Goldman Sachs CEO Who Voted Hillary Turns, Says Trump’s Economy Beating What Her’s Would Have Been

In the era of President Donald Trump, it often seems as though there is just no way for Republicans to convert Democrats to their line of thinking, or vice-versa.

The polarity of American politics today is stunning.

However, as the CEO of Goldman Sachs just showed the world, sometimes the facts are so persistent that there’s just no choice but to acknowledge some of the good Trump has already done this country.

In an interview with CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans, CEO Lloyd Blankfein expressed just how much credit Trump is due for the excellent state of the American economy. And yes, Blankfein backed former candidate Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency.

“If the president didn’t win, and Hillary Clinton won … I bet you the economy is higher today than it otherwise would be,” Blankfein said in the interview, which aired Wednesday.

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Now, while Blankfein doesn’t seem to have much love for Trump otherwise, he’s willing to give an acknowledgement where it is clearly due, even though he supported the other candidate during one of the most heated election seasons in recent American political history.

“At the time I supported Hillary Clinton. We’re not talking about all things. We’re talking just about the economy,” he said, according to CNN.

Unlike House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Blankfein also noted the importance of the bonuses companies have been giving employees because of Trump’s tax cuts.

“I think a lot of it is symbolic and making a statement,” he stated.

Do you think other major players in America’s economy think similarly?

“We’re dealing in a world of sentiment. Symbolism matters.”

You would think that an entire party dominated by emotion could understand the spirit-lifting effects a bonus can bring.

Speaking of which, here’s a spirit-lifter for you: imagine how ticked Clinton has to be hearing about this interview.

Liberals may not like it, but Trump’s economy is soaring. Even CNN had to acknowledge that unemployment is at a 17-year-low and that small business optimism is soaring.

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Best of all — Trump’s only been in office for a little over a year.

By the time we hit re-election season, heck, even by mid-terms, the Trump administration will have a sterling record of economic growth voters can actually look back on to see the facts.

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Sick: Liberals Attack Grieving Dad Once They Found Out Who He Supports

Not long after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, many liberals launched disgusting attacks toward a father whose daughter was killed during the attack. Why?

He was wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt.

On Wednesday, gunman Nikolas Cruz carried at a mass shooting at the Florida high school.

As reported by Conservative Tribune, the clearly mentally disturbed 19-year-old killed 17 people and injured many others.

Following the attack, reporters from across the country flocked to Parkland, Florida, to report on the tragic school shooting.

TRENDING: Parents Enraged as Transgender Aims at Winning 2nd State Title

As noted by The Daily Wire, reporters spoke with many parents who tragically lost a child during the attack.

One of those parents was Andrew Pollack. Seen in a photo below, you can see the sadness on his face, holding up a picture of his daughter. He looks shell-shocked.

Despite his undoubtedly overwhelming grief, Pollack was treated much differently than other parents.

On Thursday, Palm Beach Post reporter Alexandra Seltzer tweeted a picture of Pollack holding up a photo of his daughter — Meadow Pollack — on his cellphone while wearing a “Trump 2020” T-shirt.

Do you think leftists have become more intolerant?

Not long after that, Pollack was subjected to a plethora of unthinkable and vile comments from intolerant leftists who said he deserved to lose his daughter because he supported Trump.

Here are some of the comments on Seltzer’s tweet that were aimed at Pollack:

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This is absolutely sick.

It’s bad enough to see Democrats and Hollywood elites exploiting this tragedy for cheap political points, but now a grieving father is subjected to vile comments because of his political views.

In the immediate aftermath of his daughter being murdered by a psychopath, this father deserves support from everyone. Simply heartbreaking.

It is disgusting and tragic that he’s forced to deal with this immediately after losing his daughter, and attacks like these do not bode well for the divisions in our country.

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As expected, Trump’s visit to a Florida hospital was criticized by the media

Last night I wrote a brief post about President Trump’s visit to a Florida hospital which treated some of the students injured in the Parkland shooting. I said that Trump’s effort wouldn’t satisfy progressives and sure enough the Washington Post published a story last night which reads less like straight news and more like an opinion piece comparing Trump unfavorably to former President Obama:

President Trump, as he often does while responding to natural disasters, mass shootings or unfolding crises, spent much of his time congratulating the responders instead of memorializing the victims of Wednesday’s school shooting during a visit here Friday…

Trump said he saw victims at the hospital — he was not seen doing so — and even described one woman who suffered bullets to her lungs. That anecdote, though, quickly became about the officers, who responded within 20 minutes and saved her life…

He did not give an emotional or rousing commemoration to the victims — like President Barack Obama’s after a mass shooting at a Charleston, S.C., church — nor did he publicly greet any families whose children were killed in the attack. Speaking at a funeral or a large vigil was not on the agenda. There were no calls for American resolve. There were no tears…

His critics and even some allies say he should look at changing laws after this latest mass shooting, and he probably would have been greeted by protesters had he visited a larger and less controlled setting, aides conceded…

The victims and those present at a vigil who called for tougher gun-control laws did not see the president.

All of this was in reaction to Trump’s one-minute long press availability at the end of his 35-minute visit to the hospital. A big focus here is what Trump didn’t do and didn’t say and even the protesters who didn’t show up but might have wanted to. The writer also uses the classic ‘some say…’ formulation to make the pitch for gun control Trump hasn’t promised. The author even makes a point of saying that no one saw Trump meet with the victims as if that might be in doubt. But Trump posted photos on Twitter after the visit, two of which showed him in the room with one of the victims.

Today, a Washington Post editor praised the paper’s “dispatch” on Twitter (h/t the Hill):

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders took issue with that.

Here’s the bottom line. Donald Trump is not Barack Obama. Clearly many people, including some journalists and editors at the Washington Post, are disappointed by that. What they want is a grand, Obama-esque show of emotion, complete with tears. And, if we’re honest, they want that to be followed by a commitment to more gun control. They aren’t getting what they want from Trump because it turns out, he’s not Barack Obama.

There’s no doubt Obama was exceedingly good at capitalizing on tragedy. People naturally tend to rally around the leader when something awful happens and Obama was good at quietly making himself the focus of that attention, not just after shootings but after natural disasters of all kinds. I personally found that a little creepy and emotionally manipulative. I don’t really like the idea of a president who helps collate our emotions except maybe when the nation is at war. Other people feel differently and it’s perfectly fine to complain that Trump’s response is not as emotionally satisfying as Obama’s response to similar events. Even the Post’s journalists are free to feel disappointed about all of this, but they should either save it for the opinion pages or just stop pretending they’re offering straight news stories.

The post As expected, Trump’s visit to a Florida hospital was criticized by the media appeared first on Hot Air.

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Top GOP donor threatens to cut off contributions unless party supports assault weapon ban

Al Hoffman Jr., a Florida-based real estate developer and top Republican political donor, said Saturday that he will stop making contributions to party members and organizations that do not support a ban on selling military-style assault weapons to civilians, The New York Times reported.

“For how many years now have we been doing this — having these experiences of terrorism, mass killings,” Hoffman told the Times. “It’s the end of the road for me.”

Hoffman sent his comments in an email sent to several prominent Republicans, including Jeb Bush and Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, who is considering running for the Senate in 2018, the Times reported. He wrote that he would not give money Scott and other Florida Republicans if they fail to support new gun control measures.

“I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons,” he wrote. “Enough is enough!”

Hoffman, who was a leading donor for former PresidentGeorge W. Bush, said he will try to rally other Republican donors to support his effort.

He has donated millions to Republican candidates and causes over the years, The Times reported. That includes “more than $1 million to Right to Rise, a “super PAC” that supported Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign in 2016,” the report stated.

Is this likely to be effective?

Hoffman told the Times he doesn’t think he can convince Republicans to consider an assault weapons ban because they are too supportive of the National Rifle Association.

Referring to the recent deadly school shooting in Florida, Hoffman wrote that he believes more massacres are likely to happen unless the government intervenes.

“If we go from Orlando to Las Vegas, and now Parkland, you just have to know that there are others around the country just dreaming about staging another mass murder,” he wrote in his email.

On Wednesday, 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, were killed during a mass shooting.

Since the shooting, key Republicans in Washington and Florida have not signaled an interest in new gun restrictions, the Times noted. Republicans control both the Florida and federal government and have opposed most new limitations on firearms.

A previous federal assault weapons ban was enacted in 1994 under a Democratic president and Congress, but lapsed in 2004 while Republicans had full control of Washington, the Times noted.

Hoffman has urged Republicans to support certain gun control measures in the past, but stopped short of making a threat about donations, the Times reported.

Despite Hoffman’s criticism of President Donald Trump, he has still continued to make significant donations to other Republicans, the Times reported.

Still, he doesn’t appear to be ready to give up.

“I’m going to email every single donor I know in the Republican Party and try to get them on board,” he said. “We’ve really got to start a little movement here.”

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BOOM! Facebook VP of Ads SLAMS Liberal Media’s Coverage of Russia

Facebook VP of Ads SLAMS Liberal Media’s Coverage of Russia

On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals, along with 3 Russian entities, accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”

The 37-page indictment was a big fat nothingburger.



 not one American had knowledge they were interacting with Russians who were posing as Americans.

Furthermore, Rosenstein admitted the Russian operation did not impact the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.

The Vice President of Facebook ads, Rob Goldman unleashed on his Twitter account after Mueller’s indictment hit the wire.

Goldman slammed the fake news media’s coverage of Russia.

Rob Goldman unleashed a tweetstorm Friday.


Truth bomb! The majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election and very few outlets covered it because it doesn’t align with the msm narrative of Trump and the election.

President Trump shared Rob Goldman’s tweets.


The media is desperate to hang onto the Trump-Russia narrative; they refuse to admit they have been pushing conspiracy theories and propaganda for nearly 2 years.


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Corbyn’s Tragic Rough Sleeper Was Twice-Deported Migrant Paedophile from Angola

Corbyn’s Tragic Rough Sleeper Was Twice-Deported Migrant Paedophile from Angola

A rough sleeper turned into a cause célèbre by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he was found dead in a London underpass near Parliament turns out to have been an illegal migrant paedophile who had been deported twice.

35-year-old Marcos Amaral Gourgel was a dual Angolan-Portuguese national first deported from Britain in 2014 after serving time for child sex offences, reports the Daily Mail, which cited Portuguese daily Correio da Manha.

“In 2014 he was deported to Portugal by the British authorities and assisted on his return,” the Ministry of Portuguese Communities Abroad confirmed to the Expresso newspaper.

“In 2016 we were made aware he had been deported again from the UK for being in the country illegally.”

It is not clear how the child molester was able to return to Britain and set up camp in a London underpass yards from the Houses of Parliament, through which MPs and staff pass every day, but he may have been assisted by the Free Movement immigration regime, which makes it difficult for British authorities to effectively vet EU migrants.

Jeremy Corbyn, whose team claimed to know Gourgel, used his death to attack “the powerful”, declaring it was time “all MPs took up this moral challenge and properly housed everyone.”

Whether or not Mr Corbyn’s definition of “everyone” was intended to include illegal migrants child molesters is unclear, although he has issued no statements condemning the obvious failures in Britain’s border and immigration controls which allowed such a dangerous individual to infiltrate the country.

The 68-year-old socialist has had something of a difficult week, with the revelations about Gourgel following revelations about meetings he had with a Communist spy during the Cold War — who claimed Corbyn acted as a paid informant codenamed ‘Cob’.

Mr Corbyn is already known to have taken money from a television network backed by the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian regime, and to have been supportive of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) during its long terror campaign in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Tucker Nails It, Gives New Name for Liberal’s “Gun Control”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is ticked off, and for good reason.

He understands the gun control game leftists try to play every single time there’s a shooting event, and he’s sick and tired of it.

On Thursday, Carlson responded to calls for gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and said what they really are: calls for people control.

“Let’s stop lying about this,” he said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The calls we are hearing today for gun control have nothing to do with protecting Americans from violence. What you’re witnessing is a kind of class war,” Carlson continued.

TRENDING: Parents Enraged as Transgender Aims at Winning 2nd State Title

“The left hates rural America, red America, gun-owning America, the America that elected Donald Trump. They hate them. Progressives are still in charge of most of the major institutions in this country, and they despise the autonomy of an armed population.

“They want collective punishment for the sins of a few. They seek to obliterate a core constitutional right rather than trying to mitigate its downsides.”

Do you think leftists have a “people-control” agenda?

And then he slammed his argument home.

“They call it gun control, but it’s not. It’s people control. For the left, voters who can’t be controlled, can’t be trusted.”

Watch the monologue below. The “people control” comments begin around the 4:00 minute mark.

Liberals might read or hear a rant like that and claim that Carlson is some sort of conspiracy theorist. To that, I offer this:

It is an undeniable fact that after every shooting, there are liberals calling for gun control. But they do more than that.

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What they do is express their opinions, backed up by “facts” that are completely made up, and state that if you disagree with them you might as well not ever speak to them again because you hate children and aren’t a valid person.

That’s not an attempt at gun control. That’s an attempt at people control.

“This is the truth and if you disagree you aren’t worthy of being considered a person” is totalitarian speech. Totalitarians are, by necessity, all about people control.

Tucker Carlson’s words need to be spread everywhere we can because we are in the middle of a cultural war for our very survival and Carlson gets it.

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Alabama Horrifies Libs, House Passes Incredible Bill Right After FL Shooting

In a move that is sure to astound liberals nationwide, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill to expand their “Stand Your Ground” law a mere day after the Florida school shooting this past week.

According to Breitbart, the move was made in the hopes of empowering church-goers to defend their lives while at their places of worship.

The recently-passed proposed revision of Alabama’s self-defense law states a person is “presumed justified in the use of force if they reasonably believe someone is about to seriously harm a church member,” according to The Seattle Times.

In other words, the bill would very specifically protect church members defending their religious communities.

The shooting at a Texas church last year taught us how big a target churches can be, and it showed the world that armed citizens can stop a threat if legislation will just get out of the way.

TRENDING: Parents Enraged as Transgender Aims at Winning 2nd State Title

“You got nuts everywhere just like you had in the high school in Florida yesterday. Occasionally, they show up in a church,” Representative Lynn Greer said according to The Seattle Times.

The bill passed by a large margin — 40-16, according to The Seattle Times.

Not everyone was happy about the bill’s introduction and passing, however.

Democrats reportedly attempted a filibuster against the bill, but didn’t even make it three full hours.

Should your state follow suit?

“(The bill is) pandering. It doesn’t accomplish anything,” complained Democrat Representative Chris England according to The Seattle Times.

He said he found it “amazing, interesting that on the day after a school shooting where 17 people were murdered… that in Alabama we are having a debate about trying to figure ways to introduce guns in churches.”

It should be amazing. Empowering citizens is always amazing, although I sincerely doubt this bill would “introduce” guns to churches.

I gotta say, even for a state as red as Alabama, this is a pretty bold move to make in the midst of the current political landscape.

RELATED: Gun-Owners Score Massive Win as House Passes Nation-Wide Concealed Bill

We couldn’t be happier.

Somewhere in these United States there is a group of people that acknowledge that the more legislation is passed to back Mr. and Mrs. Responsibly-Armed Citizen, the safer We the People are.

To the Alabama House of Representatives — my hat is off to you today.

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FBI statement: we were given detailed tips about Florida shooter’s guns, desire to kill, school shooting plans on Jan 5. ‘Protocols were not followed’

FBI statement: we were given detailed tips about Florida shooter's guns, desire to kill, and school shooting plans on Jan 5th. 'protocols were not fol
What in the hell is going on at the FBI.

Yesterday, we talked about how the FBI received a tip regarding a YouTube post supposedly made by Parkland Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz back in September.  In it he claimed he wanted to become a “professional school shooter.” The FBI, allegedly, made cursory inquiries into the matter and then dropped it.

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