HAMMER: Kamala Harris’ Flirtation With Banning All Semi-Automatic Weapons Is Fully Insane

As every political observer with half a functioning brain cell already knew but is now also officially confirmed, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is running for president in 2020. In a truly insipid and witless overture, Harris announced her campaign launch by appealing to "equal treatment, collective purpose, and freedom for all."

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Cardi B Invited to Iowa Democrat Event After Calling Trump Supporters ‘F*cking Racist Rednecks’

Rapper Cardi B has been invited to a Democratic event in Iowa after calling supporters of President Donald Trump “fucking racist rednecks.”

“As the center of the IA Caucuses, we have been honored to host , , , , , , and many powerful women leaders. It only makes sense to invite to a reception of her choice while she’s here in May,” the Polk County Democrats said in a social media post.

The “Money” rapper made headlines earlier this month for repeatedly attacking President Trump and his supporters in a several videos posted to her social media pages.

“You promised these fucking racist rednecks that you was gonna build the wall, but you know that was impossible,” the 26-year-old said. “But they voted for you and you promised them this shit so now you have to do it.”

The New York rapper also defended the government shutdown that occurred under President Obama, saying, “I don’t want to hear any of y’all motherfuckers talkin’ ’bout, ‘Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.’ Yeah, bitch, for healthcare!”

“So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check y’all pussy at the gynecologist with no mother fuckin’ problem!”

Cardi B has another Democratic fan: New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“I mean, Bronx girls are gonna re-open the government, okay,” Ocasio-Cortez said earlier this month.

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Shocker! Escort Says She Made Up Trump Collusion Story To Help Win Release From Thai Jail

She was aided by those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Via Fox News: A Belarusian model, who said she had proof that President Trump’s campaign colluded with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election, has now backtracked and says she made up the claims. Anastasia Vashukevich, who spent months in a Thai jail last year […]

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Report: Tesla Mass Layoffs Included an Entire Quality Control Department

A recent report in the Guardian claims that Tesla cut an entire quality control department as part of recent mass workforce layoffs.

A report from The Guardian claims that as part of their recent cost-cutting measures, Elon Musk’s Tesla laid off an entire quality control department alongside a number of other essential staff. The Guardian spoke to Alan Ochoa, a former Tesla employee who worked at the company’s Fremont, California, plant alongside an entire quality control department — all of whom have been laid off. “I have no idea how they expect to run without us,” said Ochoa.

Tesla laid off seven percent of its workforce as it faces a “difficult road ahead” according to CEO Elon Musk. Ochoa says that the company’s “difficult road” will not be made any easier by laying off essential staff members. Ochoa commented on his last few days at the company stating: “My last repair on Friday was finding a rear fascia was missing a screw so if you pulled on it, it would pop out. I grabbed a drill, the screw, got down on my knees and made the repair myself. No one would have known about it unless they tugged on the edges of the rear fascia like I had made it a habit to do.” Ochoa added: “But I know once the car starts driving it would become unseated due to the wind pulling it out.”

Laid off employees reportedly received an internal document which explained that Tesla chose who to lay off “by evaluating the criticality of each position, identifying duplicate roles, and by assessing the specific skills and abilities of each individual in the company.”

Another employee, Anthony Lamendola, worked at the company’s Lathrop, California, facility for seven years; he discussed the company’s layoff methods stating: “They let all the people go who have been there level five or more, all level fours and threes, only kept one, two, some threes. I’ve never been late, never called in, never been wrote up in over six years. I’m just in shock for them to do this and keep temps and new hires.”

A current Tesla employee based out of the Lathrop facility who wished to remain anonymous stated that many long-term employees at the company were let go while interns and recent hires were kept on: “This was a move I was expecting due to the high price of raw metal from our president’s tariff war with China,” the worker said. “Tesla Lathrop has a large amount of people that wanted to go union.”

Another employee at the company’s Fremont plant who has worked there for four years was transferred to work on car seats following the company’s workforce restructuring. He stated that many employees were forced to take hourly pay cuts and some even left the company as a result: “It seems like they tried to get rid of the older, more experienced guys making more money than the entry level. I personally see and feel this is aimed at the higher-waged employees,” the employee said. “They replaced me with a $19 an hour worker. I make $26 an hour.”

The employee added: “I loved Tesla at one point. But four and a half years of living what I lived through, I don’t feel the love, what a good, dedicated employee should feel from a company.” Employees are also reportedly being forced to pick up the slack of their fired co-workers: “We’re going to have to take over their positions,” an employee said. “We have to do our job, plus the contractor job. Usually we have to work for two people, now, we’re going to have to work for three people.”

Ochoa expressed his fears that the quality of Tesla vehicles was going to take a hit following the firing of his department: “I fear the quality will be greatly diminished. Not all of my repairs were easy to see but would have a lasting effect.”

Read the full report in the Guardian.

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New Yorkers shocked to find food prices rising after minimum wage hike

The result of the Fight for 15 movement in New York City has finally gone into effect. The minimum wage jumped by 15% in many cases, to $15 per hour this month. This mostly affects employers of lower skill level workers, particularly in the food service and beverage industries. And now that labor costs have risen, restaurants from fast food joints to upper-end fine dining establishments have raised their prices. As a result, some people have had to make adjustments in their budgets and lifestyles, going out to eat less often and bringing their own lunches to work.

As you might imagine, that’s not only been annoying for the customers. It’s impacting the restaurant business as well. (NY Post)

New York City’s hotly contested minimum wage increase to $15 — up from $13 or $13.50, depending on employer size — rolled out citywide at the start of the year. And although that’s good news for NYC restaurant servers, patrons are grumbling about its impact on menu prices at their favorite eateries.

Ahead of the wage hike, the NYC Hospitality Alliance conducted a survey of 574 local food establishments in late 2018. They found that 87 percent of respondents planned to increase menu prices this year to offset the minimum wage bump. True to their promise, the cost of food has risen at various spots around the city.

“Basically, the prices will have gone up at every restaurant in New York,” Jon Bloostein, CEO and founder of Manhattan chain Heartland Brewery, tells The Post. At his Midtown beer-and-burger joints, he says he’s now charging a dollar more for several entrees, 50 cents to a dollar more on appetizers and 50 cents more on pints of beer as a direct result of the wage shift. The changes will be even more dramatic at high-end spots, he adds: “At a tablecloth restaurant, a chicken dinner with a vegetable and a side [used to go] for $26 to $28, and now it’s $32 to $34,” he says, giving general estimates.

Holy cow. Who could have seen that coming? Well… pretty much everybody. And that includes the Democrats who passed the $15 per hour minimum wage bill. How did they plan on offsetting the significant bump in dinner bills? By eliminating tipping for the wait staff. That idea went over like a lead balloon and was quickly abandoned by a number of eateries that tried it.

None of this required an Ouija Board to figure out. If the government artificially drives up labor costs, the restaurants (who always operate on very thin margins) were going to have to make up for that surge in costs someplace. They could either fire some of the staff, reduce the hours they work, or raise prices. Usually, it was going to be some combination of all of them. But you can only operate a business with a skeleton crew for so long.

Sadly, the result is what they’re seeing in New York. Some customers are taking to brown bagging it or staying home and cooking for themselves. Fewer customers mean less profit and a need for fewer workers. Conversely, if you allow the minimum wage to rise naturally from market pressure, it happens when the economy is good, competition for employees increases, people are earning more money and can generally afford to spend a little more when dining out. This situation in New York City is a case of entirely self-inflicted wounds.

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WALSH: Abortion Advocates Keep Telling This Huge Lie About Late-Term Abortion. Don’t Fall For It.

As I wrote earlier today, Democrats across the country are in the middle of a mad dash to legalize late-term abortion. Already legal in six states plus Washington, D.C., New York was added to the list last week, and now Rhode Island and Virginia may be next.

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Ex-FBI Lawyer Already Under Criminal Investigation Was Found Meddling in Trump Investigation

We’re finally getting some real collusion news that may alter the direction of Robert Mueller’s investigation, or hobble it altogether.

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker, the subject of a criminal investigation surrounding his alleged leaks to the media, revealed to lawmakers in October that he had a personal hand in the warrant the FBI received for surveillance of Trump campaign aide Carter Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The former FBI lawyer himself admitted it was an unusual move.

The transcripts of the interactions between congressional investigators and Baker have yet to be released to the public, but Fox News reported it was able to verify some of the details.

Baker reveals he didn’t want to get involved in the FISA process too close to the end, because once the warrant is ready for the FBI director’s certification, it’s tough to make changes.

TRENDING: GOP Lobbyist Has ‘Evidence’ That Could Reveal Why DNC Analyst Seth Rich Died [RETRACTED]

“So I wanted to see it when it was gelled enough but before it went through the process and before it went to the director,” Baker said. “I wanted to see it and I wanted to read it because I knew it was sensitive.”

When pressed by lawmakers about his decision to get involved in the process — an “abnormal or unusual step,” as the questioner put it — Baker simply said, “I wanted to make sure that we were filing something that would adhere to the law and stand up over time.”

The answer makes it sound routine, but clearly it wasn’t.

As fishy as that is, there’s another explanation Baker owes to the American people.

Is the Robert Mueller investigation fatally tainted?

According to The Hill contributor John Solomon, there were two separate occasions when Baker helped a Hillary Clinton lawyer and a journalist get politically charged information to the FBI investigative team.

At one point, Solomin writes, Baker took information about Trump and Russia to the investigators from Michael Sussmann, a lawyer for the Democratic Party and the Clinton campton.

At another, according to Solomon, Baker move an updated version of the infamously incorrect Christopher Steele dossier into the Russian team’s hands.

The original of this dossier is the same one former FBI Director James Comey confirmed was never verified, according to The Hill. Despite that, the author was used as “source #1” in the Carter Page wiretap.

“At the time Baker got the copy of the dossier, Steele already had been terminated by the FBI as a confidential human source in the Russia probe for violating bureau rules, lying about his contacts with the news media before the election,” Solomon wrote.

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“So, at a time when the FBI was supposed to have severed its ties with Steele, Baker essentially functioned as a document courier. FBI memos I reviewed confirmed the version that Baker got from Corn was different from the one the FBI had from Steele before his termination.”

It didn’t take long for President Donald Trump to pick up on this news.

The journalist who provided the Steele documents to Baker, David Corn, isn’t exactly what we would consider an impartial reporter, either. Take a look at some of his Trump coverage:

“How Republicans Normalized Donald Trump’s Racism” – Mother Jones, Jan. 12, 2018

“We Already Know That Trump Betrayed America” — Mother Jones, July/August Issue, 2018

“What We Still Don’t Know About Donald Trump” — Mother Jones, Nov. 4, 2016

It appears as though Corn already has made up his mind about Donald Trump, which makes Baker’s acceptance of his materials even more suspicious.

This isn’t the first storm to rock Robert Mueller’s investigation, but it may be the last.

Americans can only take so much. With the anti-Trump texts from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the Christopher Steele debacle, the questions surrounding FISA warrants, and the new revelations about James Baker, the Mueller investigation may soon be looking at the straw that will break its back.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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Post Buries Gov. Northam’s Support for Abortion Up Until Moment of Birth

It took a “fierce conservative backlash” for the Washington Post to concern itself with Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s attitude toward a radical late-term abortion bill. The bill would roll-back restrictions on abortion in a state that does allow third-trimester abortion when a woman’s life is at risk as certified by three doctors.

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