China Reveals Chilling New Radar to Target F-35s

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China has announced that the 14th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation has successfully developed the country’s first quantum radar system allowing them to be able to detect stealth fighter jets like the F-35. This is scary.

According to The Global Times,  the announcement came from Xinhua News Agency. “The system, which is based on the technology of single photon detection, counts as yet another major milestone for China in quantum research,” it stated.

This is a pretty huge announcement for the country, and if it is true it would mean China has truly reached a new level of technological advancement. As Popular Mechanics reported, “The radar can allegedly detect objects at range of up to 62 miles. If true, this would greatly diminish the value of so-called “stealth” aircraft, including the B-2 and F-22 Raptor fighter.”

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“Quantum radar is based on the theory of quantum entanglement and the idea that two different particles can share a relationship with one another to the point that, by studying one particle, you can learn things about the other particle—which could be miles away. These two particles are said to be ‘entangled’,” the outlet explained.

The announcement stated that the radar detection system was created by the Intelligent Perception Technology Laboratory of CTEC, adding that experiments were conducted using the quantum detection technology and testing target scattering characterization.

During those experiments, which were conducted in a “real atmospheric environment,” the system was able to detect the target from over 100 kilometers away.

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What is even more frightening: once the target has been detected and the missile is locked, even a stealth aircraft could be destroyed.

“The quantum radar can easily detect stealth aircraft and is highly resistant to becoming jammed. Military experts have stated that once a stealth aircraft is located by the radar, it stands little chance to escape the strikes of air defense missiles.

Much skepticism remains in whether China is really able to use this technology outside of the lab experiments. According to Popular Mechanics, a physicist at Nanjing University in China was quoted as saying that, “Serious technical challenges had long confined quantum radar technology to the laboratory.”

We sincerely hope it stays there, and at the very least we better start working on a way to combat it in the off-chance that it ever does see the light of day.

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The word “stealth” would cease to have any meaning should this technology ever be implemented in actual warfare.

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