Illinois Election Official Admits ‘Error’ Allowed Non-Citizens To Vote in 2018

The Illinois State Board of Elections confirmed Tuesday that not only were 574 non-U.S. citizens accidentally registered to vote in 2018, but 16 of those individuals actually voted.

Henry Haupt, a spokesperson for Secretary of State Jess White, said in a statement that the error was a programming malfunction, according to WCIA, but now Illinois House representatives are calling for White to be held accountable.

Illinois state law allows immigrants who aren’t citizens to receive a driver’s license or state identification, but both state and federal law deny non-citizens the right to vote in American elections.

Non-citizens who vote can face serious consequences, including immediate deportation.

“If that person voted, that’s a huge problem when it comes to the federal government,” Republican Illinois Rep. Tim Butler of Springfield said earlier this week.

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“That’s a deportable offense for this person. And if that’s the case, that’s something that’s on the Secretary of State’s office for allowing that offense to happen.”

Haupt explained the error was due to a programming malfunction in the Automatic Voter Registration process, which was initially rolled out in July 2018, according to WTTW.

The process automatically registers eligible citizens to vote when they apply for or renew a license or ID, unless they opt out.

“For whatever reason that technological programming error did not properly remove the individuals,” Haupt told WCIA. “The individuals who are applying for driver’s license were inadvertently pooled into the automatic voter registration.”

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“We discovered an error, and we fixed it,” Haupt continued. “And then we notified the State Board of Elections and the local election authorities and the individuals that were impacted.”

Once those individuals were erroneously registered to vote, they were likely sent many pamphlets and brochures in the mail from voting officials and political campaigns.

The State Board of Elections confirmed on Tuesday that 16 of the 574 non-citizens voted in 2018, according to WGN-TV, with two individuals voting in multiple elections.

There is currently no evidence that the error had any major affect on the outcome of the elections. Officials were working Tuesday to determine where the voters were located.

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On Dec. 18, 2019, Butler and four other House representatives called for White, the State Board of Elections and others involved to testify in an investigative hearing.

“This is an absurd lack of compliance with state law, surfacing less than three weeks from the opening of early voting for our state’s 2020 general primary election,” the letter sent to Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago read.

“Given this, we are requesting an immediate hearing of the House Executive Committee to investigate this situation and to hear testimony directly from Secretary of State Jesse White, officials of the State Board of Elections, representatives from our local election authorities, and others concerned with this situation.”

Butler maintains that even if White’s office didn’t know about the programming error, White needs to be held responsible.

“We have to have complete confidence that our offices are doing the right thing,” he told WCIA, “and that goes for the Secretary of State. He may or may not have known about this. I have no idea.

“But he needs to be held responsible for it. It’s his operation that allowed this to happen.”

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Virginia Democrats Ignore 20,000-Strong Crowd, Move ‘Red Flag’ Laws Forward


Virginia Democrats Ignore 20,000-Strong Crowd, Move ‘Red Flag’ Laws Forward

Second Amendment supporters gather in front of the Virginia state Capitol during a rally against gun control in Richmond on Jan. 20, 2020.Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty ImagesSecond Amendment supporters gather in front of the Virginia state Capitol during a rally against gun control in Richmond on Jan. 20, 2020. (Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images)

More than 20,000 people marched on Richmond, Virginia, on Monday in a show of unity for Second Amendment rights. The state’s Democratic lawmakers didn’t seem to care, pushing a gun control bill forward only one day after the rally.

The Virginia Senate, now dominated by Democrats, moved SB240 forward by giving it preliminary approval Tuesday, according to WHSV-TV in Harrisburg.

The commonwealth’s Senate previously passed three other pieces of gun control legislation, restricting citizens’ rights by limiting the frequency of gun purchases and their ability to resell without performing a background check.

SB240 is now primed to compound the damage being done to the Second Amendment in Virginia.

The bill would create a “red flag” system that authorities could use to strip citizens of firearms without so much as a trial or the gun owner being able to give his or her input.

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After leaving the Senate, the bill must be approved by the House of Delegates. From there, it will land on Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk, where he will likely act as a rubber stamp for any gun control legislation.

Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase sounded off against the legislation, noting that we are now in “scary times for our liberties.”

“Read this entire Bill for yourself,” Chase wrote on Facebook.

“The version of SB240 that passed out of committee would grant the government the authority to seize a person’s firearms ex parte,” she said. “An ’emergency substantial risk order’ would be issued without a hearing or other opportunity for the target of the order to be heard and present evidence.”

Thankfully, Virginians still have a glimmer of hope.

Counties and towns across the commonwealth have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, vowing to never uphold unconstitutional laws that come from the Democratic leadership in Richmond.

So far, 136 localities have doubled down on protecting their citizens’ rights, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

The sanctuary movement was so successful in the Old Dominion that other jurisdictions across the country are taking the lead of those in Virginia, declaring themselves a haven for the right to bear arms.

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While a few counties in other states might be a minor annoyance for gun-grabbing politicians, for Virginia, it’s a virtual rebellion of civil disobedience.

The commonwealth’s Democrats might succeed in pushing through gun control laws, but with towns and counties unwilling to comply and elections on the horizon, the time to pay the piper is swiftly approaching.

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Media Reports: Expanded Security Travel Ban Includes Nigeria, Diversity Lottery

President Donald Trump is preparing to widen his travel ban to include a broader range of countries — and to expand the penalties for countries that do not update their airline security measures.

The current ban curbs the award of visas to the many citizens of countries that do not implement updated security measures. The improved measures are intended to help U.S. officials identify a few potentially dangerous individuals who try to fly into the United States.

“The list of countries is not yet final and could be changed,” according to Politico. “But nations under consideration for new restrictions include Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal:

The countries wouldn’t necessarily face blanket bans on travel to the U.S., but could have restrictions placed on specific types of visas, such as business or visitor visas, administration officials said.

Some countries could be banned from participating in the diversity visa lottery program, which awards [each year 50,000] green cards to people in countries with low levels of immigration to the U.S. President Trump has called for an end to that program, saying it lets undesirable people into the U.S., and he has proposed reorienting the existing visa system toward skilled workers instead.

Trump’s deputies will likely argue the countries do not track likely terrorists and may do little to prevent illegal migration and visa overstays. For example, the Department of Homeland Security’s 2018  “Entry/Exit Overstay Report” revealed some 30,000 Nigerians — 15 percent of the 196,000 Nigerian visitors in 2018 — stayed past their visa’s expiration.

The new regulations will likely be released on Monday.

The countries covered by the first round of curbs are mostly chaotic Muslim countries — Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Libya — plus North Korea.

The reform was approved by the Supreme Court in June 2018 amid furious resistance from pro-migration groups and establishment outlets, many of whom portrayed the policy as a “Muslim ban.”

The new list includes three mostly-Muslim countries — Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, and Eritrea. Nigeria has a huge population of roughly 100 million Muslims, while Myanmar has a small Muslim population, but both countries are trying to suppress Muslim armed groups.

Belarus is an isolated country between Poland and Russia, and it was part of the USSR.


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Diversity and Inclusion Insanity

It’s nearly impossible to have even a short conversation with a college administrator, politician or chief executive without the words diversity and inclusion dropping from their lips. Diversity and inclusion appear to be the end-all and be-all of their existence. So, I thought I’d begin this discussion by first looking up the definition of diversity.

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The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Economics

On Monday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-N.Y.), sat for a discussion with author Ta-Nehisi Coates. She dropped a number of shocking statements — statements that elicited nothing but murmurs of agreement from Coates. AOC claimed: “No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars.” How, pray tell, are American billionaires responsible for such massive theft? According to AOC, the very mechanisms of capitalism mandate such theft.

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Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused, Taking Pills: ‘I Was Killing Myself’

In a forthcoming memoir called “Open Book,” pop star and clothing designer Jessica Simpson opens up about alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of a girl whose parents were family friends with the Simpsons.

Simpson said she shared a bed with the girl when the two families would spend time together. The “Newlyweds” star says she was sexually abused by the girl, starting when she was just six years old.

“It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable,” Simpson said in the memoir, according to exclusive excerpts reported by PEOPLE magazine.

“I wanted to tell my parents,” she wrote. “I was the victim but somehow I felt in the wrong.”

Simpson said she finally told her parents about the alleged abuse during a car trip when she was 12 years old. Tina Simpson, the pop star’s mother, apparently had her suspicions confirmed.

“I told you something was happening,” Tina said as she slapped Joe’s arm, according to Simpson.

“Dad kept his eye on the road and said nothing,” she wrote. “We never stayed at my parents’ friends house again, but we also didn’t talk about what I had said.”

According to PEOPLE, the pain from the abuse, combined with career pressures, led Simpson to “self-medicate with alcohol and stimulants — a dependency that would later prompt her doctor to tell her her life was in danger.”

“I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills,” Simpson said in the memoir.

“In one of the book’s most moving scenes, she writes about hitting rock bottom after a Halloween party at their home in late 2017,” reported PEOPLE. “That’s when she told her closest friends: ‘I need to stop. Something’s got to stop. And if it’s the alcohol that’s doing this, and making things worse, then I quit.’”

“When I finally said I needed help, it was like I was that little girl that found her calling again in life,” Simpson said. “I found direction and that was to walk straight ahead with no fear.”

“Honesty is hard but it’s the most rewarding thing we have,” she added. “And getting to the other side of fear is beautiful.”

In November 2017, the singer finally got clean, with the help of supportive family, friends, and twice-weekly therapy sessions.

“Her friends gathered around her in a group hug and haven’t left her side since,” PEOPLE noted. “With the support of her parents and help from a team of doctors and twice weekly therapy, she’s been sober since that day and calls her newfound clarity ‘a continual gift.’”

“Giving up the alcohol was easy,” Simpson said. “I was mad at that bottle. At how it allowed me to stay complacent and numb.”

“With work, I allowed myself to feel the traumas I’d been through,” she said of her therapy work.

“It’s been a long, hard deep emotional journey, one that I’ve come through the other side with pure happiness and fulfillment and acceptance of myself,” Simpson reveled in the personal memoir. “I’ve used my pain and turned it into something that can be beautiful and hopefully inspiring to people.”

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Trump Admin Revives Influential Criminal Justice Commission

Attorney General William Barr And FBI Director Christopher Wray Announce Crime Reduction Initiative In Detroit

Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday announced the formation of a presidential commission on criminal justice, revitalizing a body that in the 1960s fundamentally altered the American criminal justice system.

The new members of the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice took their oath of office, administered by Barr, Wednesday morning, and immediately set to work on their agenda for the coming months. Barr’s remarks linked their work to the last such commission, which was organized by President Lyndon Johnson.

"President Trump is an unwavering supporter of our men and women in blue, and he recognized that this commission is much needed to support law enforcement," Barr said. "It is, to be sure, long overdue. The last time there was a national commission on law enforcement was in 1965."

Barr’s allusion to the Johnson crime commission sets the stage for a comprehensive reassessment of the criminal justice system. The new commission’s work will likely highlight how the challenges of criminal justice have changed radically over the past half century.

The new commission is a diverse group of law enforcement officers, litigators, and stakeholders from local, state, and federal jurisdictions. It will be chaired by Phil Keith, who currently serves as the director of the Community Oriented Policing Services office within the Justice Department. Other board members include local sheriffs and police chiefs, U.S. attorneys, the Florida attorney general, and the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

This group, Barr said Wednesday, will discuss key issues facing law enforcement in the 21st century. These include the challenges of mental illness; improving officer recruitment, training, and retention; understanding the rise of mental health problems among police officers; the challenges of new technologies; the causes and effects of "diminished respect" toward police officers; and the better incorporation of social services organizations into the policing process.

The push to establish a new commission on crime has commanded bipartisan backing. Senators Gary Peters (D., Mich.), Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), and John Cornyn (R., Tex.) introduced legislation to establish a commission modeled on the one from 1965. President Donald Trump issued an executive order in October that formally established the commission Barr swore in Wednesday.

Cornyn cheered Wednesday’s news as a step in the right direction for American criminal justice.

"An objective review system is necessary to reform our outdated criminal justice system and strengthen law enforcement’s ties to our communities," he told the Washington Free Beacon. "I’m grateful to the Administration for taking this important step, and I look forward to working with them to build upon their efforts to reform our justice system and increase public safety."

Trump’s order articulates the commission’s function as the study of "issues related to law enforcement and the administration of justice." It is also instructed to, within a year, furnish Barr with a final report, presumably similar in scope to the Johnson commission’s own 350-page report.

That original 1967 report, The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society, is widely considered—even by critics—a landmark in the history of American criminal justice. During the 1964 presidential election, Johnson opponent Barry Goldwater slammed the incumbent for his lack of focus on America’s rising crime problem. After Johnson won, he placed greater emphasis on law and order.

The 1967 report is responsible for many of today’s standard law enforcement practices. The Challenge of Crime recommended technological improvements including separate radio bands for police, fingerprinting systems, and an emergency hotline number that later became 911. It was one of the first major documents to recommend combating "ordinary street crime" as a matter of policy, concretizing Johnson’s "war on crime." It also systematized the role of the federal government as a major funder of local and state law enforcement, with spending reaching $56 billion by 2016.

The Johnson Crime Commission followed on the 1929 National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, generally known as the Wickersham Commission, which conducted some of the first systematic observation of law enforcement in the United States.

Barr, in his remarks, noted that radical changes in technology make a new crime commission all the more urgent.

"The incredible pace of technological change has meant the rapid evolution of new ways to commit and conceal crimes," he said. "All of you, because you’re on the front lines, see this every day—from the proliferation of synthetic opioids to the use of warrant-proof encryption and the dark web to sexually exploit the most vulnerable members of society."

Important, too, is the trend of crime rates since the ’60s. In the years immediately following the Johnson commission, America experienced a precipitous increase in violent crime, with the per capita rate rising nearly 400 percent between 1960 and 1991. Then, crime began an almost equally precipitous decline—today, it stands at roughly the lowest rate in the past 30 years.

Since multiple factors contribute to the crime rate, there is no one explanation as to what caused crime to rise and then drop. The new commission is not tasked with offering such an explanation, but it will have to think hard about how to make sure a crime wave does not happen again.

The post Trump Admin Revives Influential Criminal Justice Commission appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Remembering the Precious Preborn

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Liberty Counsel, Faith & Liberty, and Liberty Counsel Action are hosting the “Remembering the Preborn” event on Wednesday, January 22, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Three thousand flowers will be placed on the sidewalk during this prayer vigil in front of the High Court at 2 p.m. to represent the American babies that are killed every day by abortion.

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574 Non-Citizens in Illinois Kept on Voter Rolls for More Than 500 Days

Hundreds of non-citizens were kept on Illinois voter rolls for more than 500 days before being reported to the Board of Elections by Democrat Secretary of State Jesse White’s office.

As Breitbart News reported, the Illinois Board of Elections confirmed this week that 574 non-citizens were improperly registered to vote, and 19 of those actually voted in the 2018 elections.

White’s office did not inform officials with the Board of Elections until December 18, 2019 — indicating that non-citizens were kept on voter rolls for more than 500 days or over 17 months.

Now, Illinois lawmakers are demanding state election officials testify before them to explain what went wrong, issuing this statement:

As highlighted in that [December 18, 2019] letter, 574 individuals attested to the Secretary of State they were non-citizens of the United States, yet [the Secretary of State] forwarded their information to the State Board of Elections and eventually local election authorities to be registered to vote as part of the automated voter registration program. [Emphasis added]

Incredibly, the Secretary of State’s office allowed this “programming error” to continue unabated for over 17 months before informing the Board of Elections and attempting to correct this violation of law. To date, we have no assurance that these self-identified non-citizens are not actually registered to vote in Illinois. [Emphasis added]

White’s office has said the issue has been fixed.

Illinois is a sanctuary state that shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation. The state, like California, allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and has an automatic voter registration system for individuals obtaining state IDs.

Non-citizens improperly being added to statewide voter rolls in sanctuary states that provide driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is not uncommon. In 2018, for example, California’s DMV admitted that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible voters, including non-citizens, over six months.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder

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Nolte: Growing Poll Numbers Show America Is Finally on the Right Track

The right track/wrong track numbers are the best we’ve seen since February of 2017, reports Rasmussen polling, and well above the dismal numbers that defined the last year of Barack Obama’s failed presidency.

Currently, the Rasmussen weekly poll of 2,500 likely voters shows that 45 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, while 51 percent say we are headed in the wrong direction.

The previous week, the right track number was 40 percent, while the wrong track sat at 55 percent.

So what we have here is the best showing for this number, in this particular poll, in three years.

The good folks over at RealClearPolitics (RCP) also keep track of this number in their poll of polls. As of now, the RCP average is that 39 percent see us on the right track, while 54 percent say the wrong track. That’s a 15 point spread.

Granted, that is a much wider spread than Rasmussen, but the average of that number in the RCP poll of polls has been steadily improving since October of 2017, when the spread was 36 points — 28 percent right track, 64 percent wrong.

What’s more, if you look at the right/track wrong track numbers throughout Obama’s presidency, except for the very beginning of his hopey/changey administration, and a very short time in December of 2012, the right track/wrong track number was much, much wider during his eight years — we’re talking about a steady 25 to 35 percent gap.

There is just no question that under Trump, more people are satisfied with the direction of the country.

And why wouldn’t they be?

Although the fake new media have spent three years attempting to sow discord and disruption with their various anti-Trump hoaxes (Russia collusion, hate crimes, Ukraine, etc.), thanks in large part to Trump’s policies abroad and at home we are, for the first time since September 11, 2001, enjoying an era of real peace and prosperity.

Obama’s stupid economic policies — higher taxes and the looming threat of even higher ones, over-regulation, the Obamacare boondoggle, and all the uncertainty — put a boot on the throat of what should have been a robust recovery after the 2008 recession. Overseas, Obama was unsure (Syria) or stupidly interventionalist (Libya) while allowing ISIS to flourish.

And let’s not forget the non-stop anxiety with our southern border constantly under siege by waves and waves of illegal immigrants, a problem Trump is a long way from solving, but thanks to his diplomatic work with Mexico and the border wall, this is also improving.

So far, Trump has beautifully managed foreign policy in a way that has not only kept us out of foreign entanglements, he’s also tamped down aggressors such as North Korea and Iran. And let’s not forget how he whupped ISIS or how he solved an ancient border dispute between Syria and Turkey while the fake news media were yelling about a coming Kurd holocaust and World War III.

On top of that, the economy is booming: jobs are being created, real wages are up for the first time in decades, energy prices are low, and the Trump policies that have made us energy independent have ensured no spike in pump costs when things go sideways overseas — such as this recent dust up with Iran. Honestly, you cannot overestimate how this kind of stability affects people’s peace of mind.

Going back to 2015, I’ve kept a close eye on the right track/wrong track numbers. The gap in these numbers over the previous ten years, reaching all the way back to George W. Bush’s presidency, told me people were desperate for change, and that 2016 could not be a match-up between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton (as the experts predicted). People desperately wanted something new. Why would they go back to Clinton and Bush?

Well, I was wrong about Clinton. Hideous Hillary won the primary, but Bernie did give her a helluva run, and Bernie is a 485-year-old Marxist. How’s that for change?

In the GOP 2016 field, though, Republicans chose the least-conventional candidate of my lifetime, and it paid off with a White House win. Regardless of how people feel about Trump personally, the right track/wrong track numbers show a stable sense of satisfaction with the way things are going for the first time some 15 years.

That’s a big deal.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC. Follow his Facebook Page here.

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