Israel Destroys Miles of ‘Terror Tunnels,’ Kills Senior Islamic Jihad Commander

Israel announced Monday that it has destroyed miles of tunnels used by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. In addition, the Jewish state has also killed a top commander belonging to the Palestine Islamic Jihad movement as part of its operations in Gaza.

“Our fighter jets neutralized 9.3 miles of the Hamas ‘Metro’ terror tunnel system overnight. That’s 9.3 miles that can no longer be used for terror,” the Israel Defense Forces announced in a Sunday tweet, describing the tunnel network as being about the size of “163 football fields, 46 Eiffel Towers, 34 Empire State Buildings, 18 Burj Khalifas, and nearly 2 Mt. Everests.”

According to a Saturday report in The Jerusalem Post, the “Metro” is a tunnel network with “dozens of kilometers” of tunnels used by Hamas militants to seek refuge from Israeli air operations. It was built following Israel’s 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, The Post reported.

Aircrafts belonging to the IDF have managed to successfully destroy stretches of this tunnel network which criss-cross underneath Gaza, as reported by the IDF in the tweet on Sunday.

On Saturday, the IDF published a video showing an animated illustration of the “Metro” and how Israel is destroying it.

While the IDF’s Sunday tweet did not specify which night the “overnight” attack occurred, we know that since the beginning of the conflict, Israel has been engaging in operations targeting tunnel networks belonging to Hamas, attacking tunnel shafts and other parts of the militant group’s tunnel infrastructure.

Information on Israel’s operations can be accessed from the IDF’s Telegram channel, where it posts regular updates on its operations.

The most significant attack on the tunnel system came on Thursday.

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On Thursday, before Israel conducted what The Times of Israel described as the “heaviest strike yet” on Gaza, the country reportedly duped Hamas militants and foreign media into thinking that it was conducting a ground invasion into Gaza.

Anticipating Israeli troops entering Gaza, Hamas militants reportedly fled into the tunnel network to hide.

The invasion never came. Instead, multiple militants reportedly became sitting ducks for a massive IDF bombardment intended to take out the tunnel network.

The tunnels are only part of Hamas’ infrastructure that Israel is targeting. Israel has also targeted banks, safe houses, and other structures the group uses covertly and overtly for its purposes. On Monday, the IDF said it had destroyed five houses belonging to high-ranking Hamas commanders. The buildings were, according to the IDF, part of Hamas’ “terrorist infrastructure.” The houses struck are:

  • “The home of Izz al-Din Hadad, a senior member of the Hamas military wing and the head of combat support during recent hostilities.”
  • “The house of Amjad Abu Najeh, the commander of the Nuhba battalion in the Gaza Strip, who directed attacks from his home.”
  • “The house of Ibrahim Muhammad Mustafa Qareh, the commander of the southern Khan Yunis battalion, who was involved in shooting attacks against IDF forces as well as responsible for rocket fire at Israel.”
  • “The house of Ahmed Shamali, the commander of the Nuhba battalion in Shuja’iyya. The building contained military communications infrastructure and stored weapons.”
  • “The home of Nasim Abu ‘Ajuna, commander of the Beit Lahia Battalion, whose house contained military infrastructure for combat operations.”

Besides targeting militants’ infrastructure, Israel has also engaged in liquidating members, including senior officials, of Palestinian militant groups during its current operation, “Guardian of the Walls,” in Gaza.

Both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have lost many of their officials to Israeli strikes, which came in response to constant barrages of rockets both groups fired at Israel, killing and injuring multiple Israelis.

On Monday afternoon local time, Israel killed Hussam Abu Harbid, “Abu Ubaida,” the commander of the Northern Brigade of the Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of the Palestine Islamic Jihad.

He is not to be confused with the spokesperson for Hamas’ armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida (alternatively spelled as Abu Ubeida).

Both the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestine Islamic Jihad have confirmed the death of Abu Harbid in their statements.

In a tweet in which the IDF released battle footage showing IDF aircraft conducting the airstrike that killed Abu Harbid, the organization wrote, “This is the moment we targeted Islamic Jihad [Saraya Al Quds] Northern Division Commander in Gaza, Hussam Abu Harbid. As an Islamic Jihad commander for 15 years, he was behind rocket launches, shootings, & anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. He won’t be committing any more terrorist attacks.”

The Islamic Jihad confirmed Abu Harbid died in a statement calling him a “beloved martyr” who died “soldiering and performing his duties.”

The group wrote, “The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine and its military wing, Saraya al-Quds, mourned the martyr Commander Hussam Abu Harbid, ‘Abu Ubaida,’ the commander of the Northern Brigade in the Saraya al-Quds, who was martyred in the battle Sayf al-Quds [Sword of Jerusalem].”

Before Harbid’s death, Israel had taken out three other Islamic Jihad commanders, according to The Times of Israel.

Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are categorized as terrorist groups by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Israel, and several other countries.

The Israel Defense Forces conducted both the aforementioned missions — destroying the tunnels and killing Harbid — as part of a series of raids the country has been undertaking against Palestinian militant groups in Gaza who have waged a battle called “Sayf Al-Quds” or “Sword of Jerusalem” against Israel.

For weeks leading up to May 10, Palestinian militant groups, namely Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, have been coordinating with each other under a “Joint Operations Room” to attack Israel.

On May 10, just as Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day, the day when the city was reunited under Jewish control after 2,000 years, the terror groups fired a barrage of missiles targeting major parts of Israel, including Jerusalem, forcing several Israelis to run to bomb shelters as the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system worked overtime to protect the Holy Land.

While the groups had been firing missiles earlier into Israel in the weeks leading to May 10, the barrages that followed Jerusalem Day were bigger in number and have become a regular occurrence.

One can access data of Palestinian rocket fire and locations targeted through the Israeli missile-warning system Red Alerts – Cumta.

As of Monday, the rocket fire continues.

According to the most recent numbers, as of May 17, the Israel Defense Forces set the number of rockets fired towards Israel by Palestinian militants based and operating in the Gaza Strip to “approximately 3,350 rockets,” of which nearly “500 failed launches fell in the Gaza Strip.”

Many of these rockets have been intercepted by the Iron Dome missile-defense system at a 90 percent interception rate. If it were not for the Iron Dome, Israel might have seen a mass murder of its Jewish and Arab residents at the hands of Palestinian militants.

Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza have also caused multiple civilian casualties, in some cases wiping out entire families. Israel has been criticized for such a number of civilian deaths, which it says were unintended, as reported by Business Insider.

Multiple videos circulating on social media show children distressed by the airstrikes Israel has conducted on the Gaza Strip.

One video published by TRT World shows a father, now dead due to an Israeli airstrike, trying to calm his daughters who were playing with a toy until the noise of an Israeli warplane frightened them.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the conflict has resulted in 212 deaths, including 61 children, 36 women and 16 elderly people. In addition, roughly 1,400 civilians, including 400 children and 270 women, have been injured. However, it is important to note that the death count, excluding women, children and the elderly, also includes militants killed alongside civilian males.

It is also important to consider that not all of the missiles the militants fired made it across to Israel. Some of them fell within Gaza at risk of striking buildings there, injuring and killing civilians. A video the IDF released Thursday shows a Hamas rocket aimed at Israel misfiring and crashing in Gaza.

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Andrew Jose is a journalist covering business and finance, foreign policy and the aviation industry, among other beats.

Andrew Jose is a journalist covering business and finance, foreign policy and the aviation industry, among other beats. Besides The Western Journal, he regularly contributes to the Daily Caller and Airways Magazine, and has bylines in Lone Conservative and International Policy Digest. Speak to Andrew securely via


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CNN Contributor Booted from Network After Tweeting ‘The World Today Needs a Hitler’

CNN terminated its relationship with contributor Adeel Raja on Sunday after it was revealed that he had posted a series of anti-Semitic, pro-Adolf Hitler comments on social media.

Over the weekend, Raja, who is based in Pakistan, tweeted about Israel’s ongoing defense against Hamas terrorists by saying that “the world today needs a Hitler.”

He deleted the tweet, but journalist Jon Nicosia posted a screenshot of it.

This was far from the first time that the writer praised the Nazi dictator or supported the killing of Jews.

Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted screenshots of similar posts by Raja, including a statement alleging that he supported the German soccer team because of what Hitler did to the Jews, and another tweet that simply said, “Hail Hitler!”

For his part, Raja expressed no remorse about the tweets and celebrated CNN’s action as a rallying point for anti-Israel activists everywhere.

“Glad a single tweet contributed to the #Palestine cause and brought it to limelight with me [losing] my job and the West’s claim of Freedom of expression and human rights!” he tweeted Monday.

Many people no doubt will express shock and outrage over Raja’s tweets and his connection with CNN. The relationship is hardly surprising, however.

The American left makes no secret of its utterly contemptible anti-Semitism and its desire to see the Jewish state abolished in favor of the terroristic Hamas.

The Democrats’ most progressive wing, the so-called squad, is vitriolically anti-Semitic and has spent countless hours in the past weeks attempting to promote Hamas’ terrorism and delegitimize Jews’ right to exist and to have a state of their own.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib gave a speech last week in support of the so-called Free Palestine movement, where she equated Hamas’ brutal attacks on innocent civilians with the fight against racial injustice in the United States.

Footage of the event clearly showed Tlaib speaking in front of a banner promoting Neturei Karta, an extremist Jewish sect that believes Israel must be destroyed and that Jews must be prevented from governing a state until the Messiah comes.

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Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar matter-of-factly defended the terror attacks on Israeli civilians and argued that Israel’s attacks on Hamas were the real terror.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that Israel was an apartheid state and should not be considered a democracy.

Finally, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted a video of herself claiming that Israel was in fact a military occupation of Palestine.

The establishment media, meanwhile, continue to amplify their voices and issue broad and baseless claims that conservatives are somehow racist or inherently supportive of white supremacy.

The left is defending the bombing of Israel by terrorists who have called for a global jihad against Jews, and they are doing it by applying the horrifically racist logic of so-called antiracism that led to a year of brutal leftist violence across the nation.

As such, should anyone really be surprised that CNN was employing such an individual as Raja?

After all, it was just months ago that CNN technical director Charlie Chester plainly admitted that his network engages in Democratic Party “propaganda.”

Since anti-Semitism is the default view of the Democrats’ newest and most extreme wing, what more than anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda could one possibly expect from such an outlet?

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Andrew Thornebrooke is a writer specializing in foreign policy and national security. He is the executive editor of The Rearguard and a MA candidate in military history at Norwich University.

Andrew Thornebrooke is an American writer working at the crossroads of communications and policy advocacy. He is an expert in intranational conflict and national security.

He is the founder of The Rearguard, a weekly column dedicated to exploring issues of culture, defense, and security within the context of a receding Western Civilization.

Andrew is a MA candidate in military history at Norwich University where his research focuses on non-state military actors, partisanship, and the philosophy of war. A McNair Scholar and public speaker, he has presented research at several institutions including Cornell, Fordham, and the CUNY Graduate Center.

His bylines appear in numerous outlets including The Free-Lance Star, Independent Journal Review, InsideSources, The Lowell Sun, and The Western Journal.



Topics of Expertise

Defense; Military Affairs; National Security

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UFC Fighter Thanks Jesus Christ, Dedicates Victory to Victims of Marxist Ideologies

On Saturday night, Iranian-American lightweight fighter Beneil Dariush secured the biggest victory of his professional career by defeating fellow lightweight contender Tony Ferguson in a non-title fight that co-headlined UFC 262.

Dariush was named the victor in a unanimous decision from the judges, who all scored the fight 30-27.

During his post-fight interview in the octagon with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Dariush told the crowd at Houston’s Toyota Center that he was dedicating his win to the “millions” of victims of Marxist ideology around the world.

First, however, he expressed his gratitude to Jesus Christ.

“First things first, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that’s number one,” said the Iranian-born fighter, who is a devout Christian. Just moments prior, as the announcer named him the winner, his eyes had immediately lifted upward, indicating praise was, indeed, his first reaction.

“Number two,” he continued, “I want to dedicate this fight to all the people who’ve been hurt by Marxist ideologies. There are millions of you.”

“It’s just a fight, I know it’s not much, but I want you to know that I love you,” he continued. “And I understand the pain. I don’t completely understand, but I love you, and I understand your pain.”

Was Dariush’s statement bold?

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He followed up this sobering dedication by jokingly calling out Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“Joe, I want to call out your buddy, Elon. Elon Musk! Where is my wife’s car, bro? I’ve been waiting six months,” Dariush said, as Rogan laughed. “I’m having a baby. I need a big car. I need — I’ve got to protect my daughter. Let’s go, Elon, get me my car.”

He explained in a post-fight news conference that he had ordered a Tesla in December and was still waiting. Musk later replied on Twitter that it was coming soon and apologized for the delay, according to MMA Mania.

However, over in the Twitterverse, viewers seemed to think it was totally bizarre that Dariush slammed both Karl Marx, the forefather of communism, and Musk in the same post-fight interview.

This reaction is honestly a pretty sad commentary on our time. Dariush was certainly not exaggerating when he said there were “millions” of victims of Marxist ideology — he was likely not just talking about clueless millennials who think that universal health care or the Green New Deal are legitimately good ideas, although we can certainly pity them as well.

The Iranian native and devout Christian fighter was probably talking about the millions upon millions of people who lived through horrific oppression during the 20th and 21st centuries, including the estimated 100 million people who have been killed by regimes governing with Marxist ideals.

Dariush wasn’t calling out some irrelevant 19th-century philosopher, he was calling out a literally godless ideology that, despite its history of inspiring some of the most profound statist oppression the world has ever seen, is now incredibly chic in wealthy, Western and apparently very poorly educated countries today.

It’s so chic that Twitter users actually thought it was funny he made these comments — yet surely, no one would think it odd if he dedicated his fight to the victims of Nazism, would they?

Marxism is not a hip, cool idea nor is it obscure and random to criticize. It is arguably just as — if not more — pervasive than it has ever been around the globe, and millions of people around the world, from China to Cuba to Venezuela and North Korea, are still suffering under its influences.

Dariush, as it happens, has lived in the United States since he was a child, but has also spent quite a bit of time serving in charities in places such as Haiti and the Philippines.

A quick perusal of his social media timeline reveals a man who is clearly driven by his faith. He understands the power that ideas can have and took the opportunity following the biggest win of his career to lift up the saving power of his Lord Jesus Christ and to reach out to those who have suffered under the tyranny of statists.

We need much, much more of this kind of boldness. The fight against Marxism is one that begins with the recognition of Christ as Lord and of mankind’s likeness in the image of God. There is a reason that Marxist governments like the Soviet Union and Chinese Communist Party have so antagonized Christianity, as its morals completely undermine the materialistic state worship that is essential to justify communist rule.

It was a truly bold move to call out the Marxist agenda in such plain terms, and we can never hope to prevent its toxic influence within our own culture if we are not also willing to be so bold.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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Biden administration allows illegal immigrants to access federal housing aid

The Biden administration will not require beneficiaries of a massive federal emergency housing initiative to prove that they are legal residents of the country, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge announced Monday.

The department announced last month that it would dole out $5 billion in American Rescue Plan funds to help communities address homelessness by providing affordable housing and services. But the funds will not be specially earmarked for American citizens or otherwise legal residents; rather, illegal aliens may soon benefit from the money as well.

According to the Washington Times, when asked if the administration would implement a policy similar to one pursued under former President Trump to make sure only American citizens receive housing aid, Fudge replied, "The answer is no."

"We are doing everything we can possibly to take any living person in this nation off the streets," she reportedly added. "That’s kind of our posture."

The news is sure to spark criticism from conservatives especially amid the ongoing immigration crisis as unprecedented numbers of migrants surge into the country illegally in expectation of lenient treatment from the new administration under President Joe Biden. As a result of the crisis, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have reportedly been released directly into the country, presumably without court dates.

In 2019, during Trump’s presidency, then-HUD Secretary Ben Carson proposed tightening regulations to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving federally subsidized housing aid.

At the time, Carson argued the federal government needed to "make certain our scarce public resources help those who are legally entitled to it.

"Given the overwhelming demand for our programs, fairness requires that we devote ourselves to legal residents who have been waiting, some for many years, for access to affordable housing," he added, according to the Washington Post.

That same sentiment, however, is not shared by officials within the Biden administration.

In a follow-up news release issued on Monday, Fudge announced that her department plans to send 70,000 housing choice vouchers to at least 750 local public housing authorities across the country. The initiative aims to provide some 130,000 households with safe, quality housing.

"While most of us spent more time in our homes than we ever have, more than half a million Americans had to spend the last year either in crowded shelters or sleeping outside," Fudge said in a statement. "With HUD’s swift allocation of this $5 billion in American Rescue Plan funding, we are providing communities the resources to give homes to the people who have had to endure the COVID-19 pandemic without one."

via Conservative Review

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Supreme Court Unanimously Rebuffs Biden Administration On Warrantless Searches For Handguns

Supreme Court Unanimously Rebuffs Biden Administration On Warrantless Searches For Handguns

By Matthew Vadum of Epoch Times

The Supreme Court unanimously rejected Biden administration arguments in a case from Rhode Island that police should be allowed to enter homes without a warrant to seize handguns.

The ruling in the case, Caniglia v. Strom, court file 20-157, came May 17.

Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America and the affiliated Gun Owners Foundation, praised the new decision.

“The Supreme Court today smacked down the hopes of gun grabbers across the nation,” Pratt said.

“The Michael Bloombergs of the world would have loved to see the Supreme Court grant police the authority to confiscate firearms without a warrant. But the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Fourth Amendment protections in the Bill of Rights protect gun owners from such invasions into their homes.”

Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, is an activist and major funder of gun-control groups.

The case came before the high court for oral argument two months ago as President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats began pressing for aggressive new restrictions on Second Amendment gun ownership rights, including controversial “red flag” laws, which allow gun seizures from law-abiding gun owners with limited due process, in the wake of highly publicized deadly mass shootings in March at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket and at Atlanta-area spas.

Police generally cannot conduct searches of private property without consent or a warrant.

In Cady v. Dombrowski the Supreme Court held in 1973 that police may conduct warrantless searches related to “community caretaking functions,” but only for “vehicle accidents.” Since then, the principle has become “a catchall for a wide range of responsibilities that police officers must discharge aside from their criminal enforcement activities,” the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals stated in the Caniglia case.

The community caretaking doctrine holds that police don’t always operate as law enforcement officials investigating wrongdoing, but sometimes as caretakers to prevent harm in emergency situations.

Edward Caniglia has no criminal history and no record of violence. He had been married to his wife for 22 years when, on Aug. 20, 2015, they had a disagreement inside their Cranston, Rhode Island, home.

The argument escalated. He produced an unloaded gun and said, “Why don’t you just shoot me and get me out of my misery?”

Worried he might be suicidal, his wife asked police to conduct a welfare check. The husband went to a local hospital briefly after police assured him they wouldn’t take his two handguns.

After he left, they seized his guns without a warrant, telling the wife his life and others could be in danger if they left the guns in the home. The police refused to return the weapons and Caniglia sued, arguing the community caretaking exception should not apply inside “the home–the most protected of all private spaces.”

During telephonic oral arguments March 24, Department of Justice lawyer Morgan Ratner supported the city of Cranston’s position, arguing police have to be free to act in potential emergencies.

“Although there have been a lot of questions this morning about whether this is emergency aid or exigent circumstances or community caretaking or something else, the label you give it is not nearly as important as the principle. And the key principle is if someone is at risk of serious harm and it’s reasonable for officials to intervene now, that is enough,” Ratner said.

Writing the Supreme Court’s short, 4-page opinion in the case, Justice Clarence Thomas noted the Cady v. Dombrowski precedent, which he indicated applied to police “responding to disabled vehicles or investigating accidents.”

“The question today is whether Cady’s acknowledgment of these ‘caretaking’ duties creates a standalone doctrine that justifies warrantless searches and seizures in the home,” Thomas wrote.

“It does not,” he added.

Thomas wrote that the federal district court ruled in favor of the police and the 1st Circuit expanded on this, stating that police “often have noncriminal reasons to interact with motorists” on public highways. The appeals court “extrapolated” from the Cady ruling “a freestanding community-caretaking exception that applies to both cars and homes.”

The appeals court’s community caretaking rule “goes beyond anything this Court has recognized,” Thomas wrote.

The acknowledgement that “police officers perform many civic tasks in modern society was just that—a recognition that these tasks exist, and not an open-ended license to perform them anywhere.”

In a separate concurring opinion, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the Supreme Court is “properly reject[ing] the broad ‘community caretaking’ theory.”

At the same time, he noted that the case implicates “another body of law that petitioner glossed over: the so-called ‘red flag’ laws that some States are now enacting.”

Such laws, he wrote, “enable the police to seize guns pursuant to a court order to prevent their use for suicide or the infliction of harm on innocent persons.”

Although this particular decision does not address those issues, “provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us.”

At press time, Acting U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar and Marc DeSisto, attorney for Cranston, had not responded to requests for comment from The Epoch Times.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/17/2021 – 17:50

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Liberal Knitting Company Is Selling Penis Prosthetics For ‘Transgender’ Children 

A liberal knitting group called Stitchbug Studio is selling knitted penis prosthetics known as “soft packers” for children, noting that they serve the “trans and non-binary community.”

“Bitty Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer in youth sizes, made from soft durable yarn and polyester filling,” the description of the product reads. “It is easy to wear pinned to underclothes or tucked in a packing pouch, and can be felt by the wearer without being visible externally (shown in a pair of undies to demonstrate).”

“Silicone prosthetics do not come in sizes appropriate for smaller bodies,” the site notes, “and can create unsightly and age-inappropriate shape. The Bitty Bug® is lightweight, comfortable, low maintenance, and can be tossed in the washing machine.”

Though the “Bitty Bug® soft packer” is made for children, the company says they also make “the Lil’ Bug® and Lil’ Bug Jr.® in sizes suitable for teens and adults.”

In a “note” to their customers, Stitchbug Studio emphasizes that the Bitty Bug® soft packer is not for “infants or very young children,” though they are for “youths” and “trans youngsters”:

This product is not for infants or very young children. There has been some confusion for those who are not aware of what some trans youths go through and how prosthetics can help their experience. Thank you to the parents out there who support your trans youngsters, and we are honored to be a small part of their process.

“Stitchbug Studio is committed to serving the trans and non-binary community,” the site adds. “I will make these for any trans person (or parent of a trans child) who needs one, no questions asked. Just send us an email for a custom order and we will work with you to make sure your child has the gender affirming products they need!”

Stitchbug Studio also links to their creators: owner and designer B Amborn, owner and chief designer and digitizer Ruth Rigney, and artist Sharon Belknap.


Left-wing activists have increasingly pushed transgenderism onto children.

Dr. Rachel Levine, tapped as President Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has expressly stated support for the use of puberty blockers and the medical transition of minors. The Daily Wire reported:

Levine has spoken publicly about support for the medical transition of minors and the use of puberty blockers for children who “just start puberty” as a way to make sure they don’t “go through the wrong puberty.”

… [In 2017,] Levine spoke about past patients, including a 16-year-old boy who “always felt female.” The minor was directed to counseling, given hormones, and transitioned. Likewise, another patient of Levine’s, a 17-year-old girl who “always felt male,” went through the same medical process and transitioned to the male gender.

Pre-pubescent children do not receive medical treatment, Levine said. But as soon as a gender confused child starts puberty, they could be given puberty blockers so they “never go through the wrong puberty.”

At around ages 14-16, Levine said, minors can start cross-gender hormones.

Most surgical treatments start at age 18, added Levine, carving out some exceptions for surgical transitions at an earlier age.

Related: Yes, Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Puberty Blockers, Medical Transition Of Minors

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4th Grader Roasts Teacher On Wearing Masks During Classes At Emergency Board Meeting (VIDEO)

One 4th grader is gaining lots of attention on social media after giving his reasons to end the mask mandate at an emergency board meeting. There are less than 12 days of the school year remaining but leaders voted 4-1 to make masks optional beginning June 1 which is after the current school year ending date.

Martin County School District in Florida, voted to keep the mask mandate for its final 12 days of school and after June 1, masks will be optional for graduation ceremonies and during summer school.

10-year-old John stood in front of Martin County board members sharing how he expected school to be different at the beginning of the year but not that things would stay the same all year long.

“I was surprised by the rules. A lot of them didn’t make any sense to me, like the fact that we were not allowed to play on the playground or have student council or turn to face each other at lunch. And we also have to wear masks outside at PE and on track,” John shared.

John shared how he loves his school but teachers yell at students for having masks down to drink water even though they are outside in the ‘car line.’

“I love my school and all, but my teachers seem really stressed and that makes me feel bad. One teacher walks around with a clipboard full of referrals for any student whose mask isn’t on properly. It makes me feel scared. That same teacher yells at us having our mask down to drink water while we are outside in the car line,” the 4th grader shared.

“She told us we had to wait until we were in her parents’ car to have a drink of water. She had her mask down the entire time while she was yelling at us, which makes me and all my friends very mad. This happens a lot.” John also shared.

4th Grader Learns The Meaning Of Hypocrisy 

“And it seems unfair teachers take their masks off while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up. I asked my mom if there is a word for this and she said there is, hypocrisy,” the 4th grader called out the teacher.

“Wearing a mask all day makes me feel really tired and gives me really bad headaches. Sometimes I’m in school and I need to lay low in the dark until they’re gone. My mask also sticks to my face when it’s hot and it makes it hard to breathe. I feel like I can’t catch my breath and that makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious. It’s really stressful,” John stated.

Some parents also shared their thoughts at the meeting about making masks optional.

We have a little over two weeks left of school, I’m asking you to please let the children see the faces of their classmates and the emotions of their classmates again. Children are in the middle of a long testing period. I ask that you allow them to do it without a mask. I have a fifth-grader and an eighth-grader that would be participating in moving up ceremonies. And I am asking that you allowed to let them do that without a mask,” one parent emotionally shared.

“As the year has progressed and we’ve collected more data and a better understanding of the virus, I believe there is absolutely no reason for my child to be wearing a mask in school, certainly not a mask outdoors in the Florida heat,” said Tiffany Williams, a parent in Martin County, WPBF reported.

Watch 4th Grader Roasts Teacher On Wearing Masks Below:


The post 4th Grader Roasts Teacher On Wearing Masks During Classes At Emergency Board Meeting (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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