Gas prices reportedly rose 59% since Biden took office; Dems continue to point fingers at Putin

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(Video: Fox News)

Two commentators went on Fox News on Monday to discuss high gas prices, and debate whether or not it is accurate for President Joe Biden to assign all the blame to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prices at the pump have been causing a lot of Americans a lot of pain, and assigning blame for them has become a potent political football, with both parties assigning the blame to each other, or to outside circumstances. Democrats, perhaps fearful of voter retaliation in what was already looking like a difficult midterm battle this November, have largely seized on the idea that Putin’s brutal assault on Ukraine is the sole reason for gas prices to be spiking, due to the worldwide ripple effects and instability.

Republicans have taken the opposite approach, and have pilloried Biden’s energy policies as attacking America’s energy sector without actually providing a reasonable alternative.

Matthew Foldi from the Washington Free Beacon, and David Carlucci, a Democratic strategist, went on “Fox [email protected] to talk about the issue.

When asked whether he would admit that prices had been on the rise before Putin’s invasion in February, Carlucci did agree, but added a caveat:

“We’ve seen inflation increase steadily over the past few months, but the invasion of Ukraine has obviously exacerbated the situation. So I think President Biden is right to blame Putin for this price increase. Is it the answer to ALL of the issues with inflation? No.”

Carlucci also agreed that energy independence was a desirable goal: “I think nothing speaks louder of our need for energy independence than this situation that is going on in Ukraine right now.”

Guest host Kevin Corke did note that prices had been increasing for 57 of the past 59 days, though that would still be within the window that Russia’s invasion plans have been made apparent to the world, though outside of the window of the actual start of the most recent phase of the invasion on February 24th (Russia has been illegally on Ukrainian soil since 2014, when it seized Crimea through force, and sponsored militias in the Donbas region).

More recently, gas had jumped 41 cents within a week, as of Monday when the show aired. Corke then went on to assert that prices had risen 59 percent under Biden, and accused Carlucci of making a “specious” argument for pointing out the context and timing of those jumps in relation to Putin’s escalation since last December.

Sharing a graphic on the prices, Corke noted that it’s “up 41 cents from just a week ago and it’s even worse than that, we’re talking much worse if you think about it, gas prices have got up some 59% since Joe Biden took office.”

“So looking at just that number you have to say it is a bit of a specious argument to sort of try to put this all on Vladimir Putin,” he said, teeing up Foldi for a response.

“Well, it is concerning for President Biden that one year in he’s blaming everything from Vladimir Putin to corporations for the consequences of his own actions, right? ” Foldi replied.

“On day one, Biden declared war on American energy, by canceling Keystone XL pipeline, sending the entire oil industry into a tailspin of uncertainty. Why would you ever invest long-term in American energy when, if when Democrats come into the White House, they’ll shut down your pipelines?”

Foldi also noted that Biden has canceled permits for oil and gas drilling, while Democrats in Congress pressured oil companies to stop drilling in America. Foldi also pointed out that after the embargo on Russian oil went into effect, this policy then left Biden scrambling for deals with hostile regimes in Iran and Venezuala to find replacements, since current levels of American production couldn’t compensate for the difference.

Carlucci nevertheless insisted that these were simply the cost of accepting the need to “use less energy” and force some sort of alternative, presumably a reference to “green energy,” though Carlucci didn’t give any details or specifics other than to say the oil industry “has us by the neck.”

“I think the answer is obvious. We as Americans are addicted to gas and oil,” he contended.

“There’s no other way around it. I think President Biden is being honest with the American people and saying, look, we’ve got to change this. We can’t just drill our way out of this. We can’t frack our way out of this,” he continued.

“So we’ve been talking about climate change and climate crisis. This really puts into perspective when gas prices start going up what is the real cost. We start having to do business with Putin, Venezuela, with Iran, and Saudi Arabia, you see who we have to deal with but the reality is we have to deal with ourselves,” Carlucci added. “We have to embrace policies where we use less energy, where we are less dependent on the oil and gas companies that really have us by the neck.”

Corke said he agreed in principle, but noted that working families are being affected now, and need a solution now, and can’t afford expensive alternatives like buying new cars. By the end of the segment, no actual solution that both could agree on was reached.


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Blue Cities Are Literal Toilets, and Libs Are OK With That

I used to enjoy comedy road trip gigs to the west coast. Portland was my favorite city, followed by Seattle. I haven’t been there in 10 years, and here is why.

Even as early as 2011, the writing was on the walls of Portland and Seattle. Homeless drug addicts were everywhere, as were their “calling cards.” As I was walking up to a Portland comedy club, I was shocked by the number of homeless people in the park across the street. It looked like a scene from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video but in a minefield of human waste.

Portland was always fun, but I couldn’t wait to get back to my home in New York City where homelessness wasn’t much of a problem. Mayor Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the town, Bloomberg kept up the good work, and tiptoeing through piles of human doody wasn’t much of a concern.

I don’t live in New York City anymore. I haven’t done a comedy show in the Big Apple since before the “pandemic.” It isn’t my lack of a vaccine passport that keeps me away; it has more to do with not wanting my pretty face opened with a boxcutter or having my oxfords (not brogues) slathered in street dung.

Eight years of “leadership” by Comrade Bill de Blasio has gutted yet another formerly great American city. Mayor Bloomberg left de Blasio a town that was in great shape. All de Blasio had to do was put the city on cruise control, but that was never his plan. Thanks to him, crime is rampant once again. Crazy, drug-addled homeless people rule the streets. Children have been slashed, women get raped, and people are being murdered in record numbers. If you’re planning on a weekend visit to New York, wear your boots because the sidewalks are once again a minefield of what I call “de Blasio street kabobs.”

If you’re lucky, the homeless will drop trou in a bucket and not on your feet. Welcome to The Big Crapple.


What is it with big, blue cities and their willingness to accept human waste on the streets? How and why is this tolerated? I grew up in Detroit in the 1970s. Things weren’t great but we didn’t have “Motor City cob-goblins” all over the sidewalks. I suspect if someone attempted such a launch, a neighborhood man or two would have pummelled the pig. These days, human waste is actually accepted as a part of life by liberals, no matter that kids might well wander into it.

TR International, a worldwide chemical company once based in Seattle, left town in part because they were embarrassed by business associates having to side-step homeless waste.

This is Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Excreta.

Homeless people began carpet-bombing an NYC church back in 2017. #HolyS***

Do bolshie-Americans not realize how dangerous this is? More importantly, do they care? The World Health Organization (WHO) actually has people who study the effects of poor waste disposal. This is what they have to say:

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.2 million people die annually from diarrhoeal diseases and that 10% of the population of the developing world are severely infected with intestinal worms related to improper waste and excreta management (Murray and Lopez 1996; WHO 2000a). Human excreta-transmitted diseases predominantly affect
children and the poor.

The Democrats have spent decades pretending to care about the poor. If allowing ankle-deep street feces is a sign of compassion, I’d hate to see their angry side.

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Infectious disease expert Dr. Lee Riley conducted a study and determined San Francisco is as filthy as any third-world slum.

The contamination is much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India. Riley notes that in those countries, slum dwellings are often long-term homes for families and so there is an attempt to make the surroundings more livable. Homeless communities in San Francisco, however, are often kicked out from one part of town and forced to relocate to another. The result is extreme contamination.

FACT-O-RAMA! San Francisco budgeted $30 million to clean needles and human droppings in the 2016-2017 fecal fiscal year. Also, it takes roughly 30 minutes to clean every pile of “San Francisco treat” off the sidewalks.

Scattleground California

A 2021 Los Angeles clean-up crew picked up 180 lbs. of human scat and 544 lbs. of urine at L.A.’s Echo Beach. Venice Beach, once a groovy, beatnik beach, has become a human litter box.

FACT-O-RAMA! A 2019 report found that 80% of west coast beaches were contaminated with “biosludge,” which is a nice way of saying … you know.

It’s hard to find compassion for people who continue to vote for pinko politicians and their self-destructive “woke” policies. Leftists continue to support their apparatchik leaders even as their kids march to school through piles of Newsom’s mud-puppies. But hey, at least they aren’t voting for one of those bigoty conservatives who might literally clean up their streets.

“We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash,” teacher Adelita Orellana told San Francisco’s NBC affiliate. “Sometimes they ask what is it, and that’s a conversation that’s a little difficult to have with a 2-year old, but we just let them know that those things are full of germs, that they are dangerous, and they should never be touched.”

The west coast is as woke as a methhead in a Red Bull factory, and we all know what happens when people and cities go “woke.”




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Will Anything Be Left of the U.S. After Biden Is Done With It?

The Wall Street Journal is exclusively reporting that Saudi Arabia is in talks to deal with China in the yuan instead of the U.S. dollar. The reaction has been a worldwide collective gasp.

Joe Biden’s recent dumping of Afghanistan is just one of the reasons behind the Kingdom’s stepped-up talks with the communist regime.

The overwhelming number of oil deals in the world are done using the U.S. petrodollar. Moving to the yuan, at least in deals with China, which buys 25% of all Saudi oil, will have a huge impact on world markets. It also calls into question the U.S. dollar’s prominence as the world’s reserve currency.

It is hard to underestimate the fiscal calamity that such a possible move could have on the strength of the U.S. dollar and prestige in world markets. Conversely, the potential move to the yuan could elevate China’s currency to new prestige.

The Journal spoke to Gal Luft, a national security expert who’s written about possible “de-dollarization.” Luft said oil markets are the “insurance policy of the status of the dollar as reserve currency. […] If that block is taken out of the wall, the wall will begin to collapse.”

The Journal reported in Tuesday’s edition that “the talks with China over yuan-priced oil contracts have been off and on for six years but have accelerated this year as the Saudis have grown increasingly unhappy with decades-old U.S. security commitments to defend the kingdom.”

The Journal also reported that “the Saudis are angry over the U.S.’s lack of support for their intervention in the Yemen civil war and over the Biden administration’s attempt to strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear program. Saudi officials have said they were shocked by the precipitous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.”

Bloomberg reported that news of the potential shift caused a price increase in the communist China currency after the news broke on Tuesday.

The rift between Biden and Prince Mohammed has gotten worse. The prince and key emirs refused to take the U.S. president’s calls after Biden’s spike in gas prices became a domestic political liability for him. Though higher prices were always part of Biden’s plan, the president called the Saudis as a hail-Mohammed move to calm angry Americans.

In addition to the other factors that combined to make Joe Biden the Saudi bête noire and gave the Saudis pause about the security commitment to the Kingdom, the business newspaper reported that Biden calling the Kingdom a “pariah” for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi played a role.

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The U.S. under President Trump also stepped up oil and gas production to become one of the world’s top oil producers. Once upon a time in the 1990s, Saudi Arabia sold the U.S. two million barrels of crude per day, which dropped over time to 500,000 barrels a day at the end of Trump’s term. Saudi Arabia was still taking Trump’s calls. Biden’s bumbling simply made things worse.

The Saudis also invited Chinese President Xi to a meeting in April.

China has been pushing its yuan petro-currency idea since 2018. The Journal reports that the Saudis, who overwhelmingly use the U.S. petrodollar to do their oil deals, may not switch. But if they do, and the U.S. slides as the world’s reserve currency, who in their right mind would buy America’s debt created with inflated dollars? The Chinese, who own about $1 trillion in America’s treasuries, wouldn’t need us anymore.


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Democrats Think You’re Stupid, Suggest You’re ‘Un-American’ if You Blame Them for the Energy Crisis

Right now, Democrats are absolutely reeking of desperation and the smell only gets more pungent as we get closer to midterms. One of the things they’re sweating the most is the energy crisis, a situation that went from bad to worse thanks to bad or worse decision-making on behalf of the Biden administration. Decisions he’s been making since day one.

Democrats are doing their absolute best to spin the crisis to be the fault of anyone or anything but themselves. From Jen Psaki on down, Democrats want you fixed on Russian President Vladimir Putin as the cause of all of your troubles. Case in point, Fox News reported on Tuesday that Washington Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier is pointing at Putin for the energy crisis:

“What do you believe?” Kruse asked the Democrat, after noting that political pundits across the country differed on who to blame for Americans having to pay $4, $5, or even $6 for a gallon of gas.

“I believe a couple of things,” answered Schrier. “Right now, in the last two weeks, this is Putin. You should be blaming Putin, if anyone for this.”

Of course, as any die-hard Democrat politician is wont to do, Schrier injected a little bit of guilt for anyone who dares disagree with her.

“To not blame Putin, first of all, is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American,” said Schrier. “So this is Putin’s fault.”

To be sure, the price of gas began going up before Putin began his war on Ukraine, but undeterred, Schrier had an excuse for that too.

“People were already suffering at the gas pump before this,” Schrier said. “We saw an increase of over a dollar per gallon over the last year and a half or so. That can be blamed realistically on the pandemic.”

“When people were not going to work and driving was down, gas prices were down,” she added. “As demand increased and rigs had not yet been turned on, there was a supply-demand issue like with everything else in this country and that [the pandemic] was to blame.”

As RedState covered earlier, this attempt at rewriting history has extended to using TikTok influencers to fool people into believing this very narrative. It’s apparently not going well.

(READ: Americans Reject Biden Big Time as He Uses TikTokers to Spin on Gas Prices)

It’s hard to convince Americans of a lie when they saw the truth right before their eyes. Biden declared war on domestic oil drilling before he was elected, and on day one signed an order that stopped the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. As data shows, Biden’s actions caused gas prices to begin rising the moment he stepped into power. His entire idea was to bring in an age of green energy, an age we’re not situated for.

Like Marie Antoinette, Biden and the Democrats believe that if the rising price of gas is too much then we all should just rid ourselves of our fuel-guzzling vehicles and embrace the far more expensive electric vehicles.

“Let them drive Teslas.”

As far as Biden is concerned, however, loosening environment regulations is off the table.

Bottom line: We’re currently living in the midst of a massive Democrat virtue signal about the environment, and it’s not only incredibly expensive for us citizens, but it’s also destabilizing global security. Domestic energy and national/international security go hand in hand, and the White House needs to be stripped of the ability to just swipe a pen and stop it all.


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