MSNBC Producer QUITS: We Block ‘Diversity of Thought,’ Amplify ‘Fringe Voices and Events’

An MSNBC producer for Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell left the network in dramatic fashion on Monday, writing a harshly critical open letter on her personal website.
"July 24th was my last day at MSNBC. I don’t know what I’m going to do next exactly but I simply couldn’t stay there anymore," Ariana Pekary wrote on her personal website. "My colleagues are very smart people with good intentions. The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis."
She then quoted an anonymous "successful and insightful TV veteran" who said: "We are a cancer and there is no cure… But if you could find a cure, it would change the world.”
As it is, this cancer stokes national division, even in the middle of a civil rights crisis. The model blocks diversity of thought and content because the networks have incentive to amplify fringe voices and events, at the expense of others… all because it pumps up the ratings.
This cancer risks human lives, even in the middle of a pandemic. The primary focus quickly became what Donald Trump was doing (poorly) to address the crisis, rather than the science itself. As new details have become available about antibodies, a vaccine, or how COVID actually spreads, producers still want to focus on the politics. Important facts or studies get buried.
This cancer risks our democracy, even in the middle of a presidential election. Any discussion about the election usually focuses on Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, a repeat offense from 2016 (Trump smothers out all other coverage). Also important is to ensure citizens can vote by mail this year, but I’ve watched that topic get ignored or “killed” numerous times.
Context and factual data are often considered too cumbersome for the audience.
There’s a lot of complaint in there that’s very common to critiques of cable news, that it thrives on hot talk and doesn’t qualify as "news," it qualifies as ideological reinforcement: 
Occasionally, the producers will choose to do a topic or story without regard for how they think it will rate, but that is the exception, not the rule. Due to the simple structure of the industry – the desire to charge more money for commercials, as well as the ratings bonuses that top-tier decision-makers earn – they always relapse into their old profitable programming habits.
I understand that the journalistic process is largely subjective and any group of individuals may justify a different set of priorities on any given day. Therefore, it’s particularly notable to me, for one, that nearly every rundown at the network basically is the same, hour after hour. And two, they use this subjective nature of the news to justify economically beneficial decisions. I’ve even heard producers deny their role as journalists. A very capable senior producer once said: “Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.”
Pekary had a public-radio background, so she disliked the profit-oriented approach: "It’s possible that I’m more sensitive to the editorial process due to my background in public radio, where no decision I ever witnessed was predicated on how a topic or guest would ‘rate.’ The longer I was at MSNBC, the more I saw such choices — it’s practically baked in to the editorial process – and those decisions affect news content every day."
It’s not shocking that this breaking media news did not get picked up in the CNN "Reliable Sources" newsletter on Monday night! 

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WATCH: Herschel Walker Blasts Pro Sports Leagues for Supporting BLM: Are These the ‘People You’re Supporting Now?’

Anyone who knows anything about Heisman Trophy winner and NFL legend Hershel Walker, knows how seriously he takes his workouts. So, if Walker felt compelled to end his workout, there would have to be a very good reason.

On Sunday, Walker took to Twitter and explained that he had felt compelled to stop his work out “for the first time in a long time,” after watching rioters in Portland holding a Black Lives Matter sign while burning copies of the Bible. That event also prompted Walker to think about the pro sports leagues that have embraced BLM.

“For the first time in a long time I stopped in the middle of my workout because last night I saw something that really, really disturbed me,” Walker explained. “I saw a bunch of people holding a BLM sign burning the Holy Bible. Burning the flag of the United States of America, also burning a cross. And I started thinking that NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB: is this the people you’re supporting right now? Is it the movement? Is it the organization? Because I don’t think that’s right.”

Walker added, “Maybe, Washington: we cannot continue to sweep stuff underneath the rug, ’cause sooner or later we’re gonna stumble. People, are we being fooled?”

Despite claims that Antifa protesters had calmed down after an apparent deal struck between the State of Oregon and federal law enforcement, rioters went on a burning spree this weekend in which no American flag or Bible was safe.

During an appearance on Fox News this weekend with Jeanine Pirro, Walker used a football analogy to illustrate the absurdity of defunding the police.

“You have so many people today afraid to speak out because of what they’ll be labeled as. I’ve been labeled as so many names; people have called me so many names. We’re fighting for America right now. We’re fighting for America. Do not be afraid to speak out for what is right. What is right is — we don’t defund the police. Let’s be real. If you want to win a Super Bowl, you don’t take money away from your team; what you do is go out and pay players more money to get a better team … you put more money in; you don’t take money out.”

Walker, who played on a USFL team owned by Donald Trump, has been one of his former employer’s biggest supporters. He has also played an active role in helping Georgia Governor Brian Kemp during his campaign against Stacey Abrams in 2018.

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Trump Admin Supports Victims of Human Trafficking with $35 Million Grant

The Trump administration is awarding more than $35 million in Justice Department grants to organizations that provide safe housing for survivors of human trafficking. The grants are being announced Tuesday at a White House event attended by Attorney General William Barr, presidential adviser Ivanka Trump, other administration officials, survivors of human trafficking and organizations that…

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