British Counter-Terror Police Brought In To Help Tackle Militant Vegans

Sad day when a British citizen can’t handle a bunch of soy boys.

Via Daily Mail:

Counter-terrorism police have been called in to help protect people working in the meat industry from increasingly extreme protests by militant vegans.

Farms, abattoirs and factories have been subjected to vandalism, and owners and staff sent death threats during an alarming increase in incidents.

In one case, protesters accused Jewish workers at a kosher abattoir of being ‘Nazis’.

Police already have a long history of dealing with animal-rights activists who target those involved in the meat industry. But now officers are concentrating on vegans.

The vegan food industry has seen a rapid growth in popularity, with leading supermarkets now stocking vegan ranges.

The market is estimated to be worth £443 million in Britain alone. But a minority of vegan campaigners want the UK to become a meat-free society and are going to extreme lengths to achieve their goal.

The National Pig Association and the British Poultry Council are among the organisations being advised by specialist police.

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