q and maybe even a cure for cancer.

Ramos’ reductive reasoning and lazy generalizations flippantly sweep aside Dr. Q’s hard work and achievements, reducing them to a political accessory in furtherance of an open-borders agenda that goes far beyond the popular desire to bring stability to those who were brought to this country illegally through no fault of their own.

The additional focus on actual brain surgery took away from the usual political filler typically found on a Jorge Ramos show, which is a welcome departure from the norm.

In the aggregate, it also goes to show that Ramos could do better- that is, if he really wanted to.



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Pro-Trump 45Committee Highlights Administration’s ‘Year One’ Accomplishments

The conservative 45Committee is out with a new video, "Year One," celebrating President Donald Trump’s accomplishments so far during his first year in office.

"President Trump and Vice President Pence have had an incredible year of accomplishments—from day one to today," said 45Committee president Brian Baker. "Year One showcases their record of historic tax cuts and much, much more."

Here are all the accomplishments the group lists for 2017:

  • Repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate
  • Saving $8.1 billion by cutting regulation
  • Passing the "largest tax cuts in American history"
  • 70 record Dow Jones closing highs
  • Opening up the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and Alaska’s ANWR to drilling
  • Creating 1.7 million new jobs
  • Neil Gorsuch getting confirmed to the Supreme Court, along with 12 federal circuit court judges getting confirmed
  • Trump’s "travel ban" getting upheld by the Supreme Court
  • A 45-year low in illegal border crossings
  • ISIS losing 98 percent of its territory
  • Definding $285 million from the United Nations
  • Declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Trump has just under a month to go until he has officially been president for a full year.

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Elizabeth Warren Tries to Troll Trump: ‘I Believe in Science. Climate Change Is Real’

Elizabeth Warren Tries to Troll Trump: ‘I Believe in Science. Climate Change Is Real’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew a host of reactions — not all of them positive — when she responded on Twitter to President Donald Trump’s sarcastic “global warming” tweet.

The Massachusetts senator stepped onto Twitter’s virtual soapbox for a “crazy” statement in response to President Trump’s tweet, which drew a broad range of responses, many of them mocking and highly critical of Warren and her beliefs:

“I’m going to say something really crazy,” Sen. Warren said. “I believe in science. Climate change is real, and we have a moral obligation to protect this Earth for our children and grandchildren.” Unfortunately for Warren, this apparently opened the door for her detractors to question just how much she believed.

Responses were wide-ranging, such as this tweet that was diplomatic but also questioned the premise on which Warren’s tweet was based:

To the… not-so-diplomatic:

People questioned her belief in science relative to gender, sexuality, and abortion, but also the very nature of science itself. Some pointed out that science is a method, not a belief:

Of course, Warren had as many supporters as detractors, and the resultant exchange was everything one might expect from a snarky Twitter brawl. For enough hot takes to keep every home in America warm throughout this arctic chill, enjoy the thread in its entirety.

You can find Nate Church being a huge nerd @Get2Church on Twitter.

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WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Disrupts Disney’s ‘Hall of Presidents’ Attraction

WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Disrupts Disney’s ‘Hall of Presidents’ Attraction

An anti-Trump protester proudly heckled the animatronic of President Trump at Walt Disney World and posted a video of his “protest” to social media this week.

Jay Malsky, an actor and comedian, created a scene at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction earlier this week, much to the confusion of families in attendance. Right before the animatronic of President Trump was started to speak, Malsky started a series of “Lock him up” chants.

Malsky immediately faced a backlash on social media after he decided to share the video he recorded of his protest.

In a comment to The Wrap, Malsky argued that anyone who is concerned that his “protest” disrupted a family vacation can “check their privilege.”

“Anyone that’s upset I disrupted a family vacation can check their privilege and consider getting mad about the thousands of children being taken away from their parents because of Trump’s racist immigration policies, or the families of the hundreds of trans Americans murdered each year by transphobic and homophobic people, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor and middle-income Americans,” he said.

Malsky then praised Walt Disney World security for treating him professionally when they were escorting him from the show building. “Disney security is amazing and they do a great job protecting the millions of people who frequent their parks every day,” he explained. “They could not have been more professional and courteous to me once they made sure I wasn’t a legitimate threat to anyone.”

Malsky said that he chose to “protest” the Trump animatronic because he will “never get this close in real life probs.” Once Malsky’s chant began, audience members audibly began to express their frustration with his decision to interrupt the show.

Malsky justified scaring some of the children in attendance by arguing that President Trump’s immigration policies do more significant harm to children.

“Probably more scared than the children being taken away from their parents due to @realDonaldTrump’s inhumane immigration policies,” he wrote in a tweet. “Or more scared than a trans kid who fears getting murdered for being who they are. Or a sick child who has just lost access to healthcare.”


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‘Sunday Night Football’ Draws Worst Ratings in a Decade in 2017

‘Sunday Night Football’ Draws Worst Ratings in a Decade in 2017

NBC will not look back on 2017 with a sense of fondness, instead, they’ll remember it as the year in which they hit their lowest NFL ratings mark in a decade.

According to SportsBusiness Journal’s Austin Karp, Sunday Night Football averaged 18.2 million viewers, the lowest number of fans since 2008.

Previous reports had already noted that this week’s Monday Night Football suffered its worst ratings since 2012. However, according to Karp, that’s just one example of a what was a very, very bad season for MNF:

Awful Announcing points out that if the ratings continue to decline, the next time the various networks return to the table to negotiate broadcast rights, the league could find itself losing billions as the networks seek to negotiate fees downward amid the massive loss of fans. The NFL is currently safe through the year 2022, but after that the current deals are done, and the networks will be ready to renegotiate.

There has already been much speculation that ESPN may cut its NFL rights expenses entirely. The networks are not alone in feeling the impact of lower ratings. Last year, because of fewer viewers, many NFL advertisers were awarded “make good” refunds for the advertising fees paid to the league.

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Financial Times: The Solution to the Excesses of ‘Radical Centrism’? More Radical Centrism!

Writing in the Financial Times this week Martin Sandbu concludes an otherwise well-informed analysis of the battles of 2016 and the political ideologies of globalism versus nationalism with the trite call to arms: “It is time for such a bold, centrist radicalism again.”

Emboldened centrists, however, are the cause of societal and political pressures faced across the Western world today.

The excesses of the elites from Poland, to the United Kingdom, across to the United States are the fundamental commonalities in these three nations mentioned by Sandbu in his article entitled The battles of ideology that will define our age.

Sandbu, an Oxford and Harvard graduate, will have no problem identifying the origins of Third Way politics, popularised by London School of Economics professor Anthony Giddens, and enacted in earnest by President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Third Way was a supposed fusing of capitalism and social justice — the corporate world, and the nanny state. In 20th century nomenclature, this could have passed for soft fascism. But by the end of the 20th century and beginning of 21st, the school of thought that expanded government and government programmes, imbibed of state control over drinking, smoking, working time regulations, and more became known as “new capitalism”. 

At least that’s what Blair called it, and it gave these radical new centrists of their time the ability to label themselves whatever they wanted to suit their contemporaneous predicaments. Literally the first page of the former British Prime Minister’s 2010 autobiography A Journey begins with a barely comprehensible game of hop scotch around the political spectrum:

This is not to say that ideals or values no longer matter—they matter hugely, and the progressive/conservative divide (a more modern version of left/right) still has relevance… I remain unequivocally on the progressive side of politics, but I am fiscally more conservative, and on markets, liberal… governments have to liberate themselves from ideology based on left/right… You find those who call themselves progressives and conservatives on both sides of the debates about immigration.

On literally the first page, Blair goes from endorsing the relevance of the left-right divide to decrying it, demanding “liberation” for governments.

And he’d be right, were he not so wrong.

Blair’s contention that “left” or “right” is less applicable than another measure is not atrocious. But he crudely misidentifies the two camps as being, instead, “open minded” and “closed minded”. This is a trick of rhetoric used to disparage those who believe in the nation state, versus those who accept the globalist view:

The open-minded see globalisation as an opportunity; the closed-minded as a threat, a process driven by greed and big business, in which we are helpless pawns. The open-minded are accepting of those of different faiths and cultures; the closed-minded regard them as alien and corrupting. Above all, the open-minded embrace new ideas and change, seeing the potential for advancement; the closed-minded tend to defend the status quo.

In reality this is quite simply the worldview espoused by international socialists versus a worldview taken by traditionalist conservatives. So despite the attempts to reframe the debate, Blair ends up in the same place he started.

Not only does Blair probably not get this himself, but he doesn’t get that the rest of us now get it too.

WASHINGTON, : German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder (R), British Prime Minister Tony Blair (2nd R), US President Bill Clinton (C), Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok (2nd L) and Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema (L) participate in a meeting of the “Third Way: Progressive Governance for the 21st Century” 25 April 1999 in Washington. The meeting followed the conclusion of the NATO 50 Summit in Washington. AFP PHOTO/Luke FRAZZA 

Sandbu’s article in the FT — while lauding French president Emmanuel Macron, the European Union, and Canada — abrogates any attempts at foreplay and begins referring to nationalists, nationists, and conservatives as “isolationist”. Again, it’s a thinly veiled attempt at disparagement, leveraging buzzwords we are supposed to think evil of.

In truth, opposition to socialist internationalism, globalism, or corporatism (I’m using Sandbu’s own trick, see?) is not isolationism but rather, measuredness. It is in fact those he refers to as isolationists that are the moderates. The opponents of mass migration are, more often than not, not against all immigration for instance. In other words, they are the radical new centre.

He mentions Hungary, still a European Union member state, of which the Orban government is in turn a member of the centrist European People’s Party in the European Parliament. In Poland, the supposedly “far right” government’s party is a member in turn of the neo-liberal Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists in the Brussels parliament.

“In the long term,” Sandbu concludes, “liberals have cause for hope: withdrawing from the liberal order will surely bring lasting harm to countries where isolationists are now in charge”.

It is a faulty assertion not lost on the most regularly published readers’ letter writer to the paper, Daniel Aronoff, a PhD candidate at MIT.

Aronoff responded to the piece on Thursday morning, writing:

Implicitly, [Sandbu] assumes the economic benefits of liberalism are beyond dispute; that the root cause of populist discontent are structural changes that have skewed income towards the rich and that the order can be preserved by implementing progressive policies to distribute the wealth generated by liberalism more equitably. This argument ignores three key concerns articulated by populist leaders.

First, a country that runs a chronic trade deficit suffers a drain on demand, which can cause wage stagnation and underemployment. This danger was recognised by the pre-eminent 20th century liberal, J M Keynes, who proposed a mechanism to eliminate large trade imbalances. Alas, the “Keynes Plan” was not incorporated into the post-world war two trade system. Therefore, President Donald Trump’s claim that the US economy is harmed by its trade deficit is coherent and correct.

Second, a country that loses its capability to produce vital military equipment onshore is made vulnerable to foreign threats to cut off supplies.

Third, many people who support populist candidates look with indignation on the idea that a redistributive handout can moderate their grievances. They want the opportunity to earn a decent wage by contributing to their society and they are upset that their tax dollars are being spent in ways they do not condone. Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist and current Breitbart editor [sic], upends the neoliberal watchword “It’s the economy, stupid” when he states that it’s not the economy and that we’re a civic society with borders and values. Mr Bannon has his finger on the pulse of populism and his perception should be given serious consideration, whether or not one agrees with his aims.

Those who wish to preserve the rules-based order — and I count myself among them — need to climb out of their echo chamber, open their minds and listen.

What Aronoff refers to as “populism” is in a redefining of the word perhaps coined by Bannon himself. In reality the more traditional version of “populism”, another derogatory term when deployed by the political establishment — would’ve been better used to describe Blair, Clinton, Obama et al.

Populists of the Third Way by default, if not explicitly, argued that political leaders couldn’t have definitive ideologies and that piecemeal political platforms were the wave of the future. No greater example exists than how Blair managed to reconcile the hardline socialism of his party with his self-confessed “liberal-conservative” market views. Instead of standing for something, Blair ran on the “Cool Britannia” mantra, eschewing substance for style, diverting from debate and embracing governance by charisma.

There is some of that left in the new populism, though not without ideology too.

In other words, neoliberals are pretty much just mad they couldn’t find a way to marry philosophy and popularity, while it would seem the right has.

Raheem Kassam is the editor in chief of Breitbart London

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Bannon on National Review: ‘Magazine Nobody Reads; Website Nobody Goes to; Begged Me to Find Them Donors’

“Guy came to me a couple of years ago begging me to help him find money,” said Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon of National Review’s former publisher Jack Fowler.

Bannon’s comments came during Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily in conversation with co-host Alex Marlow.

Describing the National Review as “pathetic,” Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon recalled how the ostensibly conservative news media outlet’s former publisher Jack Fowler begged him for fundraising help several years ago:

The National Review publisher, this is how pathetic they are. Guy came to me a couple of years ago begging me to help him find money. They’re not a for-profit thing, they lose money. It’s just a cash drain, their donors aren’t coming out… Begging with his tin cup out. “Hey, introduce me to some donors. We need money. We’re broke.”

National Review’s financial difficulties, said Bannon, were related to its management’s lack of understanding of the “new media” landscape. He contrasted National Review’s ineptitude in this dimension with Andrew Breitbart’s aptitude: “Here’s the thing they never got that [Andrew Breitbart] got: Andrew understood new media.”

“These guys are just a magazine nobody reads with a website nobody goes to,” surmised Bannon. “Nobody read them, anymore. Nobody pays attention. They have no influence.”

The wife of National Review Online’s (NRO) David French previously sought to monetize a relationship with former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK), said Bannon:

I think his wife was trying to suck up to the Palin family. They were sucking up to Palin family years ago. Another disaster. They were trying to do one of the girls’ biographies, or something, and that’s what these kind of people do, right? Hey kinda go from thing to thing to thing to try to pay the rent. How do you take a guy like that seriously?

Despite broadly staking out a “Never Trump” editorial position (with some dissent) and seeking to subvert then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, National Review markets itself as a “conservative” news media outlet.

Breitbart News is about “the voice of the people,” said Marlow, “that’s why we’re populists.” This news media outlet is displacing the previously held influence of ostensibly conservative news media outlets, added its Editor-in-Chief: “That’s what this is about, that’s this year’s been about, and it’s about the diminishing voice of the pundits.”

The ostensibly conservative “Never Trump” commentariat, added Marlow, had damaged its political bona fides among grassroots conservatives:

Never Trump had the toughest year [in 2017]. It’s gotta be these guys who tried to help Hillary Clinton to win an election because Trump wasn’t a true conservative. But what have we gotten? We’ve gotten an across-the-board conservative president. We’ve gotten a guy who’s deconstructing the administrative state, gotten us incredible judges, passed a tax cut that was championed by basically all Republicans.

Donald Trump’s presidency amounts to an “unbelievable moment for conservatives,” added Marlow, noting that “Never Trump fought against the man that got all that done.”

Ostensibly “Never Trump” conservatives, said Bannon, had lost their political credibility by offering de facto support to an existential threat to America manifested in the Clintons; framing them as beyond political redemption: “So a lot of these guys are saying now, “oh, my gosh. He actually may be a conservative.” Guess what? Too late. You don’t get to redo it. Too late. You wanted Hillary Clinton. You wanted the total destruction of this country… We don’t care what you have to say.”



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Wasinger: Trump’s Mastery of Culture Wars

Wasinger: Trump’s Mastery of Culture Wars

From the perspective of communications and messaging, President Trump’s first year in office has been an almost unqualified triumph, much to the chagrin of his many detractors.

While some of this success has been due to unanticipated developments, much more of it is the result of the president’s shrewd political instincts for engaging in the right battles with the right opponents at just the right moment.

When Trump went after the courts for putting a stay on his executive order imposing restrictions on travel from countries with active terrorist networks, the commentariat declared it a bridge too far and a public relations disaster because it would be perceived as both discriminatory and unconstitutional. Now, both public and courts are siding with his common sense measures to protect American citizens.

When he went after professional football players for disrespecting the American flag and the national anthem, the media pronounced that, once again, Trump was picking unnecessary and ill-considered fights on controversial, racially-tinged issues that would backfire on him. Now, football fans are increasingly turned off as a public sick of posturing and privileged millionaires showing contempt for the country that enabled their success side with the president.

When Trump accused the Obama administration of illegally surveilling his campaign and his associates in order to bring down his presidency with false charges of collusion with the Russians, howls of outrage were heard on both sides of the aisle in establishment Washington. Now, recently released emails show that, if anything, the president had underestimated the degree to which the Obama administration and the conflicted and very biased Deep State agencies cooperated to cover up illegal behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton and pursue phony investigations into Trump campaign activities in a heavy-handed attempt to insure a Clinton victory.

When Trump did what every President since Clinton promised to do, by moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the Deep State reacted with ominous predictions about recriminations to our embassies and personnel spanning the globe and a destabilizing effect on the Middle East peace process; none of which seems to be even remotely true.

The most important part of the story of our economy’s growth this past year has been the massive deregulation that has been undertaken, and is underway, throughout all federal agencies.  Business owners of all sizes have been the beneficiaries and American workers get the benefits.  Again, this has been something initiated unilaterally by Trump and has not had to endure the legislative wranglings that have tied up and maligned large parts of Trump’s agenda – like building the wall, stopping illegal immigration and sending the ‘dreamers’ back to their god-forsaken homes.

Not only that, but the faux-outrage of Hollywood and the media at Trump’s locker room banter in the Access Hollywood tapes (the release of which were, of course, another orchestrated attempt between the media and the Washington establishment of both parties to take him down) looks positively quaint now in the wake of the revelations of abusive and predatory behavior among their own ranks that was not only tolerated — but virtually encouraged — for decades.

On every issue where Trump has led White House messaging (often through his much maligned but highly effective early-morning tweeting), he has controlled the debate and usually trounced his baffled and often clueless opponents as a result of his ability to connect directly with his voters. But where he has allowed himself to be guided by DC’s professional Republican class, with their supposedly indispensable knowledge of how governing and legislating actually work, Trump has met with debacle after debacle for his agenda.

In large part, this is because the agenda of establishment Republicans inside the Beltway is still completely at odds with that of the man that won them the White House by ignoring stale GOP policy priorities and pushing a populist agenda that carried him over the top in Rust Belt states that hadn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in a generation. The sad truth is that the people who control this administration’s overall strategy are more representative of the policy priorities of GOP Hill leadership and their all-powerful donor class than they are of the economic populism Trump ran on. Hugely popular Trump agenda items like building the wall, the renewal of our crumbling national infrastructure and tougher trade and immigration measures have, time and again, been shunted aside in favor of failed and unpopular attempts to rehash the debate over repealing Obamacare.

The coming year offers great promise to build the wall, reform immigration to fully realize campaign promises, continue the massive deregulation already begun, and fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Robert Wasinger served in senior advisory and liaison roles in President Donald Trump‘s campaign and transition team, after extensive experience on Capitol Hill.

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Report: Companies Pay Imported Workers With Citizenship Cards

Report: Companies Pay Imported Workers With Citizenship Cards

Many low-wage employers are importing cheap foreign labor by offering them immigration and citizenship instead of pay, so helping boost profits by sidelining blue-collar Americans.

The companies can sideline Americans and hire lower-wage foreigners because of the federal citizenship-instead-of-pay EB-3 green card immigration program.

Each year, the federal governments EB-3 program offers 5,000 green cards to unskilled foreign employees of American companies. The green cards can be converted into citizenship cards after five years. It is a small corner of the fed’s cheap-labor immigration policy, which provides roughly 1 million green cards to foreign consumers and workers each year, including 150,000 cards to high-skill foreign employees of American companies.

EB-3 allows employers to hire thousands of low-skill foreign workers by promising to help them file for one of the 5,000 EB-3 immigration cards.

The 5,000-per-year immigration cards are effectively a hugely valuable, taxpayer-paid, deferred bonus for the foreign workers, their spouses, children and chain-migration relatives. Those benefits of a card are so large that many foreign workers pay tens of thousands of dollars to middlemen so so they can work at low-wage EB-3 jobs in the United States.

The huge costs of that bonus are paid by all Americans, and they include classroom spaces for the foreign children and health coverage for older parents, alongside many other welfare and anti-poverty programs. The economic costs paid by Americans also include reduced pressure on companies to hire and train Americans at good wages, and reduced pressure to buy American-made labor-saving machinery.

However, agency officials working for President Donald Trump have begun to tighten curbs on the cheap-labor immigration program, which was created by Congress. According to ProPublica:

As the program has accelerated in recent years, it has been co-opted by a handful of companies and foreign consultants who have used it to bring in immigrants willing to work for low pay in often-dangerous jobs. In the U.S., the program is now dominated by a handful of poultry processors with poor safety records, one janitorial firm and a single fast-food franchisee. Overseas, a cottage industry of migration agents has popped up charging steep fees for “migration assistance,” even as the law bars the selling of green card sponsorship and other recruiting fees …

Demand is now so high that some foreign migration consultants have developed a lucrative niche charging between $20,000 and $130,000 for assistance accessing the jobs offered by employers in the program, which usually pay less than $20,000 a year. Turning the common immigration narrative upside down, the program often attracts middle-class professionals, such as engineers like Yeom and office workers, who are willing to take a steep fall down the economic ladder for the chance to raise their children in the U.S. …

Beginning at the end of the Obama administration and accelerating under President Donald Trump, U.S. immigration agents and embassy officials have been clamping down on the program and increasing reviews of visa petitions, according to immigration attorneys, employers and foreign workers.

Read the entire story here.

The ProPublica article focuses on workers hired by the chicken industry, which includes Case Farms. According to the article,  “The Labor Department has certified [green cards for] 568 foreign workers for Case Farms in the past three years.”

The EB-3 program is established by Congress, and it will continue — despite agency curbs — until it is repealed.

Four million Americans turn 18 each year and begin looking for good jobs in the free market.

But the federal government inflates the supply of new labor by annually accepting 1 million new legal immigrants, by providing work-permits to roughly 3 million resident foreigners, and by doing little to block the employment of roughly 8 million illegal immigrants.

The Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via mass-immigration floods the market with foreign laborspikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.

The cheap-labor policy has also reduced investment and job creation in many interior states because the coastal cities have a surplus of imported labor. For example, almost 27 percent of zip codes in Missouri had fewer jobs or businesses in 2015 than in 2000, according to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group. In Kansas, almost 29 percent of zip codes had fewer jobs and businesses in 2015 compared to 2000, which was a two-decade period of massive cheap-labor immigration.

Because of the successful cheap-labor strategy, wages for men have remained flat since 1973, and a large percentage of the nation’s annual income has shifted to investors and away from employees.



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