THANK THE HEAVENS: Pelosi Says She’s Not Going Anywhere

Nancy Pelosi, the gift that keeps on giving, has not relented with her generosity and vows to continue gracing all of us with her presence in politics for many years to come.

Since Hillary lost the presidency to Donald Trump last year, much of the Democratic base has been calling for Pelosi to step down from her position as House Minority Leader. Just earlier this month, Rep. Linda Sanchez called for the resignation of Pelosi and other Democratic leaders to make way for some young blood. Up-and-coming Democrats have also made ousting Pelosi one of the focal points of their campaings for Congress.

Thankfully, Pelosi has not caved to the pressure and has vowed to fight on, even though her approval rating stands at a dismal 8% and is basically a treasure trove of butts for political jokes. Her reason for staying: she’s a woman.

“I was ready to go if Hillary won,” Pelosi said, but then asserted the need to “have a woman at the top of the table, protecting the Affordable Care Act, which is to me similar to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.”

Earlier in the month, Pelosi also said the Democratic Party has no divisions in their ranks.

“There is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening to the Republican party,” she said. “Our party has always been a dynamic party. It is not a rubber stamp. It’s alway been a dynamic party.That’s the vitality of it.You can name one or two people that want me to step down and I can name you an overwhelming number of people in my caucus.”

63 House Democrats voted to potentially oust her from her leadership position last November in 2016.

Pelosi also denied earlier this month that any culture war exists in the United States, as if all those anti-abortion protests, calls for religious freedom protections, and wishes that our kids be left alone in the bathroom corresponding to their gender was just a made-up fantasy.

“Well, I don’t really subscribe to the fact that there’s a cultural war going on in our country,” she said. “There are divisions. There are disagreements and the rest. I think there’s plenty of opportunity to bring people together.”

via Daily Wire

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