Wal-Mart Latest Corporation to Quash Fight for $15 as the Droids Get Rolled Out

A plethora of Democrats led by Bernie Sanders have been able to dupe unskilled, uneducated fast food and retail workers into believing that they will be getting a $15 an hour minimum wage in exchange for their votes but businesses are fighting back.

The useful idiots who are salivating over Bernie’s free stuff society have only been setting themselves up for a big fall due to their inability to think outside the socialist box and understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Fast food corporations are rushing to implement automation to get out in front of any national wage hike if Dems ever regain control of the government and now the nation’s biggest brick and mortar retailer is doing likewise.

In a trial run that provides a glimpse into the future, Wal-Mart is introducing motorized droids in 50 stores beginning this year. If successful, the robots will lead to staff cuts, heading off the increased costs that would result from the higher minimum wage.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports “Robots to work in 50 Wal-Marts, including several in Arkansas”:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. customers in a few Arkansas stores will soon cross paths with robots roaming the aisles.

The Bentonville company said it will begin using autonomous devices in about 50 stores next month that are programmed to scan store shelves and identify things like out-of-stock items or products incorrectly priced or placed in the wrong spaces. Wal-Mart stores in Searcy, Sherwood and Pine Bluff will be among the first to introduce the robots beginning in early November, according to the company. A Wal-Mart store in Rogers will have a robot early next year.

The 50-store trial is an extension of a test first conducted in Pennsylvania as the retailer explores ways to use technology to improve its operations. John Crecelius, Wal-Mart U.S. vice president of central operations, said the expansion will give the company a chance to collect and analyze additional data as the robots take on tasks typically done by employees.

“If you think about trying to go through a facility with all these different [items] and figure out if your prices are accurate, it can be very time-consuming,” Crecelius said. “Then to try to figure out what to do about it. Imagine how much time you’ve lost in doing all that.”

The robots being tested as a possible solution were produced by California-based Bossa Nova Robotics. Martin Hitch, the company’s chief business officer, said Bossa Nova has been developing the technology for five years and began a partnership with Wal-Mart about three years ago.

A robot will be kept at a recharging station in a selected store and will move into action when it receives a “mission” like scanning aisles to locate inaccurately priced items. The information collected will be relayed to employees, who then will determine how to prioritize and correct any problems that it finds. Hitch said the information will give department managers and other employees “visibility across the entire department before they start the day.”

The entire story can be read HERE.

In a nutshell, the Bernie-bots aren’t being told the truth that the $15 an hour minimum wage will only lead to fewer jobs and in many cases, higher prices that will hurt low-wage workers. In a way it is an appropriate punishment for their stupidity for allowing themselves to be hoodwinked by the Democrats.

This trend is not going to reverse itself either so those activists who think that they are actually accomplishing something by protesting would be better served if they spend their time earning a trade or enlisting in the military to get some discipline, experience, and marketable skills.

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