It’s Happening: Deep State and Fake News Media Getting Very Worried – Durham to interview Clapper and Dirty John Brennan

So what will the fake news mainstream media do when it is revealed that EVERYTHING they’ve been reporting for three years is complete horsesh*t?

Inspector General Horowitz is set to release his report on FISA Court abuses this coming week.

And Attorney General Bill Barr and US Prosecutor John Durham are expanding their investigation on the origin of the Russia-collusion hoax.

Better yet — Obama lackeys former DNI James Clapper and former CIA Chief John Brennan are getting ready to testify before John Durham.

The Deep State and their fake news media are very worried.

Ken Dilanian from NBC News reported: New: AG Barr expands controversial review into origin of Russia investigation

Ken Dilanian: Durham wants to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine.

Ken Dilanian: A Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media—a line of inquiry based on accusations made by George Papadopoulos.

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Delingpole: Fight the Culture Wars and Own the Libs with Jack Posobiec’s Comic Book Crowdfunder…

The real scandal about that Donald-Trump-in-shoot-out-with-the-mainstream-media parody meme isn’t that it’s “an incitement of violence against journalists”…

No, the real scandal about that meme – and somewhat proving its political point – is that the movie it comes from, Kingsman: The Secret Service, is just about the only thing to have emerged from Hollywood in the last five years which doesn’t come across like propaganda for the liberal-left.

In Kingsman: The Secret Service – just like in the real world everyone apart from deluded liberals inhabits – the bad guys are corrupt, power-crazed globalists and psychopathic green activists.

You might think that a movie with such a wholesomely conservative message would never have gotten financed by Hollywood – and you’d be right. It was turned down by all the major studios and financed, as a labour of love, by its ballsy British director Matthew Vaughn who was prepared to risk everything to get it made. It grossed over $500 million worldwide, proving that – contra Hollywood – audiences do have an appetite for product that isn’t oppressively and relentlessly woke.

We conservatives are very good at complaining about the culture’s leftist bias and of course we’re right: Hollywood, TV, the publishing industry, the mainstream media do indeed all swing horribly to the left.

What we’re not so good at is doing anything to counter it.

As conservative blogger, broadcaster and former U.S. naval intelligence officer Jack Posobiec puts it:

“All the Hollywood money is flowing from Beijing to Burbank which is why all we end up with is woke garbage. And if we keep consuming our entertainment in the traditional way – throwing money at whatever woke garbage Hollywood serves up – then woke garbage is all we’re going to get because woke garbage is the only thing the liberal entertainment industrial complex wants to finance.”

I totally agree. Which is why I think we should all do our bit to support the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Jack’s comic book project Agent Poso.

Here’s a rough synopsis:

Set ten years in the future a global threat has arisen, and the President must turn to those he can trust. An off-the-books team that works directly for him, in the shadows. For the most sensitive missions, he calls upon Agent Poso and TASK FORCE AEGIS

Just like in Kingsman (which started life as a comic by Mark Millar), the bad guys are environmentalists. (And jihadists – another category of villain that the liberal-left culture industry generally prefers to play down, if it can…)

That’s because this is a shamelessly conservative product for a conservative readership starved of conservative culture.

The projected comic reunites many of the team involved in a previous successful crowdfunded project, Trump’s Space Force.

This team includes creative director Brett Smith (who also worked on Thump: The First Bundred Days; and Clinton Cash Graphic Novel) and comics legend Chuck Dixon (the creator of Bane).

You should support it for at least three reasons: first because the product is going to be good; second because it will annoy the hell out of liberals; third because as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture – so if we don’t take winning the culture wars seriously we’ll probably lose the political wars too…

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U.S. Military Will Retire Floppy Disks from Nuclear Weapon Systems

The U.S. Military will reportedly no longer use floppy disks in nuclear weapon launch systems, a process that dates back to the 1970s.

Engadget reports that the U.S. military, which has been using 8-inch floppy disks loaded into an antiquated computer from the 1970s to receive nuclear launch orders from the president, has upgraded to a new “highly-secure solid-state digital storage solution,” according to Lt. Col. Jason Rossi.

The floppy disks were being used in an extremely old system called the  Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS) which is used by U.S. nuclear forces to send emergency action messages from command centers to field forces and is largely safe from hacking due to the fact that it was invented before the Internet even existed.

Rossi discussed the security of the older hardware stating: “You can’t hack something that doesn’t have an IP address. It’s a very unique system — it is old and it is very good.” In 2016, the Defense Department stated that it planned to replace the old IBM Series/1 SACCS computer and “update its data storage solutions, port expansion processors, portable terminals, and desktop terminals by the end of fiscal year 2017.” It was not revealed by the Air Force if this project was completed but it did say that it has enhanced the speed and connectivity of SACCS.

Although the system is extremely old, the Air Force is confident in its security and has been maintaining it pretty well over the years. Installing a brand new system could actually prove more difficult than maintaining the older one. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board chair Dr. Werner JA Dahm said in 2016: “You have to be able to certify that an adversary can’t take control of that weapon, that the weapon will be able to do what it’s supposed to do when you call on it.”

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or email him at

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WSJ: Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party

President Donald Trump is converting the former “country club” GOP to the party of blue-collar Americans, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Trump accelerated the movement of working-class voters into the Republican Party, creating a GOP that now represents more middle- and lower-income Americans … He has reframed much of the Republican agenda to appeal to these voters, particularly on trade, immigration and foreign affairs, in many cases upending 40 years of GOP policy.

In turn, the Democrats are increasingly the party of America’s wealthiest cities, post-industrial business leaders, and the “woke” professional class.

This political transformation, however, means that U.S. college graduates have few friends in Washington, D.C., to protect their economic interests in a shifting economy.

The WSJ provides the data:

The Republican Party now represents more middle- and lower-income Americans than it did a decade ago. When all the U.S. House districts are ranked by median income, the GOP now represents 58% of the lower-income half of that spectrum, up from 39% of lower-income districts a decade ago. And it represents 34% of the higher-income half, down from 43% a decade ago.

But the shift also exacerbates the average voter’s tension with the GOP’s wealthier leadership class. The WSJ reported:

The most ardent Trump supporters agree with Mr. Trump’s restrictive positions on immigration and his opposition to efforts to address climate change, among other policies. The party-supporting Republicans believe immigration helps the nation and that near-term action to fight climate change is needed.

The share of white GOP members with college degrees has dropped from 40 percent in 2012 down to 29 percent in 2018., while the share of non-college grads has climbed from 50 percent in 2010 to 59 percent in 2018.

The WSJ did not discuss the impact of this shift on many college graduate voters who are drifting away from the GOP because of their sympathy for left-wing civic issues, such as global warming, sexual deregulation, and pro-diversity policies.

But these college graduate voters have yet to find economic allies in the pro-migration Democratic Party.

For example, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for more immigration of “students,” which is likely a reference to young college graduates who will compete against American graduates:

We need a pathway to citizenship for the people who are here and here to stay … We need a path — not just for DREAMers — but also a path for grandmas, and for little kids, and for people who came here to work on farms, and for students who overstayed their visas. We need a path that is fair and achievable. Bring people out of the shadows. It is good for all workers, and we need to get them into our unions.

Similarly, Sen. Dick Durbin is touting legislation that would allow U.S. and Indian companies to bring in roughly 100,000 Indian white-collar workers each year.

Meanwhile, investors are pressuring U.S. managers to replace many American graduates with cheaper foreign workers. On October 17, the San Jose Mercury News reported:

The San Francisco ride-hailing giant revealed in a California employment-department filing this month that it is laying off nearly 400 workers at its offices in the city and in Palo Alto. The filing showed software engineers at the firm were the hardest hit, with more than 125 people cut loose.

Meanwhile, Uber this year received federal government approval for 299 new H-1B visas — work permits intended for jobs requiring specialized skills — compared with 152 in 2018 and 158 in 2017, according to data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is unclear whether Uber plans to use all those visas or when new H-1B workers might be brought on. The visas typically cost thousands of dollars each to obtain.

“When they’re laying off, they shouldn’t be using H-1Bs at all, or maybe sparingly at best,” said Ron Hira, a Howard University professor who studies the use of the visa by companies. “It runs totally contrary to the intent of the H-1B program.”

Some of the labor markets for American college graduates are flooded with immigrants, admitted David Bier, an advocate at the Cato Institute, which favors easy immigration by foreign graduates:

The software engineer market, it’s so saturated with H-1Bs that some of the people who are laid off are almost inevitably H-1Bs and some of the people that are being hired are inevitably H-1Bs.

These investors get much support from some GOP legislators:

For the moment, Donald Trump’s administration is zig-zagging between the demands of its business allies and appeals from the swing-voting college graduate class.

“The president has made no secret of the fact that he believes immigration, first and foremost, is set up to work for America — that means economically and for the people here,” Cuccinelli told reporters at a press breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

Finding the right balance between helping American workers and American investors is a constant political dilemma, Cuccinelli said:

Is there some perfect [balanced] target point in every industry? Maybe there is, but we’re never going to be able to know it. So which side do you err on? And he has repeatedly emphasized how important it is to protect U.S. workers. Now’s he been clear with me, as well, and you all have heard him say it: he wants to see economic growth and dynamism. And that means, you know, growing companies needing to fill slots. So we’re just in a constant battle to balance those things.

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Store’s Thief-Tolerant Policy Backfires, Punks Walk Out with Suitcases Full of Loot

Thieves taking full advantage of a liquor store’s tolerant approach to crime had to bring in luggage to haul their ill-gotten goods out of the store, all while employees helplessly watched.

According to Global News, the brazen theft happened Thursday at a Canadian LCBO store, a government-owned shop operated by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

The theft, which was captured on video, involved two men who used duffel bags and a suitcase to carry seemingly pricey bottles of booze out of the store.

TRENDING: Trump’s Gracious Tweet for Elijah Cummings Draws Huge Hate from ‘Tolerant’ Leftists

Although there’s no official statement on the amount that was stolen, the packaging on some of the bottles indicates the thieves weren’t exactly taking bottom-shelf liquor.

WARNING: This following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

While the two punks took their time leisurely walking out of the store with their monumental haul, employees could do nothing but shout at them.

You can even hear groans from the workers at the sound of bottle rack crashing to the ground, knowing full well they’ll have to clean it while the thieves enjoy their fine liquor.

This failure to confront the thieves wasn’t due to cowardice, however.

Should these stores give their employees the power to stop thieves?

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According to CBC News, employees of LCBO are trained to avoid thieves. Instead of intervening, workers must take as much information as they can before sharing it with police.

By the time that happens, thieves are likely lining up their first shots of finely-aged Scottish whiskey in the safety of their home.

Since the LCBO stores are owned by the government, every bottle of liquor stolen is essentially a loss that the taxpayer will have to cover.

These brazen thefts during operating hours are only increasing in frequency. The lax security coupled with LCBO’s apparent unwillingness to take the situation seriously has only emboldened thieves.

Government-owned stores in the neighboring province of Manitoba have also been rocked by an increase in liquor thefts, prompting changes that they hope will deter thieves.

RELATED: Progressive NYC Votes To Close Rikers Island, Reduce Jail Pop. by Half

Stores there will begin checking ID cards at the door, giving employees an idea of who is entering the store. Security guards will also be present during certain hours, and these employees will be able to perform a citizen’s arrest on thieves after they exit a store.

While Canadians are defenseless from stopping thieves from walking away with thousands of dollars worth of liquor, their government appears unwilling to empower them to do otherwise.

With Canada’s liberal tolerance giving thieves the opportunity of a lifetime, it seems that thefts are only going to increase.

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Country Star Thomas Rhett Leads Entire Crowd in Prayer During Emotional CMT Awards


Country Star Thomas Rhett Leads Entire Crowd in Prayer During Emotional CMT Awards

Honoree Thomas Rhett performs onstage during the 2019 CMT Artist of the Year at Schermerhorn Symphony Center on Oct. 16, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee.Jason Kempin / Getty Images for CMT/ViacomHonoree Thomas Rhett performs onstage during the 2019 CMT Artist of the Year at Schermerhorn Symphony Center on Oct. 16, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Jason Kempin / Getty Images for CMT/Viacom)

By Kim Davis
Published October 19, 2019 at 12:48pm

It was an emotional night for the country artists who participated in the 2019 CMT Artists of the Year awards ceremony at Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

The night was especially sorrowful for Kane Brown, who is grieving the death of his band’s drummer, 27-year-old Kenny Dixon, who died in a car crash just days before the awards ceremony.

Brown could not hold back the tears as he stood on stage to accept his CMT Artist of the Year award, “Today” reported.

“I want to dedicate this to my drummer Kenny,” Brown said in an emotional voice. “People didn’t think we would make it.”

“He was with me the whole time. He was so supportive of me,” the country star continued. “I love you, man. I miss you. The band misses you.”

TRENDING: Trump’s Gracious Tweet for Elijah Cummings Draws Huge Hate from ‘Tolerant’ Leftists

Brown’s emotional speech weighed heavily on the hearts of those in the tight-knit country music community. When musician Thomas Rhett took the stage to accept his award, he took the opportunity to say a prayer for everyone who was missing Dixon.

“I just want to lift up Kane and his family,” Rhett said from the podium. “And I want to lift up his drummer and their family. I don’t know if this is very conventional, but can I just pray, really fast? Is it OK with everybody?”

Head bowed, Rhett began an impromptu prayer on live television.

“Father God, we love you so much,” Rhett began. “Loss is something that we can’t comprehend and so right now I pray that you would be with Kane and his family and his drummer Kenny and his family and bring them peace that only You know how to bring somebody.

“Thank you for this night. God bless country music. We love you Jesus, and in your name, we pray, Amen,” Rhett concluded.

The audience was moved by Rhett’s prayer, including country music legend Reba McEntire.

McEntire was present to accept the Artist of a Lifetime award, and acknowledged Rhett’s courageous prayer, saying the act took “guts.”

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McEntire is no stranger to the pain of losing a band member. She lost eight members of her band in an airplane crash in 1991, able to empathize with her colleague’s deep sorrow over Dixon’s death.

McEntire felt the prayer was entirely appropriate, saying, “That’s what we need in this world, a little more God.”

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Don’t send the UN another dime!

The 193-member world body elected 14 members to the 47-member council on Thursday for three-year terms starting in January, with Venezuela claiming one of the two seats allocated to Latin America with 105 votes.

Venezuela was supported by the usual characters, such as Cuba. Let’s remember that the Chavez-Maduro regime bought a lot of these votes with generous contributions over the years.

This vote happened weeks after UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile, blamed the Maduro government for using public food aid for political purposes. It also reported human rights violations, such as torture and abuses by Venezuelan security forces.

Frankly, I hope that the UN does go broke and ceases to exist. Putting Venezuela in a human rights council is Exhibit A that this is a worthless organization.

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BREAKING: Convoy of Trucks Seen Emptying Obama-Linked Former Ukrainian President Poroschenko’s Palace – Confidants Arrested and Flee

Late last month OANN invetigative journalist and author Jack Posobiec posted a series of tweets on Sunday detailing Rep. Adam Schiff’s actions this past month after receiving the CIA ‘whistleblower’ report on President Trump’s phone call with the newly elected Ukrainian President.

Schiff sent a staffer to Ukraine to meet with the former President Poroshenko after receiving the ‘whistleblower’ report.

This trip was sponsored by a think tank that receives funding from a program of left-wing billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation called “Open Society Initiative for Europe”
Here is Adam Schiff’s signature authorizing the travel, dated July 22
They met directly with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who lost to current president Volodymyr Zelensky in a landslide 73-25 victory.
Poroshenko was known for his strong ties to the Obama Administration, specifically Obama’s point man for Ukraine:

Now this…
A convoy of trucks were seen emptying former President Poroshenko’s home this weekend.

CD Media reported:

KYIV — CD Media broke news yesterday of allegations by intelligence sources of extensive money laundering and corruption by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. We will be releasing detailed information on the schemes to embezzle hundreds of millions of IMF aid money to Ukraine and we can confirm that investigations are under way by the Ukrainian special prosecutor’s office.

In the meantime, we think it very interesting that reports are coming out of Ukraine of tens of trucks emptying Poroshenko’s palace of belongings in Kyiv.

His right-hand man, Oleg Gladkovskiy-Svinarchuk, was arrested two days ago on corruption charges by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). His other confidant Ihor Kononenko has apparently ran away according to reports.

Unofficial – suspected war crimes oligarch Petro Poroshenko is preparing to escape abroad, reported Ukrainian news outlet Vremya [Time].

Local media is also reporting this news.

CD Media is posting updates.

If the reportes are accurate this will be horrific news for the Democrats and Biden Crime Family.
Poroshenko was behind all of the dirty dealings between the corrupt Obama admininstration and the Biden family corruption.

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Chick-fil-A To Be Kicked Out of Its First UK Location Thanks to LGBT Outrage

The first Chick-fil-A location in the United Kingdom opened less than a week ago and it’s already set to close amid an outcry from LGBT protesters.

The restaurant debuted Oct. 11 in Reading, a town about an hour away from London. The company planned to use the location to test the possibility of expansion across the U.K.

According to Berkshire Live, the American fast-food restaurant set up shop in an empty unit in The Oracle shopping center, providing shoppers with the chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and waffle fries many Americans have come to love.

The unit was previously occupied by Miami Burger, a vegan chain restaurant that closed only six months after it opened due to a lack of customers.

While some were very excited about the new Chick-fil-A, not everyone in Reading welcomed its arrival with open arms.

TRENDING: After Running Fake Footage of Turkey Attacking Kurds, ABC Makes Fake Trump Quote Go Viral

Reading Pride, a local LGBT organization, publicly shared its disdain for the beloved chain’s first location in the U.K., and it’s not because the group’s leaders miss their vegan burgers.

The organization called the Christian-owned fast-food company’s values “backwards” and “abhorrent,” according to Berkshire Live.

Reading Pride called for a boycott of the new location, claiming Chick-fil-A supported a Christian charity that helped with a Ugandan law to execute gay people. That claim has been shot down as a “viral liberal hoax.”

Do you think Chick-fil-A should continue to explore other locations in the U.K.?

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0% (0 Votes)

“We are a progressive country and certainly a very progressive town,” Martin Cooper, chief executive of Reading Pride, told Berkshire Live. “What we have here is a restaurant owned by a family that has very backward beliefs that actively promote anti LGBT charities, which have sent preachers to Uganda to assist in the ‘kill the gays law.’

“To have a company with such values in our town is abhorrent to us.”

On Oct. 14, the LGBT group shared a long Facebook post explaining why it is “staunchly opposed” to the Reading Chick-fil-A.

It cited Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s stated opposition to gay marriage in 2012 as well as the company’s donations to Christian charities that take a similar position.

“The chain’s ethos and moral stance goes completely against our values, and that of the UK as we are a progressive country that has legalised same sex marriage for some years, and continues to strive towards equality,” it wrote with a graphic that reads “Get the chick out.

RELATED: School Turns Down Free Meals from Chick-fil-A To Support Staff Members Who Are LGBT

Reading Pride also created a Facebook event inviting others to join a “peaceful protest” planned for Saturday morning.

“The aim is to enlighten potential patrons to the Chick-fil-A chain and their anti LGBT+ stance,” the event details said. “Ultimately we want to see the chain removed from Reading and ultimately the UK.”

They got their wish even before that protest.

On Friday, a spokesman for The Oracle announced that the shopping center has decided not to extend Chick-fil-A’s initial six-month lease any further.

“At the Oracle, we offer an inclusive space where everyone is welcome,” the spokesman told Berkshire Live.

“We always look to introduce new concepts for our customers, however, we have decided on this occasion that the right thing to do is to only allow Chick-Fil-A to trade with us for the initial six month pilot period, and not to extend the lease any further.”

The remaining six months will allow for “re-settlement and notice for employees that have moved from other jobs,” Reading Pride said in a Facebook post about the decision.

The LGBT group said it still planned to hold the protest Saturday morning to educate “unsuspecting patrons” and suggest where else they could spend their money.

The Western Journal has asked Chick-fil-A to comment on Reading Pride’s reaction to the opening of the U.K. location, but the company has not yet responded. We will update this article if and when it does.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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Britain’s First Chick-fil-A to Be Shut Down After LGBTQ Lobbying

Christian-led American family restaurant chain Chick-fil-A will lose its first British branch after lobbying by the LGBT community.

The family-owned restaurant chain, known for its Christian ethos and alleged support for socially conservative causes, has some 2,400 branches across the United States, but The Oracle shopping centre in Reading, England, has announced it will not renew its British pilot restaurant’s lease after its first six months are up — barely a week after its grand opening.

The Oracle said not renewing Chick-fil-A’s lease would be “the right thing to do” after lobby group Reading Pride complained about the restaurant chain’s donations to Christian charities the Salvation Army, the Paul Anderson Youth Home, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which they characterised as anti-LGBTQ, according to the BBC.

The company caused something of a furore among left-liberals in 2011 when its chairman voiced his belief that marriage was between a man and a woman, and that he therefore could not support moves to legalise same-sex marriage, but a spokesman recently told the BBC that its focus nowadays was “youth and education”, and that it “never donated with the purpose of supporting a social or political agenda.”

“There are 145,000 people – black, white; gay, straight; Christian, non-Christian – who represent Chick-fil-A,” the spokesman protested.

Unmoved by such defences, The Oracle has now confirmed that while it “always look[s] to introduce new concepts for our customers… we have decided on this occasion that the right thing to do is to only allow Chick-Fil-A to trade with us for the initial six-month pilot period, and not to extend the lease any further.”

Reading Pride’s so-called “Get the Cluck Out” protests were supported by local politicians from the far-left Labour Party, which serves as the main opposition to Britain’s governing Conservative Party at the national level, including Councillor John Ennis, Councillor Sophia James, and Councillor Sarah Hacker, who also acts as a trustee of the LGBTQ group.

The party has become increasingly hostile to the United States in general and American social conservatives in particular under the leadership of 70-year-old socialist Jeremy Corbyn, who fancies himself as a modern-day “anti-imperialist” after decades on the fringes of mainstream politics, agitating against the United States and, above all, the State of Israel, and for left-wing figures such as Cuba’s Fidel Casto and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

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