John Cena’s groveling apology to communist China fails miserably; movie ticket sales crash hard

Actor John Cena’s embarrassing capitulation to communist China last week did not produce the outcome that Hollywood executives had hoped.

What is the background?

Cena, of course, posted a video to Sena Wiebo, China’s Twitter-like social media platform, apologizing to Chinese fans for calling Taiwan a "country" in a recent interview promoting "F9," the latest installment of the "Fast & Furious" franchise. The mea culpa was delivered in Mandarin, the official language of China.

Who prompted Cena to apologize is not clear, whether his own instincts or the demands of Hollywood executives who depend on Chinese ticket sales. However, the former WWE star, whose foray into the movie industry has been successful thus far, was immediately rebuked by Americans for, as it appeared, bowing down to China.

Disputed claims over Taiwan stem from the Chinese civil war in the last century, which was ultimately a fight between communism and democracy. China maintains its claims over Taiwan, yet the island is self-governed and has declared its own sovereignty.

What are the details?

Despite Cena’s apology, ticket sales for "F9" plummeted in China following his Chinese nationalist faux pas, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In fact, the movie generated $136 million in China during the opening weekend, but earned only $20.8 this past weekend, the second weekend the movie was played in Chinese theaters. That’s a massive 85% decrease in ticket revenue.

And, despite the successful opening weekend, "F9" is now predicted to earn slightly more than just half of the two preceding "Fast & Furious" movies in China.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

After two laps, the Vin Diesel/John Cena action flick has totaled $185.3 million. That’s slightly ahead of where franchise spinoff Hobbs & Shaw was sitting at a similar point in its China run, but far weaker than the preceding franchise mainstays Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious, which topped out at $390.9 million in 2015 and $392.8 million in 2017, respectively.

Chinese ticketing app Maoyan currently projects F9 to finish at $211.9 million — certainly not a number to slouch at but far inferior to the franchise’s recent heights, especially since China’s theatrical market is back to full earning capacity (See the $825 million earned by local comedy hit Hi, Mom in February).

Reaction from Chinese fans to Cena’s apology almost foreshadowed the hard crash in ticket sales.

"Please say in Chinese, ‘Taiwan is part of China,’ otherwise we won’t accept [your apology]," the top comment on the video said, Newsweek reported.

"Then at least say Taiwan is China’s. You’re avoiding the issue and talking nonsense. You can’t benefit from [the Chinese market] and trash it at the same time," another critic said.

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Watch: Students Sign “Cancel Memorial Day” Petition: “It’s A Celebration Of US Imperialism And Colonialism”

Watch: Students Sign "Cancel Memorial Day" Petition: "It’s A Celebration Of US Imperialism And Colonialism"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Students in Washington DC eagerly signed a fake petition to ‘cancel Memorial Day’, agreeing that the holiday “celebrates American Imperialism.”

Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith conducted the experiment to get an idea of how many students would happily forget about the day of remembrance for fallen US heroes.

Smith managed to get 50 signatures in a short time, with some condemning the holiday before even reading the petition.

One student said “I don’t think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate… I feel like it’s a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism.”

The student added “I didn’t really think in this way until I got to college, and like, I took women’s and gender studies classes, and that put me on this path where I’m like, “Yea, like, f-ck the U.S.’”

Smith further poked the bear by asking the students if he’d like to completely abolish the US military, to which replied “yes please,” after blathering about acquiring ‘the language’ he needs to have this mindset from ‘social justice’… or something.


A similar experiment by the Daily Caller found that many Americans don’t even know what Memorial Day is for, with one man commenting “most Americans don’t know because they’re stupid, but that’s OK.”

Perhaps more Americans feel this way, or simply don’t know what the day means anymore because their so called leaders refuse to acknowledge it:

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Tyler Durden
Tue, 06/01/2021 – 10:15

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‘No Pay For Those Who Abandon Their Responsibilities’: Abbott Will Dock Pay Of Texas Dems Who Walked Out To Block GOP Voting Rights Bill

After Texas Democrats stalked off the floor of the Texas House chamber on Sunday night in order to break quorum and prevent the Texas GOP from passing Senate Bill 7, the GOP voting rights bill, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott fired back that he would veto the state legislature’s budget, thus preventing the members from getting paid.

“I will veto Article 10 of the budget passed by the legislature,” Abbott tweeted. “Article 10 funds the legislative branch. No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities. Stay tuned.”

Abbott, who has called for a special legislative session, followed by tweeting, “The last time a stunt like this happened was… …Wendy Davis. We all know how that story ended.”

Abbott was referring to June 2013, when then-Texas state senator Wendy Davis held a filibuster for 13 hours to block Senate Bill 5, a strong pro-life measure. With the help of the filibuster, which pushed the bill past the midnight deadline for the end of the legislative session, the bill was delayed, but when a second session was convened, the bill was passed anyway. The filibuster triggered the Democrats to choose Davis to run for governor in 2014, but she was crushed by Abbott, 59% to 38%.

Abbott stated Monday, “I expect legislators to have worked out their differences prior to arriving back at the Capitol so that they can hit the ground running to pass legislation related to these emergency items and other priority legislation. During the special session, we will continue to advance policies that put the people of Texas first,” as KXXV reported.

Abbott added, “This session we passed legislation to: secure our border, support our police, expand 2A rights, defend religious liberty, protect life. It was one of the most conservative sessions our state has ever seen. But, there’s more we must do to ensure a brighter future for Texas. Election integrity & bail reform were must-pass emergency items. I expect legislators to work out their differences before special session.”

Among the changes that Senate Bill 7 would implement are stricter mail-in voting requirements and the barring of drive-thru voting.

Republican state Rep. Briscoe Cain, who carried the bill in the House, stated, “I am disappointed that some members decided to break quorum. We all know what that meant. I understand why they were doing it, but we all took an oath to Texans that we would be here to do our jobs.”

Republican Sen. Bryan Hughes told KLTV, “Last night, some of our Democratic colleagues in the house left. We all took an oath to be here and to be here and cast these votes and represent our constituents, win or lose. I’ve won some; I’ve lost some, but we stay here and we fight it out. And so we were disappointed to see them do that. And so, the governor’s calling us back and he’s doing the right thing. Election integrity, accessibility, security, making sure our elections are working right; it’s fundamental to our democracy, and we’re not gonna let national headlines or even half-truths from the White House keep us from doing the right thing.”

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National Black Power Convention activist says a time to ‘kill everything white in sight’ will soon come

A black rights activist at a weekend rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that a time would come when black Americans would need to "kill everything white in sight."

What’s a brief history here?

According to a Monday report from BizPac Review, groups of black nationalists gathered in Tulsa to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Black Wall Street Massacre. The race slaughter left at approximately 300 people dead in a Tulsa neighborhood once known as "Black Wall Street."

The attack, carried out by a purportedly all-white mob, left more than 10,000 people homeless and practically demolished 40 square blocks.

In a statement to KTUL-TV, Malik Z. Shabazz, keynote speaker at the convention and national president of Black Lawyers for Justice, said, "The 100-year anniversary of the Black Wall Street Holocaust is a rallying cry to all blacks that we must fight on every front to protect the legal and human rights of our people and we must unite and organize with a zealous fierceness never witnessed before."

The station also reported that the convention’s theme was "Reparations Now!"

In an early May news release, the march’s organizers said that the struggle for reparations "must be escalated."

"We must fight on every front to achieve redress and reparations for the atrocities committed upon Tulsa Massacre descendants; and we must intensify the fight to achieve reparations for all 40-million blacks still grossly affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like," a portion of the statement read. "Tulsa will mark a new beginning in the upgraded fight for reparations for black people."

Public Radio Tulsa reported that "several hundred" demonstrators took part in the weekend activities.

What else happened?

The weekend events, according to the outlet, included a Second Amendment March for Reparations, in which many participants exercised their right to carry openly.

One video of the largely peaceful march, however, highlighted an activist calling for reparations and more.

"We’re pushing death to white supremacy. Death to capitalism. Death to imperialism. And death to fascism," an unidentified man can be heard saying in the video. “We are pushing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a head for a head, and a life for a life."

The man also said that black people were stolen from Africa to work as slaves for white people in colonial America.

“Once they die, we must understand that we can never give them the pain that they gave us," he insisted. “So once they get buried … once they are buried, we must bury them, dig them up and kill them again. Bury them. Dig them up. And kill them again."

His remarks caused the crowd to cheer.

Emboldened, the man continued, "Because that time will come when there’s a rat-a-tat-tat. Black Americans will kill everything white in sight," and promised black Americans would give "crackers hell," "from the cradle to the grave."

Those groups leading the effort included the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, the Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club, the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the Fred Hampton Gun Club, the New Black Liberation Militia, the Panther Special Operations Command, and more.

Content warning: Rough language:

tulsa black nationalists1

— pine_tree_riots (@pine_tree_riots) 1622337670.0

tulsa black nationalists1

— pine_tree_riots (@pine_tree_riots) 1622337670.0

Anything else to know

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to visit Tulsa on Monday to honor the anniversary of the 1921 massacre, according to NPR.

According to the outlet, Biden is set to meet with centenarian massacre survivors to discuss their experience.

"He will also announce several steps aimed at narrowing the racial wealth gap, including ordering the federal government to direct more contracts to small, disadvantaged businesses," the outlet also reported.

Earlier in May, three massacre survivors testified before Congress about the attack.

"I will never forget the violence of the white mob when we left our home," Viola Fletcher told lawmakers. "I have lived through the massacre every day. Our country may forget this history, but I cannot."

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Americans Must Sue China for Covid-Related Terrorism

Americans Must Sue China for Covid-Related TerrorismCovid, Spawn of Wuhan: What a difference a month makes. Until recently, it was verboten stating Covid came from a Chinese lab. But since Sen. Dr. Rand Paul, MD OD, repeatedly confronted Dr. Fauci, who finally admitted Wuhan may be the source, resistance shrinks. Since the embargo against this topic was shattered, more brave souls insist it’s almost certain Covid escaped from a Chinese lab. Most embarrassingly, confidence man Fauci admitted he paid millions to the lab where it escaped. This broken sorcerer now cowers in broad daylight, eyes dimmed, powers ebbing as trembling sets in. Now, as it seems inevitable Covid was a Chinese invention, shall we discuss remedies, including suing the communists? Obviously, purposeful Covid release or coverups means China had a terroristic impact on America. Current law is as follows.  

via Canada Free Press

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Parents And Grandparents Across America Speaking Out Against The ‘Diversity’ And ‘Inclusion’ Scam

A group of parents and grandparents in Rocky River, Ohio recently gave a series of stunning speeches to their school board, rebuking the infiltration of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender theory in schools. “What these ideologies are really creating is a nation of angry mob justice protestors, instead of successful producers,” said one defiant resident in a statement that summarized many of his peers’ sentiments. “You in whom we’ve put our trust to instruct our children in math science, and history are instead indoctrinating our children with radical political ideology and rhetoric adopted from Karl Marx,” said another resident. “These programs are aimed at turning our students against their parents.”

As the video of the school board meeting (below) shows, Larry, resident of 27 years, called out the sneaky nature of radical propaganda in schools. Speaking about a proposed diversity program called “JEDI,” Larry states: 

The twisted language of CRT is propagated throughout the JEDI program. The only difference is the slight change in the name and language to disguise it and make it less offensive in order to gain acceptance by parents and the community at large…  Equity sounds non-threatening and is easily confused with the principle of equality. Equality, as enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, is explicitly rejected by CRT backers that regard it as a cover for white supremacy and oppression. Equity promotes equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Equity strives to segregate individuals by identity, particularly race, rather than ability, desire, and achievement… What these ideologies are really creating is a nation of angry mob justice protestors, instead of successful producers.

Anne Robbins, a 40-year Rocky River resident, gave the board an impressively succinct lesson about Critical Race Theory:  

To be clear, the words diversity and inclusion do not necessarily mean what people think they mean. Everyone would agree that diversity and inclusion are valuable and important, but the devil is in the details. If you tell our 9th graders at Rocky River High School, that society is made of two separate groups, a dominant and subordinate group, and the dominant group controls the subordinate group because of unearned privilege, you are teaching Critical Race Theory. Furthermore, if you identify the dominant group as the white middle class, you are teaching Critical Race Theory. And I want to stop with the sugar coated buzzwords, and call them “oppressors” and “victims.” If you teach 9th graders that every person, including themselves, has to be understood in terms of a special social group, you’re teaching them to see the world through a lens of group identity, be it race, socioeconomic status, gender, or ethnicity. Group-think creates conflict that pits one group of students against another. It’s a poisonous worldview. It denies the individual the content of their character and the merit of their work. We are the freest country in the world. Everyone, blacks, latinos, women, LGBTQ, all minorities have equal opportunity under the law to achieve their dreams. Why don’t we teach that and inspire our students to that? Let’s teach students to overcome obstacles…Please stop teaching the dangerous politics of group identity, the parents and taxpayers of Rocky River see right through it.

Another woman (not named in the video), pushed back against gender theory: 

Rocky River schools have failed to specifically inform you of the gender ideology and sexual constructs in the curriculum currently being taught to your children…Instead they use manipulation, coercion, and public shaming exercises as means to indoctrinate our children with their personal belief system. This is unacceptable…The diversity instructors have been silencing your parental voice, driving a wedge between you and your child, all in the deceptive name of diversity and inclusion. Your role as an influential presence in your child’s life has not been honored or revered. Scientific data is ignored. You are ignored. Do the research. Look at the study from Brown University entitled Parent reports of adolescents and young adults perceived to show signs of rapid onset gender dysphoria. Read the findings of Abigail Shrier who holds degrees from Columbia University, Oxford, and Yale Law School. There is a tremendous game of deception going on in our classrooms and our children are losing their innocence, their ability to trust parents, and the freedom of being a child. 

Finally, Emily Lyman, a Rocky River resident of 53 years, called out the Marxist origins of the “diversity” and “inclusion” ideology: 

I’ve seen lots of changes in our time, but nothing is great to me or more shocking than to learn that our young people are being corrupted by the Marxist curriculum in our schools. I call it Marxism because the very people who promote these programs are self proclaimed Marxists and Communists, and they’re determined to replace our democratic republic. You in whom we’ve put our trust to instruct our children in math science, and history are instead indoctrinating our children with radical political ideology and rhetoric adopted from Karl Marx. These programs are aimed at turning our students against their parents. They’re being taught to be ashamed of the United States, and that it’s good to kneel during the national anthem. This works against the students self-worth and identity by undermining their confidence. They can’t speak their mind against such ideas for fear of retribution. Transgenderism and sexuality are not subjects for the classroom or library story hours, and mathematics is not racist, as some have claimed. In continuing this effort by the radical propaganda to dumb down our society in favor of emotional learning, you are helping to extinguish individual freedoms. And I say shame on you for not taking a stand against this Communist agenda.

These three citizens are far from alone. As I reported earlier this week, parents in the nearby Beachwood, Ohio district had similarly successful showing, as have parents in Virginia and dozens of other states. The movement has inspired bipartisan groups, including FAIR, as well as widespread backlash among parents in both public and private schools

Are parents speaking up at your school board? Contact me at or on IG @georgiamaehowe 

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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Activists In Tech Push Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign Inside Workplace After Israel Defended Self From Terror

Far-left activists working inside major U.S. tech companies are waging an anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel in response to Israel defending itself from Palestinian terrorist attacks last month.

The push for the anti-Semitic BDS campaign comes after Palestinian terrorist organizations — Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad — launched more than 4,300 rockets at Israel last month with approximately 680 falling inside of Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded by launching targeted strikes against the terror groups, resulting in the deaths of more than 200 terrorists, as well as the destruction of more than 60 miles of underground tunnels they were using.

The activist tech workers “are strategizing with outside activists over the best way to agitate against cloud contracts with the Israeli government,” Politico reported. “A May 21 webinar for activists interested in demilitarization in the Palestinian territories, which BDS organized, included a breakout room devoted entirely to tech worker activism on the issue.”

An employee at Google who was part of organizing the activist’s efforts said that what is happening is “a broader reckoning within the technology industry about its involvement in Israel.”

The report noted that Microsoft “divested” from an Israeli firm after activists within the company pressured them to do so last year. The report said that activists inside Google and Amazon were trying to pressure their companies into canceling major contracts with Israel’s government. Amazon is currently in talks to set up three data centers in Israel while Google is setting up a new Google Cloud region in Israel.

“A major target of pro-Palestinian activists’ ire is a $1.2 billion cloud contract called Project Nimbus, which the Israeli government awarded to Amazon and Google last month,” the report added. “Though public information about the contract is scarce, Israel has said the companies will help provide cloud services to government agencies and the Israeli Defense Force. Shahar Bracha, the acting CEO of a technology-focused unit within the Israeli prime minister’s office, lauded Amazon’s cloud-computing unit and Google as ‘the Rolls-Royce and the Maserati of the cloud world.’”

Maria Jeffrey Reynolds, a spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), said in a statement that the activists inside the tech companies were “a bunch of privileged people in Silicon Valley” who were pushing their companies “to participate in the anti-Israel BDS movement.”

The U.S. government late last year recognized “the global anti-Israel BDS campaign as anti-Semitic,” then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. “We want to stand with all other nations that recognize that the BDS movement for the cancer that it is and we’re committed to combatting it.”

NGO Monitor responded to the announcement by saying in a statement:

The equating of BDS with antisemitism echoes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, which defines attempts to deny “the Jewish people their right to self-determination” and apply “double standards” as antisemitic.

Combating antisemitism and ending the exploitation of universal human rights are both issues of great importance, and the need to address these objectives should transcend political divisions. In this context, NGO Monitor has called for governments, as well as NGOs, to adopt the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.

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‘The Single Greatest Force For Justice’: Trump Releases Memorial Day Message…

Via Daily Caller:

Former President Donald Trump thanked Americans who made the “supreme sacrifice” in a statement Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

“The depth of their devotion, the steel of their resolve, and the purity of their patriotism has no equal in human history,” Trump said in the statement. “On distant battlefields, in far-off oceans, and high in the skies above, they faced down our enemies and gave their lives so that America would prevail.”

“They made the supreme sacrifice so that our people can live in safety and our Nation can thrive in peace.”

Trump said the nation owes “all that we are, and everything we ever hope to be, to these unrivaled heroes. Their memory and their legacy is immortal. Our loyalty to them and to their families is eternal and everlasting.”

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VIDEO: College students are asked to sign petition to ‘unrecognize Memorial Day’ as it ‘celebrates American imperialism.’ It’s like handing out free candy.

Campus Reform’s video reporter Addison Smith journeyed to Georgetown University as Memorial Day approached to see if students there were interested in signing a petition to "unrecognize Memorial Day as a federal holiday" since it "celebrates American imperialism."

The petition, of course, was fake. But the students’ responses were all too real, unfortunately.

What did the students have to say?

The outlet said the petition amassed 50 signatures and that students bought in to the premise with "enthusiasm." One actually condemned Memorial Day as a "celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism" before even having seen the petition.

"I don’t think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate, personally," he said.

And how did it all start for him? As you might guess, it was a college thing.

"I mean, like, I didn’t really think I’ve been this way until I got to college, and like, I took women’s and gender studies classes, and that put me on this path where I’m like, ‘Yeah, like, f*** the U.S.,’" he said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The student added that the aforementioned classes gave him a "language" as he was learning that "everything is connected, and like, for me, like, I was on this, like, spirituality-type journey where I was like, ‘Oh, we’re all one’ or whatever, and, like, what I was learning in social justice, like, was the material analysis I needed to practice what I feel, like, exists on the spiritual plane in real, everyday life." Or something.

Another student when asked if the U.S. should celebrate Memorial Day said "absolutely not."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

She added that "it represents a lot of negative aspects of America and highlights something that people shouldn’t necessarily be proud of. If we’re going to honor and celebrate the dead, I think it should be those that lost their lives to, you know, genocide in America." OK.

To top it off, one woman said she wasn’t willing to sign the petition because Memorial Day is "one of the bank holidays, and I work at a bank," after which she and another woman broke out in laughter.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

She then added that the U.S. "should probably rebrand Memorial Day as something else; let’s celebrate something worthwhile instead of imperialism."

Students Sign Fake Petition To CANCEL MEMORIAL DAY Over ‘American Imperialism’

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