WATCH: NRA Releases Video Targeting Socialist Politicians: They Think They Are The ‘Protected Class’

The National Rifle Association, fed-up with politicians, both Democrats and independents, championing socialism, released a video in which the NRA points out that those who wish to redistribute financial resources economically also wish to redistribute American freedoms, including guns.

The video begins by stating, “When elitist politicians refuse to stand and clap as our President declares that America will never be a socialist country, here is what they’re really saying: that they believe in the redistribution of your freedoms, to them. That only they deserve to feel safe and secure. We don’t. Because in the eyes of America’s socialist leaders they, and they alone, are the protected class.

The NRA then named some names, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to California senator Kamala Harris to California governor Gavin Newsom to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY):

It’s why Nancy Pelosi can in the morning, say that a border wall is immoral and tell law-abiding Americans that you shouldn’t own guns. And then at night, sleep soundly in a home protected by walls and, of course, Secret Service agents with guns. Because for Nancy Pelosi, she is the protected class. And we are not.

It’s why Michael Bloomberg funds politicians and extremist organizations that do whatever they can to block school safety measures. That fight against the right of teachers to train and arm themselves so that they may defend children from a potential killer. And then use children as political pawns in the aftermath of a massacre, never admitting the reason our schools are still soft targets is the result of their political anti-gun, anti-NRA stance. Because for Michael Bloomberg, he and his children are the protected class, while we and our children, are not.

It’s why Kamala Harris has the audacity to compare ICE agents to the Ku Klux Klan. Its why she wants to ban your semi-automatic firearms. Yet she’s lived for decades in a state protected by ICE agents. Now she works in the United States Senate, government buildings protected by the very firearms she insists you don’t deserve. Because for Kamala Harris, she is the protected class. And we are not.

Socialist arrogance is why Gavin Newsom is disarming law-abiding Californians by any means necessary, while he opens the doors of his state to illegal aliens, giving drug dealers, rapists and murders sanctuary. Sanctuary everywhere in California except at his doorstep, where he is protected, again, by walls and guns. Because for Gavin Newsom, he is the protected class. And we are not.

It’s why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to disarm hard-working Americans, while giving those “unwilling to work” our money. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Saul Alinsky in a pant suit, who calls the firearms that protect our families weapons of war. While she smiles and pushes the same socialist disarmament policies that have led to war in the streets of Venezuela. Because for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she is the protected class. And we are not.

The video continues:

These people are just the first drops of rain in the coming the socialist storm. A movement of elitists who want to force you to abandon your freedom for the false promise of free stuff. These are the people who want to disarm you. Guns in the hands of good people equals power. Power they want to take from you and harness for themselves. But here is my guarantee: they will fail. America will never be a socialist country.

After claiming that the NRA will defend Americans from a government that might grab their firearms, the video concludes, “Join our fight against this socialist storm. Stand on the frontlines with us. And together, we will protect this country from the arrogant protected class that tries to tear it apart.”

Video below:

via Daily Wire

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