GOP/Dem Deal: Trump Must Have Approval from Left-Wing County to Build Wall

A Republican-Democrat spending bill being offered to President Trump mandates that the White House have approval from left-wing Starr County, Texas officials before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can begin building a wall at the region’s U.S.-Mexico border.

Slipped into a funding bill that provides about $1.3 billion for 55 miles of border wall construction is a provision that prevents the Trump administration from constructing the barrier until DHS officials seek input from Starr County, Texas locals and city officials.

The spending bill mandates that Trump must “seek to reach a mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers” with Starr County “local elected officials,” including those from:

  • Roma, Texas
  • Rio Grande City, Texas
  • Escobares, Texas
  • La Grulla, Texas
  • Salineno, Texas

The deal demands Trump’s DHS to continue “such consultations” with local elected officials about the border wall until September, or until an agreement is reached. In the meantime, the spending bill stipulates that the administration cannot build any barriers “while consultations are continuing” with local elected officials.

It is not just local elected officials who have to approve of border wall construction, though. The spending bill mandates DHS open a public comment period by July, giving the public at least 60 days to voice opinions about the construction of a barrier in their county.

The rule has the potential to tie up the Trump administration in court with local elected officials who may object to a border wall in their county.

Other contingencies in the spending bill include a provision dictating what type of a border wall can be used. None of the prototype border wall designs built for testing in the San Diego desert are permitted for use by DHS. Instead, the wall must continue to be steel bollard-style fencing that both the Bush and Obama administrations used at the southern border.

The spending bill reiterates and expands the areas of the border where Congress wants to prohibit Trump from erecting barriers to stop illegal immigration. These regions include the Bentsen-Rio State Park, the National Butterfly Center, the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, La Lomita Historical Park, and the Lower Rio Grande Wildlife Refuge between Brownsville and the Gulf of Mexico.

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ROD RESPONDS: Dirty Rod Rosenstein Rejects McCabe’s Stunning Remarks on ’60 Minutes’


As Cristina Laila reported earlier in September 2018 —

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spoke with DOJ and FBI officials about wearing a wire and secretly recording President Trump to be able to build a case that Trump is unfit to hold office.  The Deep State anti-Trump Democrat operatives were plotting to remove Trump by the 25th Amendment on insanity charges… Because they disliked him and wanted Hillary to win.

DAG Rosenstein began plotting Trump’s removal shortly after FBI Director Comey was fired.

James Comey was fired on May 9th, 2017 and DAG Rosenstein was appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump-Russia collusion a week later.

Rosenstein was acting Attorney General after AWOL Jeff Sessions recused himself from his duties a day after he was sworn in.

Rod Rosenstein denied that the earlier accusations that he was discussing wearing a wire to take down Trump.

Rod Rosenstein signed a FISA warrant to spy on Trump in June 2017.

Rosenstein signed the final FISA Renewal – sometime around June 29, 2017. After Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel on May 17, 2017.

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt learned that Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire a SECOND TIME!

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will appear on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday.

CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley told teased the interview on Thursday. According to Pelley Andrew McCabe says the FBI and DOJ Democrats discussed wearing wires several times to spy on President Trump. This was AFTER they started spying on the Trump campaign, Transition team and Trump Administration illegally.

Now this…
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein rejected Andrew McCabe’s stunning remarks on ’60 Minutes’ today.

The DOJ issued a statement on Thursday.

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Happy Valentines Day? President Trump Ruining People’s Love Lives, Causing ‘Post-Trump Sex Disorder’

If things have gotten a little … cold … in the bedroom lately, it turns out you can blame President Donald Trump.

According to a “sex expert” who spoke to the far-left publication Salon, Trump is having an outsized effect on people’s love lives across the country, causing bouts of apathy, listlessness, and just a general lack of “being in the mood.”

Dr. Susan Block, a self-described “sex therapist,” said that Donald Trump has “created a type of PTSD — what I call ‘Post-Trump Sex Disorder.'”

“Trump has created feelings of fear, loathing, and nausea,” she told Salon. “People just don’t want to have sex. This would mainly be seen with women who are just appalled at how creepy Trump is. He takes what is often a positive male attributes of confidence and pushes it way over the line into a rape-like and rape-entitled kind of arrogance.”

Part of the problem, Dr. Block believes, is that Trump has wormed his way into so many Americans’ brains that they can no longer separate “good sex” from their idea of what Trump’s version must be like.

“The news is full of stories about bad sex. They don’t really like to talk about good sex. When you have this media obsession with bad sex with the usual ‘all American’ war worship and racism, as well as economic disparities and the way that corporations are in control, it really sucks the life out of a person,” she added.

It’s hard to believe that anyone, even in their worst moments, equates sex with racism and “worship,” and if people are thinking about income inequality while they’re getting it on, they may have bigger problems than just who happens to be president, but Dr. Block insists that Trump is to blame for lack of action.

She may not be entirely wrong. Other studies have shown that Trump is having a disparate impact on the leftist psyche. Just last week, a similar expert claimed that Americans are so depressed about Trump’s presidency that many of them now fall under a new diagnosis, “Trump anxiety disorder.”

And according to a study out of San Francisco State University, at least 25% of all college-age students who lived through Trump’s election have symptoms of actual post-traumatic stress disorder, occasionally to the same degree as kids who’ve lived through school shootings.

There’s good news, though, from Dr. Block if you’re a Trump supporter.

She believes that the president, whom she describes as a “a right-wing authoritarian and aspiring tyrant,” with a “fascist conception of the State,” is actually “charging up” those who agree with him — though she sees that — and not letting Trump dictate your desire for sex — as an indication of mental illness.

“In this way, Donald Trump is the daddy of a dysfunctional United States family. And of course evil can be very sexy. Evil is fascinating. As you said previously, Donald Trump is a cult leader and Charlie Manson-like figure. People are just charged up by him and some of those people are driven to commit great crimes by that kind of charisma,” she said.

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China Freezes Couple’s Bank Account as Punishment for Illegal Third Child

China’s authoritarian government has been sending mixed signals about population control to the populace. On one hand, the government admits it faces a demographic crisis that can only be solved by increased fertility rates and large families, sending signals to the public that having two or three children is now their patriotic duty.

On the other hand, a couple from the eastern province of Shandong is suffering steep fines and persecution for the crime of birthing a third child.

The South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday that the Shandong couple’s bank account has been frozen because they refused to pay a fine of 64,826 yuan, which works out to about $9,500 U.S., and is roughly triple what the couple had in the bank.

The couple, Wang and Liu Mouhua, are residents of a village called Lizhuang. They gave birth to their third child in January 2017, at which time the county Health and Family Planning Bureau invoked China’s draconian national and provincial family planning laws to hit them with a massive “social maintenance fee.”

Statements from the county “People’s Court” indicate the government has essentially confiscated everything the Mouhuas had in the bank and intend to collect another 22,957 yuan from them. If the family does not pay its “social maintenance fee,” their third child will have difficulty obtaining full citizenship and accessing the Chinese educational system, a fate that befell almost eight million children born in violation of the old One Child policy.

Fellow villagers protested the couple’s rough treatment, but they were “educated” and “rectified” by county officials.

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese national audience has become aware of the case and responded with incredulity online. Legal experts cautioned that responding to subtle signals, such as the Communist government issuing a postage stamp of a happy little pig family with three piglets, is dangerous until the laws are officially rewritten:

“Is the country joking? It’s urging people who don’t want to give birth to give birth but punishing those who want to,” one commenter wrote on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

“Taking all the money away from the family, do you want the whole family to die? What about protecting the rights of the baby?” another wrote.

Stuart Gietel-Basten, a professor of social science and public policy at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said the Shandong case was nonetheless in line with existing law.

“While the actions in Shandong seem counterintuitive, it is important to remember that birth control restrictions are still in place,” he said.

“Remember, too, that social maintenance fees for out-of-quota births are an important source of local revenue and that a family planning apparatus still exists with jobs to do.”

The Shandong couple is caught at the intersection of two serious problems with China’s fertility policy. The obvious one is that the Communist tyrants are afraid they will lose control if they expressly authorize families with three or more children, even though such families are indispensable for population growth. Beijing does not wish to openly admit the old One Child policy was foolish, counterproductive, and morally reprehensible, so it dreams of continuing its pose as wise scientific master of human biology by ordering couples to have two children but forbidding a third.

The other problem lies in where these children are born. China wants its educated urban class to have more children, not villagers. Unfortunately, this demographic group has not responded with enthusiasm to the legalization of second children. This is partly a result of a childless culture evolving during the decades of One Child tyranny. Inertia from that culture lingers, especially among young Chinese professionals who fear employers are reluctant to hire women with children because they want to minimize payroll costs.

China Daily responded to the Shandong case on Thursday with an editorial calling for administrative mercy on the couple, which “apparently led a hand-to-mouth existence while raising three children” and could never pay the exorbitant fines levied against them.

The China Daily editorial castigated “dogmatic rule-of-law officials” for punishing three-child families at the same time Beijing is offering bigger tax breaks for children to reverse China’s demographic collapse. Provincial courts were urged to give the couple more opportunities for judicial review before their life savings are seized.

The implication of this editorial posture is that China might have trouble clearing all the fines and other legal debris from the clogged arteries of its bureaucracy, and might be afraid of the results if it expressly legalized large families, so the best approach might be leaving the penalties on the books but enforcing them with a softer touch, or perhaps enforcing them arbitrarily to ensure the “right” couples have more children.

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Castro-Loving Congresswoman Signs On as California Co-Chair for Kamala Harris

The Kamala Harris campaign announced Thursday that Rep. Barbara Lee (D.), a far-left California congresswoman known for her relationship with deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, would be its co-chair.

The endorsement from Lee, who has represented one of the most liberal districts in the country for the last two decades, is seen as a big win for Harris and her effort to win support from the liberal base of her party, CNN reported on Thursday. Lee has previously held leadership roles on both the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The Oakland congresswoman was also one of the leaders in the push to normalize relations with Cuba and Fidel Castro, a brutal communist dictator whose 2016 death she mourned.

"I was very sad for the Cuban people," Lee said. "He led a revolution in Cuba that led social improvements for his people."

Lee has been cultivating her relationship with Cuba since her first trip to the Communist island in 1977 and eventually won the praise of Castro himself. In a 2009 memo titled "Reflections by Comrade Fidel," he praised Lee’s "political courage," not just for her efforts to reach out to him but also for being "the sole vote against Bush’s genocidal war in Iraq."

"It was unbeatable proof of political courage," Fidel wrote in the memo, which Lee gave to the San Francisco Chronicle for a piece on her relationship with Castro. "For that, she deserves every honor."

Lee once praised Castro for rationing access to gasoline, arguing that it forced his people to increase their use of bicycles, and "their rates of diabetes and high blood pressure went down."

Lee’s reaction to Castro’s death was out of the ordinary for members on either side of the aisle including her Democratic colleague Nancy Pelosi, who represents Lee’s neighboring district in San Francisco.

"After decades under Fidel’s doctrine of oppression and antagonism, there is hope that a new path for Cuba is opening," Pelosi said in a statement on Castro’s death. "Generations of Cuban political prisoners, democracy activists and families suffered under Fidel Castro’s rule. In their name, we will continue to press the Cuban regime to embrace the political, social and economic dreams of the Cuban people."

Harris didn’t deliver a statement on Castro’s death. In 2017, she signed on as a cosponsor of the Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act.

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State Sponsored Genocide and Total Enslavement of the Masses

Stare Sponsored Genocide and Total Enslavement of the MassesCommunists, who call themselves Democrats, want total control over the masses via taxes, socialized healthcare and what they call the Green New Deal. They want total tax slavery for the masses.  Slaves are people who are indebted for life to their owners and have to hand over the fruits of their labor just like people have to do today through taxes that Demonrats propose to increase.

Just think about the taxes we already pay. Our salaries are taxed, and we pay taxes on everything we buy. We are not even allowed to own unencumbered property. An encumbrance is a limitation on the ownership of property. Even if you own land and a home outright, you really don’t own it because the state claims the property for taxes in perpetuity. A perpetuity is an annuity that has no end. It’s a stream of cash payments that continues forever. In the case of land, the annuity is paid to the state by the possessor of the land in the form of property taxes. No matter who possesses the land the payments continue in perpetuity. If the possessor fails to pay the taxes, the land is repossessed by the state and sold. Does anyone actually own property if it is encumbered forever by the state? Think about it.

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DeSantis Seeks Grand Jury Investigation of Broward County School Failures 1 Year After Parkland Shooting

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday he wants a grand jury to look into possible mistakes made by Broward County Public Schools in addressing the Parkland, Florida, shooting.

The grand jury would have more subpoena power and a greater scope compared to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, which released a January 2019 report detailing the missteps during the shooting in 2018. The Florida Supreme Court will need to accept DeSantis’ petition in order for the grand jury investigation to begin, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.


The grand jury would have to look at actions of all school districts in the state; however, DeSantis was clear the move was aimed for Broward County Public Schools, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“There’s more evidence in Broward than other districts,” DeSantis said, according to the newspaper.

The grand jury would examine whether:

  • School officials violated Florida law by under-reporting instances of crime to the state’s Department of Education.
  • Schools failed or decided not to follow school-related safety laws, resulting in students unnecessarily at risk.
  • Public institutions committed fraud by accepting state funding meant for school safety but then not acting properly.
  • Schools misused multimillion-dollar bonds meant for school safety.

“I agree with Gov. DeSantis’s decision to examine safety measures in school districts throughout the state and support any review or investigation that could result in improved safety and security in our own district and school districts statewide,” Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said in a statement.

The safety commission, appointed by former Republican Gov. Rick Scott, found in its initial report that school doors were unlocked, cops were preoccupied with equipment instead of immediately confronting suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz, and various communication problems.

The Parkland shooting occurred one year ago on Feb. 14, 2018. The massacre resulted in 17 people getting killed.

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Telemundo Changes Tune on Border Crisis

Barely a month ago, Telemundo and NBC anchor José Díaz-Balart was harrumphingly telling his viewers that President Trump was all wrong about there being an illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border. But now the anchorman has been forced to eat his words.

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WALSH: The Left Attacks ‘Homophobia’ In Christian Churches, Ignores Mosques. The Double Standard Is Insane.

A few days ago, actress Ellen Page publicly blasted actor Chris Pratt for his membership in an “infamously anti lgbtq” church. The comment sparked a week’s worth of backlash against Pratt, who eventually issued a statement denying the charges of homophobia. In reality, Hillsong, the church Pratt attends along with Justin Bieber and some of the Kardashian clan, is far from doctrinally traditionalist. If it’s “infamous” for anything, it’s certainly not social conservatism. When Page attacks Pratt for attending an “infamously anti lgbtq” church, she’s really just attacking him for attending any church at all.

The same can be said about the recent criticisms of Karen Pence, who experienced significant blowback for getting a job at a Christian school. It was claimed that her school is “homophobic” and “anti-gay” simply because it professes Biblical views on sexuality. There are, of course, many other examples of Christians being targeted by the Left for holding Christian beliefs, or attending Christian churches or schools, or attempting to operate their businesses according to Christian precepts. These assaults by the Left are almost always painted as a defense of LGBT people, who are allegedly deeply harmed by the very existence of Christian institutions and Christian ideas. But this is all a smokescreen.

The anti-Christian attacks have little to do with gay rights. How else do you explain the fact that the Left never subjects Muslims to this sort of scrutiny? The orthodox forms of all three Abrahamic religions all share the same fundamental view on human sexuality. They all three say that sex and marriage are to be reserved for man-woman relationships. They all three believe that procreation cannot be severed absolutely from the sexual act. Two men cannot get married in a conservative Christian church, but neither can they marry in an orthodox synagogue or a mosque.

We must also note that majority Muslim countries are, to borrow a phrase, infamously anti-LGBT. Sometimes, depending on the country, those anti-gay sentiments are expressed through violence and legal persecution. Gays in the United States, a majority Christian country, live in peace and safety. The same cannot be said for gays in Pakistan or Iran.

Yet you will never hear the likes of Ellen Page criticizing a Muslim actor for his faith. The media will never question Rep. Ilhan Omar about her mosque’s positions on marriage and sexuality. The Left summarily exonerated Islam from suspicions of “homophobia,” even though homophobia in Islam can often take a brutal and horrifying form. Just as Islam’s attitude towards women continue to go unexamined even as Mike Pence is charged with sexism for declining to attend lunch dates with female colleagues. The double standard is glaring. And it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Left’s problem with Christianity cannot be boiled down to any one specific teaching. They just hate Christianity in general, as a whole, and I’m not even sure if they know why anymore.

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