Huma Abedin sent government system passwords to her Yahoo email account, which was then hacked by a ‘state-sponsored actor’

Huma Abedin sent government system passwords to her Yahoo email account, which was then hacked by a 'state-sponsored actor'
In case you were busy with the holidays and missed the news, Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, had a bad weekend. On Friday, The State Department released 2,800 work-related emails that had been stored on Anthony Weiner’s now-infamous laptop. Among the correspondence were at least 5 messages that contained classified material.

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California Sign Welcomes Felons And Illegal Aliens

It’s hard to tell if this is a joke or not, simply because it’s California. When people enter the Golden State they are now greeted by a sign welcoming illegal aliens and felons. I’m almost certain that this wasn’t the work of the California Department of Transportation, but the state has sure put out the welcome mat for scumbags from around the world so who knows?

A couple of people managed to snap pictures of the rider below the California welcome sign.

“OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE – Felons, Illegals, and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need the Votes!” reads the sign.

California is a sanctuary state that refuses to turn violent illegal aliens over to federal immigration officials. The state allows illegals to drive, practice law, and get ObamaCare. In addition the state and major cities have million dollar legal funds to defend illegal aliens in deportation cases. What about the actual legal residents of California? The state thinks those people should go f*ck themselves.

California doesn’t just roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens, they accommodate regular criminals too. The state has recently decriminalized things like child prostitution and gun theft. In reaction to prison overcrowding, the liberals in charge not only dumped tens of thousands of violent convicts on the streets, but also changed things that used to be felonies into misdemeanors.

As if all of that failed to make Cali a welcoming harbor for the worst of the worst, Governor Jerry Brown uses his power to pardon murderers and illegal aliens so they won’t be deported.

The state is also a save haven for scumbags who just don’t feel like working. With the most generous social safety net in the country, the chronically lazy and even illegal aliens can mooch off of the suckers who get up in the morning and go to work. Even better, almost everywhere in California will let bums set up a hepatitis-invested tent city.

Thanks to the state’s “Motor Voter” law, everyone getting a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote. As I mention, California allows illegal aliens to drive, so yeah, they are definitely voting in the state and they sure as hell ain’t voting for Republicans.

If however, you are a law-abiding, taxpaying, hardworking Californian, the state totally screws you over with massive city and state taxes and a very low level of personal freedom. California has its priorities and it definitely isn’t taking care of the people who pay the bills.

These signs may be a prank but are definitely not a joke; they are an accurate reflection of what California stands for. Maybe the Better Business Bureau forced the state to put them up. You know, truth in advertising and whatnot?

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Debra Messing Praises Son, 13, For Protesting National Anthem, Gets Completely, Utterly, Devastatingly Destroyed By Wounded Vet’s Mom

Looks like 2018 is off to a blistering start. Literally.

Remember that whole protest thing from last year? You know, when players of the National Football League would take a knee during the National Anthem to stand up against how they make millions of dollars a year for playing football three hours a week (it was way back in 2017, so we’re not sure what they were protesting).

Anyhoo, Debra Messing, who plays Grace on “Will & Grace,” a rebooted show from the turn of the century, finally decided to weigh on on the NFL protest (which is a horrible shame because America could have been debating her staunch stance over the Christmas holidays if she had just spoken up sooner).

Messing got on Instagram last Wednesday to support her 13-year-old son after he asked if he could protest the National Anthem for the New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

The post, featuring a photo of the boy holding his hand over his heart while seated, read:

“’Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner.’

Son: ‘Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?’

Me: ‘Yes, honey. We can do that.’

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter).”

So forget that Messing — who says on her Twitter bio that’s she’s “Actor. Mama. … Activist” (yes, “Mama” is second) — is indoctrinating her teenager to despise America rather than, say, finding a suitable way to proactively work to better the nation. She also wants everyone — all strangers, by the way — to know of her wonderful efforts.

But Messing hadn’t counted on hearing from Lisa Smith. Messing’s post bounced around social media until Smith, who says in her Twitter bio that she’s a “proud mother of a wounded soldier,” saw it on Tuesday.

Last we heard, Messing was headed over to the Hollywood burn clinic for her third-degree singeing.

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Cotton on Iran Protests: U.S. Should ‘Express Our Support for the Iranian People’

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) on Tuesday called on the U.S. government to "express our support" for the people of Iran who are protesting against the Iranian regime.

Cotton discussed the ongoing anti-government protests in Iran, which erupted last Thursday and have spread throughout the country, and how he believes the U.S. should respond during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt.

When asked what he made of the protests, Cotton said the most fundamental action that President Donald Trump, other elected officials, and the U.S. government as a whole should take is to "express our support for the Iranian people and their desire not just to protest, but the cause for which they protest."

Cotton said the Iranian people have a right to protest for the hope to live in a country that is stable, provides a decent standard of living, and does not take their money and children’s lives to pursue violent foreign policies in the Middle East.

The protests, the biggest challenge to the Iranian government’s authority since mass demonstrations in 2009, initially focused on rising costs and economic mismanagement by the regime, but quickly turned to political and social issues, including criticism of Iran’s theocratic system of rule.

Cotton said that Trump should use his authority from past laws passed by Congress to impose "broad, far-reaching" sanctions against individuals associated with oppression of human rights inside Iran.

"Unfortunately, President Obama never used a lot of those authorities," Cotton said.

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Thug Attempts Robbery, Then By-Standers Take a Second Look at the “Gun”

An Ohio man’s pathetic attempt to rob a convenience store last month failed in an epic way when the people inside the store realized that the “rifle” he was waving around like he owned the place wasn’t even real.

It was fake. How fake? So fake that it was, in fact, nothing but a makeshift rifle “fashioned out of a pipe, a fake scope, a spring and two table legs clamped together as the stock,” according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Take a look:

If that’s a rifle, I’m Santa Clause: Ho, ho, ho! Seriously, it almost looks like a musical instrument. What was the guy thinking?

TRENDING: Trump Finds Way for Post Office to Make Money Again, Charge Liberal Organization

Apparently, Jeffrey Derringer, 48, wasn’t thinking much.

The Journal notes Derringer stormed into a Circle K convenience store in Akron on Christmas Day with a hooded sweatshirt covering his head.

He covered his head presumably to avoid being identified; it turns out he was a regular customer at the store.

Derringer then demanded everyone get down on the floor and empty the cash register. One employee reportedly fled to the back of the store to call the cops, while another employee instead took a closer look at Derringer.

Upon realizing Derringer was waving around a fake rifle — that barely even looked like a rifle, I might add — he ran around the counter and confronted Derringer. Three other customers reportedly joined his confrontation as well.

What happened next? Predictably enough, Derringer tried to flee the scene but was cornered by all four in a nearby parking lot, where he was detained until the authorities arrived.

This idiot now faces an aggravated robbery charge, an offensive punishable by up to 10 years in prison, according to the Joslyn Law Firm.

If you ask me, an additional 10 years should be added for his laziness. I mean, while I’m glad he attempted the robbery with a fake rifle, he could have at least tried to make his fake rifle look more real. Effort counts, dude. Effort counts.

RELATED: Thug Sees Granny With Revolver and Hears, “Get Ready to Die”

Granted, the fact that he’s this stunningly lazy probably explains why he was so poor and destitute on Christmas Day that he felt compelled to rob a neighborhood convenience store.

Unfortunately, his future stint in prison isn’t apt to make him any less lazy. Oh well.

H/T Bearing Arms

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about the fake rifle this bonehead tried to use to rob a convenience store.

What do you think about this guy’s laziness? Scroll down to comment below!

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Urged to Scrap Obama-Era ‘Black Lives Matter’ School Discipline Policy

Civil rights and education experts say signs are pointing to the Trump administration education department’s finally getting around to rethinking the Obama-era “guidance” on school discipline that many say has hurt minority students most and made schools more dangerous.

Former President Barack Obama became known for inserting civil rights issues into a great many of his policies, including those involving campus sexual assault procedures, public school bathrooms and locker rooms, and how schools implement disciplinary procedures.

The Trump administration has scrapped Obama’s transgender bathroom and campus sexual assault policies, and – according to civil rights experts – may now be poised to tackle the former president’s school discipline “guidance” that threatens school districts with federal investigation if their discipline measures resulted in statistics that showed a greater proportion of minority students are disciplined than white students.

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Max Eden, explained at National Review in November how the Obama-era school discipline policy “extended Black Lives Matter’s ideology down into America’s classrooms”:

Social-justice activists assumed that just as racial disparities in the criminal-justice system must be evidence that cops are (at least implicitly) racist, so too racial disparities in school suspensions must be evidence that teachers are (at least implicitly) racist. Therefore, teachers — like cops — have to be restrained.

According to the Obama administration’s 2014 “Dear Colleague” guidance, any school district whose disciplinary measures show “disparate impact” – meaning a disproportionately greater number of minority students are affected – is open to investigation by the Departments of Justice and Education, regardless of whether the behavior leading to the discipline is unacceptable.

The Obama administration justified its policy with concerns about the “school to prison pipeline” for minority students:

The increasing use of disciplinary sanctions such as in-school and out-of-school suspensions, expulsions, or referrals to law enforcement authorities creates the potential for significant, negative educational and long-term outcomes, and can contribute to what has been termed the “school to prison pipeline.”

In place of traditional disciplinary measures, the Obama administration recommended such alternate techniques as “conflict resolution, restorative practices, counseling, and structured systems of positive intervention.”

However, critics of the Obama policy say it essentially placed “racial quotas” on school discipline and is teaching minority students they can avoid consequences for disruptive and violent behavior simply because of their race or ethnic background.

After much speculation about whether education secretary Betsy DeVos would actually take on the Obama-era school discipline policy, she hired former senior attorney for the Competitive Enterprise Institute Hans Bader – a noted critic of the use of “disparate impact” statistics to muscle school districts.

“To try to reduce unintended racial disparities, schools, encouraged by the Office for Civil Rights, are replacing suspension for violent offenders with talking circles and ‘restorative justice’ (even as they continue to suspend kids for things like toy guns),” Bader told Breitbart News in March 2015. “As a result, school violence is increasing, and students are escaping discipline for things like threatening teachers and setting classmates’ hair on fire.”

Higher disciplinary rates for black students “reflect higher rates of misbehavior among blacks, not zero-tolerance policies,” Bader also wrote in 2014 at the Daily Caller.

Writing at the Washington Examiner in October, Natalie Goodnow and Will Flanders of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) reported results from their recent study that demonstrated Obama’s policy “contributed to a massive decrease in suspensions in Wisconsin public schools, subverted local control over disciplinary policies, and, in cases, made schools and teachers less safe.”

The authors observed:

Our data … shows that poverty and disability — not race — are the primary factors that determine whether a student is suspended in the largest Wisconsin school districts. While statewide racial disparity in suspensions appears to have declined, the picture looks different when you zoom in to the district level data. For example, at Milwaukee Public Schools, which serves almost half the state’s African-American students, the suspension rate has fallen more for white students than for African-American students.

The data is clear: The Obama administration’s actions have made some schools less safe.

“Simply refusing to suspend students who have earned a suspension doesn’t solve the underlying problem and it needlessly polarizes the country,” the researchers assert. “School disciplinary policy should be based on sound science and research, not spurious ideological doctrines about race.”

In April 2016, Hoover Institution media fellow Paul Sperry also wrote at the New York Post that, as a result of the Obama-era policy, “public school districts are no longer suspending even violent students; but now, under pressure from Black Lives Matter, they are suspending teachers who complain about not suspending bad kids.”

“An alarming number of other school districts are coddling violent kids, while punishing the teachers they attack,” Sperry wrote. “Most teachers blame the district’s new code of conduct. ‘Negative student behavior is being tolerated at the expense of safety,’ a local union spokesman said.”

Similarly, Katherine Kersten at the Star Tribune wrote that in St. Paul, Minnesota, one teacher commented the Obama-era school disciplinary policy resulted in “a segment of kids who consider themselves untouchable.”

“Most parents will tell you that if you eliminate consequences for kids’ bad behavior, you can expect a lot more of it,” Kersten continued. “It’s common sense. But we’re not talking about common sense here. We’re talking about a powerful ideology that has gripped the imagination of Twin Cities school officials — and far beyond.”

Eden says social justice activists who are celebrating the much lower reported suspension rates in public schools are “cheering on a twisted tragedy.”

“[I]n the handful of districts where student and teacher surveys let us measure school climate, we tend to see one of two things happen as suspensions drop: Schools get less safe or school administrators cheat,” he observed.

Eden was a panelist several weeks ago at a public briefing, held by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and titled, “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Intersections of Students of Color with Disabilities.”

The purpose of the briefing was to “examine compliance with federal laws designed to protect students of color with disabilities from discrimination, and whether laws adequately protect these students from discriminatory disciplinary actions and policies.”

The Civil Rights commission is composed of eight individuals, four of them appointed by the president and four by Congress. The commissioners serve six-year terms and are not confirmed by the Senate.

Currently, four members of the commission are Democrats, three are independents, and one is a Republican. The four presidential appointees were all selected by former President Barack Obama.

In June, the commission announced it was launching a two-year “comprehensive assessment” into the Trump administration, in light of proposed budget cuts and staff eliminations that it claims would cause the civil rights of people of color, the LGBT community, and other “marginalized” groups to be at risk.

Nevertheless, groups concerned about the constitutionality of regulations based on “guidance” from the federal government, say the Obama-era school discipline policy is harming low-income students.

According to the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project – which studies the costs and benefits of regulations and agencies:

Curbs on suspensions of students who routinely disrupt class or violate important school rules harm, not help, black students, who are often victims of violence perpetrated by students of their own race. As Professor Joshua Kinsler found, “in public schools with discipline problems, it hurts those innocent African American children academically to keep disruptive students in the classroom,” and “cutting out-of-school suspensions in those schools widens the black-white academic achievement gap.”

Roger Clegg, President and General Counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity – and a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division from 1987-1991 – told Breitbart News the Obama administration essentially made policy unilaterally through its “Dear Colleague” letters, without going through the proper notice and comment procedures.

“What the disparate impact approach means is if there is a disproportionate statistical result from a policy, that policy can be ruled illegally discriminatory,” he explained, “even though the policy is neutral on its face, is neutral as intended, and is neutrally applied.”

Clegg said the Trump administration should rescind the Obama school discipline policy.

“The problem is that it pushes schools not to discipline students – who ought to be disciplined – in order to get their racial numbers right,” he added. “And the people who are going to be hurt most by that are the students who want to learn, but are not going to be able to learn.”


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Secret Document Reveals China Covertly Offering Missiles, Increased Aid to North Korea

China’s Communist Party adopted a secret plan in September to bolster the North Korean government with increased aid and military support, including new missiles, if Pyongyang halts further nuclear tests, according to an internal party document.

The document, labeled "top secret" and dated Sept. 15—12 days after North Korea’s latest underground nuclear blast—outlines China’s plan for dealing with the North Korean nuclear issue. It states China will allow North Korea to keep its current arsenal of nuclear weapons, contrary to Beijing’s public stance that it seeks a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

Chinese leaders also agreed to offer new assurances that the North Korean government will not be allowed to collapse, and that Beijing plans to apply sanctions "symbolically" to avoid punishing the regime of leader Kim Jong Un under a recent U.N. resolution requiring a halt to oil and gas shipments into North Korea.

A copy of the four-page Chinese-language document was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon from a person who once had ties to the Chinese intelligence and security communities. An English translation can be found here.

CIA spokesmen had no immediate comment on the document that could not be independently verified.

A Chinese Embassy spokesman did not return emails seeking comment.

Disclosure of the document comes amid reports China is continuing to send oil to North Korea in violation of United Nations sanctions, prompting criticism from President Trump. Trump tweeted last week that China was caught "red handed" allowing oil shipments to North Korea.

"There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korean problem if this continues to happen," the president stated on Dec. 28.

Release of the classified internal document is unusual since China’s communist system imposes strict secrecy on all party policies. Exposure of the secret Central Committee directive could indicate high-level opposition within the party to current supreme leader Xi Jinping, who has consolidated more power than any leader since Mao Zedong.

China: Pressure on North Korea won’t work

China’s leaders, according to the document, concluded that international pressure will not force North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, estimated to be at least 20 warheads.

As a result, the Central Committee of the party directed its International Liaison Department, the organ in charge of communicating with foreign political parties, to inform Pyongyang of China’s continued backing.

The head of the Liaison Department, Song Tao, visited Pyongyang Nov. 17 and met with senior North Korean officials. North Korean state media did not provide details of the talks, other than to say issues of mutual concern were discussed.

The directive appears written in response to the United Nations Security Council resolution passed after the Sept. 3 North Korean nuclear test. Included among the resolution’s new sanctions are restrictions on oil and gas transfers, including a ban on transferring oil between ships in open ocean waters.

On the U.N. requirement to shut down oil and gas transfers from China to North Korea, the party document said after North Korean businesses in China will be closed under the terms of the latest U.N. resolution, "our country will not for the moment restrict Korea from entrusting qualified Chinese agencies from trade with Korea or conducting related trade activities via third countries (region)."

A directive ordered the Liaison Department to offer a promised increase in aid for "daily life and infrastructure building" and a one-time increase in funds for North Korea of 15 percent for 2018. Chinese aid will be then be increased annually from 2019 through 2023 by "no less than 10 percent over the previous year."

The Chinese also promised the North Koreans that in response to calls to suspend all banking business with North Korea that the financial ban will "only apply to state-owned banks controlled by the central government and some regional banks."

On military support, the document reveals that China is offering North Korean "defensive military construction" and "high level military science and technology."

The weaponry will include "more advanced mid- and short-range ballistic missiles, cluster munitions, etc.," the document said.

"Your department should at the same time seriously warn the Korean authority not to overdo things on the nuclear issue," the document says.

"Currently, there is no issue for our country to forcefully ask Korea to immediately and completely give up its nuclear weapons. Instead, we ask Korea to maintain restraint and after some years when the conditions are ripe, to apply gradual reforms and eventually meet the requirement of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula."

Beijing to warn Kim of ‘punitive measures’

The document then directs the Liaison Department to warn that if North Korea insists on acting rashly, further punitive measures will be imposed on senior North Korean leaders and their family members.

The directive lists "requirements" for the Liaison Department to pursue, including informing the North Koreans of China’s "determination to protect the Korean government on behalf of the Central Committee of CPC."

Liaison officials also were tasked with informing the North Koreans of promises of support and aid in exchange for Pyongyang making "substantial compromises on its nuclear issues."

"According to the current deployment of world forces and the geographic position of the Korean Peninsula, to prevent the collapse of the Korean government and the possible direct military confrontation with western hostile forces led by the United States on the Korean Peninsula caused by these issues, our country, Russia, and other countries will have to resort to all the effective measures such as diplomatic mediation and military diversion to firmly ensure the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and to prevent ‘chaos and war,’ which is also the common position held firmly by our country, Russia, and others," the report says.

The document states that if the United States "rushes to war" against North Korea, the conflict would have a huge impact on the political and economic state of the region and the world.

"At such a time, the security of Japan and (South) Korea can be hardly taken care of, especially the security of Seoul, the (South) Korean capital," the document says.

"Also, our country, Russia, and others will absolutely not look on the chaotic situation on the Korean Peninsula without taking any action."

The document states that China believes that "theoretically" western powers will not use military force to overthrow the Kim Jong Un regime to solve the nuclear issue.

"However, international provocations by Korea via repeatedly conducting nuclear tests has imposed huge international pressure on our country that is continuously accumulating and becoming unbearably heavy," the document says.

‘Stern warning’ and ‘assurances’

The deal outlined in the document to be communicated to Pyongyang includes a "stern warning" combined with "related assurances to Korea at the same time."

"That is, currently Korea will not have to immediately give up its nuclear weapons, that so long as Korea promises not to continue conducting new nuclear tests and immediately puts those promises into action, our country will immediately increase economic, trade, and military assistance to Korea, and will add or continue providing the following benefits," the report states.

The first item then lists greatly increasing trade with North Korea to keep the government operating and to raise the living standard of North Koreans.

"As for products under international sanctions such as crude oil products (except for the related products clearly defined as related to nuclear tests), under the condition of fully ensuring domestic demand of Korea, we will only make a symbolic handling or punishment," the Party document said.

Past document leaks have included party documents on decision making related to the 1989 military crackdown on unarmed protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square published in the 2001 book The Tiananmen Paper.

A more recent disclosure in October was the release of an internal Communist Party document authorizing the Ministry of State Security, China’s civilian spy service, to dispatch 27 intelligence officers to the United States to "crush hostile forces." That document was made public by exiled Chinese businessman-turned-dissident Guo Wengui.

Orville Schell, a China specialist who worked on the Tiananmen Papers, said he could not authenticate the document but said it has "an air of veracity."

"The language in Chinese is spot on party-speak, and the logic of the argument would appear to be congruent with the current line and what is happening," said Schell, director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York.

Columbia University Professor Andrew Nathan also could not authenticate the document but said it looks genuine. "The typeface, layout, header, seal, vocabulary, and diction are all those of an official inner party document," said Nathan who also worked on the Tiananmen papers.

Nathan said the document appeared to be a directive for International Liaison Department director Song Tao’s mission to Pyongyang two months later, and Beijing’s attempt to press North Korea to halt nuclear tests using a combination of incentives and warnings.

The Chinese language version uses some terms that reveal China’s contempt for North Korea, such as the term "ruling authorities" for the Kim regime, something Nathan said is an "unfriendly" tone.

Former State Department intelligence official John Tkacik, a China affairs specialist, said the document appears genuine and if confirmed as authentic would represent "a bombshell" disclosure.

Tkacik told the Free Beacon the document, may be "evidence that China has no real commitment to pressuring North Korea to give up nuclear weapons, and indeed sees North Korean nuclear arms as an additional strategic threat to the United States, one that China can claim no influence over."

"Reading between the lines, it is clear that China views North Korea as giving it leverage with the U.S., so long as the U.S. believes that China is doing all it can do," Tkacik said.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said if the document is authentic, "it reveals China’s policy to be completely cynical and utterly detached from its publicly stated position."

"The White House would have to react accordingly," he added.

Trump criticizes past N. Korea policies

Trump last week tweeted a video showing then-President Bill Clinton praising the 1994 Agreed Framework that Clinton said would freeze and ultimately dismantle the North Korean nuclear program.

The video also included a clip of Trump on NBC’s "Meet the Press" from 1999 urging action then to stop the North Korean nuclear program in its early stages.

Trump told the New York Times after the tweet he was disappointed China is secretly shipping oil to North Korea. "Oil is going into North Korea. So I’m not happy about it," he said, adding that he has been "soft on China" for its unfair trade practices and technology theft.

"China has a tremendous power over North Korea. Far greater than anyone knows," Trump said Dec. 28, adding that "China can solve the North Korea problem, and they’re helping us, and they’re even helping us a lot, but they’re not helping us enough."

"If they don’t help us with North Korea, then I do what I’ve always said I want to do," the president added. "China can help us much more, and they have to help us much more … We have a nuclear menace out there, which is no good for China, and it’s not good for Russia. It’s no good for anybody."

The Trump administration has been signaling for months it is prepared to use military force against North Korea to rid the country of nuclear arms and missile delivery systems.

North Korea conducted several long-range missile tests in 2017 that U.S. officials have said indicate rapid progress toward building a missile capable of targeting the United States with a nuclear warhead.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Dec. 29 that he has drawn up military options for operations against North Korea.

"I don’t speculate, as you know, about future operations by our forces," Mattis told reporters. "But with three U.N. Security Council resolutions in a row, unanimously adopted, each one has put significantly more pressure on the North Korean regime for its provocations, for its outlaw activities. I think you will see increased pressure. What form that pressure takes in terms of physical operations is something that will be determined by the Congress and government."

Asked if the United States is closer to war with North Korea, Mattis said: "You know, I provide military options right now. This is a clearly a diplomatically led effort with a lot of international diplomatic support. It’s got a lot of economic buttressing, so it’s not like it’s just words. It’s real activities."

China backs N. Korea as buffer zone

The party directive states that China regards North Korea as a strategic "buffer zone" needed to "fend off hostile western forces." Ideologically, North Korea also is important to China in promoting its vision of "socialism with Chinese characteristics led by our Party" and identifying North Korea as "irreplaceable."

According to the document, the Party regards the "continuity of the Korean government," maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula and one of its unwavering goals.

"This issue is about the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the fundamental interests of our Party, our country, and all Chinese people," the document concludes, adding that the department should quickly coordinate with the Foreign and Commerce Ministries and other agencies to develop an operational plan to implement the policy "to ensure the sense of responsibility, to strictly maintain related confidentiality, and to seriously accomplish the heavy tasks entrusted by the Central Committee of CPC."

The document bears the seal of the General Office of the Communist Party Central Committee, the office in charge of administrative affairs. Copies were sent to the administrative offices of the National People’s Congress, State Council, and Central Military Commission.

The internal document states that the new policy toward the North Korean nuclear issue is based on consultations among key power organs within the ruling party, including the Central Committee and State Council, along with what was termed "the guiding spirit" of meetings held by the National Security Commission, headed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

"After research and assessment, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to authorize your department to lead and organize the communication and coordination work with the Korean administration on its nuclear issues," the document states.

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Global Warming? Calgary Zoo Penguins Moved Inside Due To Cold Weather

Was Al Gore visiting?

Montreal (AFP) – Just how cold is it in Canada? Ask the penguins at the Calgary zoo: Even they have had to take shelter.

King penguins — one of five species at the zoo in western Alberta province — are certainly accustomed to chilly weather, more so than species like the Humboldt that prefer somewhat warmer climes, said zoo curator Malu Celli.

But with a cold snap pushing temperatures below minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 Fahrenheit) on New Year’s Eve — and feeling more like minus 40 in the wind — and with one five-month-old penguin chick still maturing, zoo officials decided to draw a line in the snow on Sunday, setting minus 25 as the birds’ limit.

They brought the 10 kings into their heated enclosure, where they can still be viewed by humans brave enough to be out.

Keep reading…

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8th-grade ‘privilege test’ calls out straight white males, intact families, people with money

A “privilege test” was given to 150 eighth-grade students at a Wisconsin public school in December and consisted of 55 statements participants checked off such as:

  • I am white
  • I am a man
  • I am heterosexual
  • I feel comfortable in the gender I was born in
  • My family and I have never lived below the poverty line
  • My parents are still married
  • I do not have any physical disabilities
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot

Teachers at Badger Middle School in West Bend wanted to start a conversation about privilege after students read the classic book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which deals with racism in the Jim Crow South, the district told WITI-TV.

How did one parent react to the ‘privilege test’?

One parent told the station the “privilege test” wasn’t age appropriate.

“For a lot of children, they don’t even understand what most of it means,” Kim Goldman told WITI, noting that her seventh-grade daughter didn’t receive the test but knows all about it because of the controversy at the school.

Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot

Other statements on the “privilege test” included “I have never tried to hide my sexuality,” “I have never been called a terrorist” and “I have never been catcalled,” WITI reported.

Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot

“My child doesn’t know what that means, and she’s 13,” Goldman added to the station. “This is the age they’re teaching it? She doesn’t know what being catcalled means.”

WITI noted that an upset parent called West Bend police about the “privilege test.” A police spokesman confirmed to WITI that the call occurred but that police told the caller it was a school district matter.

What did school officials have to say?

“Some of the language in the questionnaire I can see why, as a parent of a 13, 14-year-old eighth grader, some people may feel as though those are topics that should be discussed in the home and not the classroom,” Badger Middle School Principal Dave Uelmen told the station.

Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot

Following the controversy, the district decided to stop administering the “privilege test,” but officials told WITI they stand behind the test’s core ideas.

“If we want our students to be successful when they go out into their careers in the future, they have to understand that not everyone is like them,” Assistant Superintendent Laura Jackson told the station.

Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot
Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot

The school’s job — or the parents’ job?

Goldman told WITI she ought to be the one to decide when such topics should come up with her daughter.

“As a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach my children the difference between right and wrong,” she told the station.

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Donald Trump: ‘Deep State’ Justice Department Must Act Against Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey

Donald Trump: ‘Deep State’ Justice Department Must Act Against Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey

President Donald Trump urged the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and James Comey in response to a new report about the alleged mishandling of secure data.

The president reacted to the news that Abedin had emailed State Department passwords to a private Yahoo account.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “She put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents.”

According to the report, Abedin forwarded sensitive State Department emails and passwords to government systems to her private Yahoo email account. Billions of Yahoo accounts were later hacked repeatedly, putting the information at risk. It is not certain that Abedin’s private email account was actually hacked.

Trump recalled the story of Kristian Saucie, a former Navy sailor who was imprisoned for taking pictures of a nuclear power system when on a submarine, suggesting that Clinton and Abedin should suffer the same fate.

“Remember sailors pictures on submarine?” he asked. “Jail! Deep State Justice Dept must finally act? Also on Comey & others.”

Trump started raising questions about the “deep state” in the Justice Department in November.

“Why aren’t our deep State authorities looking at this?” he wrote about the Clinton email investigation. “Rigged & corrupt?”

In another comment, Trump questioned the FBI for withholding documents about surveilling him and his associates during the campaign.

“Big stuff. Deep State. Give this information NOW!” he wrote.

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