Grandma Pumps Bad Guy Full of Lead After He Breaks into Home with Her 3 Grandkids Present

This handgun might have saved the home.

An Arizona woman fended off a man who assaulted her husband after knocking on the door of their home and demanding money on March 21, a local sheriff’s office reported.

Instead of money, the intruder got at least one bullet in his body — and a likely prison term in his future.

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, events unfolded when a man identified as Gregory Hardy, 42, knocked on the door of the woman’s home around 7:30 p.m. and demanded money.

The woman who answered the door refused and a confrontation ensued. When the woman’s husband came to her aid, the two men started to struggle, according to the sheriff’s office.

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That’s when the woman, a grandmother, got her handgun and demanded that Hardy leave, the sheriff’s office reported.

“Instead, Hardy advanced toward her,” the media release states. “In fear of her life and that of her husband’s, she fired a couple of times, striking Hardy at least once in the lower body.”

But it wasn’t over yet.

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“Even then, Hardy did not immediately retreat, but eventually fled and left in a vehicle waiting outside,” the sheriff’s release stated. “He was later located at a nearby home where he had collapsed.”

He was taken to a hospital, with injuries that were “not life-threatening,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Well, it’s good to know the injuries weren’t “life-threatening,” but it’s important to remember that Hardy could well have been “life-threatening” himself if this courageous woman hadn’t been armed the way she was.

The release doesn’t give her age or that of her husband, but considering that the couple had three young grandchildren in the home with them — ages 3, 5, and 12 — it’s a good bet they were older than Hardy’s 42.

(According to the release, the grandchildren’s parents were also in the home, but details are sketchy.)

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The woman’s heroics got plenty of plaudits on social media.

“Another example of a legal gun owner protecting what precious, life and property,” one Twitter user posted. “And we don’t need guns?!?”

That’s the big question.

Either ill-informed or ill-intentioned, gun-grabbing liberals think Americans should not have a right to protect themselves in a hard old world — the kind of world where a knock on the door on an Arizona evening can turn pretty quickly into an attempted home invasion, one where small children may be present and vulnerable to harm.

That means women, the elderly and the very young would be at the mercy of physically stronger men who might decide they want to take money or other more precious things.

But when a potential victim is armed — as this grandmother was — the tables are turned. The physical strength of an aggressive criminal is negated by the “great equalizer” of a loaded gun.

And suddenly, an apparently vulnerable woman doesn’t look like a victim after all.

According to the sheriff’s office report, Hardy is facing charges of robbery, trespassing, disorderly conduct and burglary.

As one Twitter user pointed out, he’s lucky he isn’t facing a funeral.

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