PragerU: What Is Identity Socialism?

In a new video from Prager University, Dinesh D’Souza announces that “there’s a new socialism in town,” one that he calls “identity socialism.” “The old socialism, the kind Karl Marx dreamed up, was all about the working class, the sort of blue-collar worker who, ironically, voted for President Trump,” explains D’Souza. “But today’s socialist couldn’t […]

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SCOTUS Rules For Religious Freedom, Another Slap To Newsom

On Friday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling on religious freedom that could be another blow to California Democrat governor Gavin Newsom as he faces a recall effort. The Court ordered Santa Clara County to allow churches to hold indoor worship services. Last week, five churches in the county challenged the county’s public health orders […]

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Exclusive — Tom Cotton: ‘Pretty Confident’ GOP Has Votes ‘to Stop’ Biden Amnesty Plan in Senate

ORLANDO, Florida — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Breitbart News that he is confident Senate Republicans have the votes to stop President Joe Biden from passing an amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in America in the U.S. Senate.

In an exclusive interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU), Cotton said Biden’s amnesty plan will, in an all likelihood, not pass the U.S. Senate because it will not get the 60 votes to overcome the filibuster threshold. Asked in the interview if Biden’s plan would pass Congress, Cotton replied “not if I have anything to do with it.”

“I can tell you, in my eight years in the Congress, two in the House when I helped stop the terrible Gang of Eight bill in 2013 and then six years in the Senate, I can tell you Senate Republicans have gotten much tougher on the border, much stronger on an immigration system that works for working Americans — not just for illegal aliens and foreigners,” Cotton said. “So I’m pretty confident that we’ve got the votes to stop it in the Senate.”

To get past the filibuster, Biden’s proposed amnesty would need 60 votes in the Senate. With a 50-50 split in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats, that means 10 Republicans would need to support an amnesty plan. Cotton believes Democrats will not get anywhere near that number, which means Biden’s plans for an amnesty are dead on arrival in Congress. At this stage, zero Republicans have signaled support for any of Biden’s amnesty agenda.

Despite the likely failure of Democrats and the Biden administration on a congressionally-approved amnesty, Cotton said Biden’s executive action on immigration is particularly dangerous to the American people.

“However, we can’t take our eye off the ball on what Joe Biden is doing though executive action rolling back a lot of Donald Trump’s very common sense America First policies,” Cotton said. “Like today, literally, our government is seeking out illegal aliens in Mexico that Donald Trump turned away and inviting them to come back to the border. If that’s not catch and release, that’s like recruit and release.”

Cotton also ripped Biden for releasing migrants into the country without testing them for coronavirus and warned this surge at the border is only going to get worse as the weather warms up in Texas.

“You have to have a coronavirus test to fly into the country but not to cross at our border,” Cotton said. “But look at what we also have happening at our border. This is February. We just had a massive winter storm all the way down to the Texas border last week and yet you have thousands of migrants showing up at our border in the dead of winter. What do they think that’s going to be like in 60 days when it’s warm in Texas? I mean this is going to be an unprecedented migrant crisis if Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t say loudly and clearly to the entire world you cannot come to our border and expect to get in. You have to follow our laws, and you have to come here the right way.”

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WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Honors Andrew Breitbart — March 1, 2012

The late Rush Limbaugh, who passed away last month, famously honored Andrew Breitbart on the day of his passing, March 1, 2012.

A few words about Andrew Breitbart. I’ve known Andrew Breitbart since the 1990s when he was working with Matt Drudge to help produce that page, the Drudge Report, each and every day. He grew up in West Los Angeles, surrounded by liberals, father-in-law Orson Bean, the comedian. Sometime during the 1990s, the early 90s, Breitbart had an awakening. He was constantly questioning what was all around him, which was really extreme liberalism, and he became, as many of you in the audience know, a bulldog. He literally was an indefatigable bulldog for the conservative cause. He did things that nobody else has done on the Internet where there are a lot of players. He accomplished quite a lot, much more than a lot of people.

A lot of people get into the business for a number of reasons. His was to effect change. He really sought to affect change above everything else. A lot of people get into it to make a name for themselves. He was about that, too, of course, but he really was about affecting change, and he did on numerous occasions with ACORN, Anthony Weiner, Shirley Sherrod, just to name three of his most famous examples. But he was a bulldog. He was walking outside his home in his neighborhood in Brentwood just after midnight, keeled over. People had talked to him two hours prior, he sounded perfectly fine. They’re shocked. Family’s stunned. I mean there were some reports of health problems, but there was no indication of this.

So everybody’s in a state of shock today trying to make sense of it. And when something like this happens to somebody a lot of people know at a very young age, you could say he died too young by half, he’s 43, life expectancy in the early eighties. You’re reminded once again, it’s become a cliche but it’s worth mentioning: You only get one life, and most people don’t get as much out of it as they could. Human nature. And one of the reasons that most people don’t get the most out of their lives that they can is they can’t stop thinking about themselves. And the more you think about yourself the more depressed you’re gonna get. Human nature. The more you think about yourself, the less you are aware of things going on outside your sphere. It’s hard not to do that, and Breitbart did that.

Breitbart was outside himself in all of his quests. When I say indefatigable, I never heard of him sleeping. I know he did, but he was constantly on the go. He was also a grateful guy and very thoughtful. He was guest at our wedding in 2010, and about two months prior he sent Cookie a note, wanted to know if she knew who one of my most inspirational figures was. She told him. He presented us with a classic painting of Ronald Reagan, and every year since, every birthday, three birthdays, he has sent me a giant painting, a different rendering of the American flag.

It’s a very sad thing to see this happen. And I’ve been made aware that some of the leftists on Twitter and other blog sites are filled with an unspeakable callous and coarse mean-spiritedness today. When I heard about it I went to some of these sites and I read some of the tweets, some of them from well-known left-wing journalists,, you would not believe it, I’m struck. What is there to compromise with these people? Where is the area for compromise with these people? I mean it is really vicious stuff, which, in the end he would have loved and was a testament to his effectiveness and effective he was.

Even today, the AP in their story, slash, obit of Andrew Breitbart misrepresents him, even in death. And maybe fittingly, given his quest in life, this AP article is a textbook example of the kind of outrageous mendacity in the news media today that he fought against. Even in death the AP cannot refrain from lying about him and misrepresenting him. They treat his posting of the Shirley Sherrod video clip as one of the highlights of his career only in order to use it against him. But Breitbart’s clip did not misrepresent her views.

The clip that he posted — he had the Big Government websites, Big Journalism websites — the clip that he posted of Shirley Sherrod contained enough of her comments that any fair-minded viewer would realize she was telling the audience about her previous prejudices. This was the case involving all of the mythical black farmers that were signed up for a giant government payout. She and her husband were in on that, and so many of them were not qualified to receive the payment. They all got the payment on the basis of past racism and bigotry and all of this. He exposed Shirley Sherrod, just as he supposed Anthony Weiner’s photos, or Anthony’s Weiner photos, he exposed ‘em. Where’s Weiner today? He’s walking the baby to the dry cleaners in Queens.

Then there was ACORN. Remember the James O’Keefe videos. That was Andrew Breitbart. They went walking in portraying a pimp and a prostitute looking for ways to scam the system, and there was ACORN telling ‘em how to do it. All caught on tape. It caused ACORN to theoretically shut down, and change their name and come back to life as a bunch of separate organizations. The AP article damns Andrew Breitbart with faint praise. It describes him as “an outspoken critic of the mainstream media but was lionized by his fans for his efforts at exposing government corruption and media bias.” Now, was he only lionized by his fans?

Wouldn’t you think that real life journalists would applaud Breitbart’s efforts to expose government corruption and media bias? I mean, what does the media claim to exist to do? To hold the powerful accountable! “Speak truth to power,” is that the phrase? Well, the mainstream media has become part of the power. When that power is held by the Democrat Party, the mainstream media covers up the corruption. He was exposing it. He did more and greater work than Woodward and Bernstein! He should have been one of their heroes. But he wasn’t. He should have been given the same kind of hero worship that Woodward and Bernstein have gotten. And unlike the work of Woodward and Bernstein, Breitbart’s investigations were actually truthful.

Now, at the bottom of the article, the AP notes that, quote, “Breitbart’s websites also featured a 2009 hidden-camera sting video that brought embarrassment to the community group ACORN. The videos show ACORN staffers offering advice on taxes and other issues to actors posing as a prostitute and pimp,” close quote, which is another blatant misrepresentation. We all know that those ACORN staffers were doing more than “offering advice on taxes and other issues.” Why else would they have been fired? They were all fired in humiliating disgrace. Why didn’t ACORN lose its funding? Why was it disbanded, and then rebranded and put back together?

All in all, this AP article just goes to show that the country desperately needs another thousand more Andrew Breitbarts, if you ask me. He was something. Constantly on the go. Constantly revved up. He was at Tea Party event. He went to CPAC. He would even occasionally go to breakfast meetings of various Republican members of Congress, sit with them and discuss strategy, the way to effectively advance ideas and be victorious. You know, all of us are unique. It’s true to say that there will never be another Andrew Breitbart. There will never be another anybody because we’re all unique. I hope that the people who worked with him can maintain the tradition, the energy, and the effectiveness that his websites all were after his passing.

I know they’re going to try, and I know they’ll do it with a sense of honor, duty, and devotion to Breitbart as well as the fact they love it, too. It’s just really a sad thing. Everybody is totally taken by surprise, as I say. He was on the phone with people two hours before he died. Nobody knew that anything was wrong. Now, he’d had some health problems. People knew that. But there was no terminal diagnosis involved here. There was no ongoing illness that people were aware of. There were some health problems, but nothing that indicated anything like this. Except maybe to people very close to him. Who knows?

But at ten o’clock last night people were talking to him on the phone and two hours later he keels over on the sidewalk in his neighborhood in Brentwood. He’ll be missed by a lot of people. I will say one thing that happened to him. The Pigford thing. That was the Shirley Sherrod case. That was the USDA. The Pigford settlement. This is where all those black farmers scored big on the federal government for past discrimination way, way back. They just tried to find as many people as they could that had never been farmers; family had never been farmers. It was one of his highlights of his career. But I noted change in him over the years, and I think this is a life lesson.

Over the years, the whole thing he was involved seems to lose some of the fun factor as the intensity and the seriousness of it picked up. And this loops back to the notion that we all only have one life. I hope that that didn’t have anything to do with it. I mean, he was very intense. He was profoundly intense, and at times he’d get very mad, very angry — as we all do — and very frustrated. Everybody wants to matter. Everybody wants to be effective. He was far more effective than he probably ever dreamed, but probably wanted to be even more so. So let’s hope that the people who were around him, who were inspired by him, can keep his work going as though he were still there.

‘Cause that work is crucially important to a lot of people on the conservative side. As I say: Remember, now, he grew up in West LA. He grew up surround by liberals. He told me. We interviewed him here for his book. We interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter. He described the process that he took, or that occurred to him as he began to question some of this stuff that just been inculcated, drilled into him from the time he was born. He began to question it. A lot of it didn’t make sense. And then one day, a big burst of reality hit, and his life changed forever.

Andrew Breitbart was 43 years old and he’s going to be missed by everybody who knew him.

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Michigan Begins Passing Election Integrity Bills: ‘A Lot of Things We Need to Change’

Michigan state Rep. Matt Hall (R) told The Kyle Olson Show this week the legislature began passing bills intended to restore integrity to the election process.

Hall was chairman of the House Oversight Committee last session and held hearings that featured testimony from municipal workers, former President Donald Trump’s then-personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and counting observers who alleged officials did not follow laws and procedures.

Hall said there were concerns even before the election.

“The Michigan auditor general found that there were many people across our state who were over 120 years old, which is longer than the oldest living person and we found there’s over 300,000 people who were inactive voters who haven’t voted in over 20 years,” he said.

Hall said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) knew those facts but still sent out “millions of unsolicited absentee ballot applications to this inactive voter list.” However, Hall insisted “we knew the list was inaccurate.”

He told The Kyle Olson Show House Bill 4127 will remove dead and inactive voters from the rolls, which would help to restore confidence in the election process. The House also passed a bill introduced by state Rep. Julie Calley (R) related to HB 4127.

Hall said the voters would not be automatically ineligible to vote, but rather would be required to provide evidence that they should remain registered.

He said he concluded after holding a series of hearings that “there’s a lot of things that we need to change in our election law in Michigan.”

Hall cited improved training for city and county clerks who conduct the voting processes and specifically signature verification.

He also said the legislature should prevent the secretary of state from sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications, which a secretary had never sent before. Benson used coronavirus relief funds from the federal government to pay for the roughly $5 million expenditure.

While Republicans control the legislature, Hall said he has to remind constituents who are concerned about this issue that the state elected Democrats as governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, and in 2020, Democrats gained the majority on the state Supreme Court.

“What we’ve seen during the pandemic and also through the election is that these Democrats will just exceed their authority. I mean, they’ll just break laws and if you don’t have judges that will defend the laws, that’s how we get in this situation,” Hall told The Kyle Olson Show.

He floated the idea of organizing a ballot initiative if Whitmer rejects the proposals.

“We’re going to do everything we can to try to get this through and signed by the governor, but if we don’t, we’re going to have to look at other options,” Hall said.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on Saturdays–download full podcast episodes. Follow him on Parler.

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Exclusive — Tom Cotton at CPAC: ‘Republicans Need to Pursue the America First Agenda’

ORLANDO, Florida — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Breitbart News that the future of the Republican Party is with former President Donald Trump’s America First agenda, and that if the GOP embraces Trump’s vision the party will come back in the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential elections.

Cotton said in the exclusive interview with Breitbart News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU), that Trump “was the first Republican President to get immigration right in a very long time” and previewed the former president’s Sunday speech hammering President Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

“This [immigration] is one of the issues President Trump and I first started talking about when he was a candidate in the summer of 2015: Immigration, and also the Iran nuclear deal,” Cotton told Breitbart News. “But he has helped reset the Republican Party’s view on this. But not entirely — you still have a lot of businesses out there that want cheap migrant labor. They want open borders. They want more guest workers to come in. But that’s not what our voters want. So what our voters want going forward — whether it’s president in 2024, the Senate and Congress in 2022, or just down to local offices this year, they want Republicans who will follow the America First principles that President Trump laid out. Because really, if you’re not going to put America first, where are you going to put America? Is it going to be last? Is it going to be 17th? Is it going to be third? Republicans need to pursue the America First agenda.”

Cotton also said that conservatives are looking for Republicans to stand up for the country and that he believes the future of the movement is bright. He said that despite the disappointment for GOP voters in November, the silver lining is that Republican gains in the House trimmed the Democrat majority to just five seats and the Senate is evenly split 50-50.

“We need all conservatives to be standing up for America more than ever,” Cotton said. “I know everyone’s disappointed about the election results but remember, we’re in a much better position coming out of the Trump presidency than we were coming out of either of the Bush presidencies. We had gains in the House. Nancy Pelosi has the smallest majority in 80 years. The Senate is evenly split. We picked up seats in state legislatures. We’ll probably win back the House just based on reapportionment and redistricting alone next year. So we have some difficult months ahead of us trying stop, you know, a wasteful $2 trillion spending bill, a massive amnesty and open borders bill that Joe Biden has introduced, higher taxes and attacks on our police and everything we hold dear, but we need conservatives engaged and in the fight and we have a great shot at winning back power next year.”

Cotton, in other parts of the interview, also lit up the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to influence American democracy and culture, and he criticized Biden’s amnesty plan saying that he believes Republicans have the votes to stop it in the Senate.

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Teachers Union President Caught Red-Handed Dropping Off Daughter at School After Leading School Closures

A teachers union president was caught on video dropping off his 2-year-old daughter at an in-person preschool, becoming the latest example of hypocrisy from community leaders during the coronavirus pandemic. Matt Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has led the charge for months to keep learning virtual in the California city, only recently…

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Homeless Pet Owners Offered New Solution for Their Furry Friends

There are many resources for helping homeless dogs. Shelters, rescues, fosters and all sorts of groups exist to help unwanted dogs find loving homes. But what about dogs that belong to homeless people? They may not have a house, but they have a human who loves them — and yet those humans are often denied…

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Candace Owens Tweeted About Trump and Feminism – Twitter Leftists Are Having a Melt Down

Real feminism and the left never worked well together. Candace Owens, a prominent conservative commentator and the host of “The Candace Owens Show” podcast, has caused a leftist meltdown on Twitter. Owens, a firm supporter of former President Donald Trump, tweeted yesterday about Trump’s “courage to stand up on stage and call out the insanity…

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