GASLIGHT: Spanish-Language Media OMIT Antifa From Coverage of Portland Murder

Spanish-language media, in furtherance of an agenda that necessitates the removal of Donald Trump from office, are now actively gaslighting their viewers regarding the ongoing violence in Democrat-run cities. In so doing, they scrubbed any mention of Antifa from their coverage of the murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon.
Watch below as Telemundo anchor Vanessa Hauc framed the shooting as the result of “violent clashes between Black Lives Matter activists and supporters of President Donald Trump”:
VANESSA HAUC, TELEMUNDO ANCHOR: And these gunshots brought a tragic end to an evening of protests in Portland, Oregon- a city that for over 100 days has endured protests against police brutality after the death of George Floyd. 
After the sound of gunfire, a man falls to the floor. His death occurs in the wake of violent clashes between Black Lives Matter activists and supporters of President Donald Trump, and in the midst of the racial tension currently gripping the country.
The two-minute report that followed was no better, and neither was Univision’s account of the murder. Both networks did, however, uncritically amplify remarks by Portlandia mayor Ted Wheeler- and echoed his and other Democrats’ adjudication of blame to President Donald Trump for the violence in Portland. Univision pushed Joe Biden’s remarks on the matter, while neglecting to mention that running mate Kamala Harris was until recently urging supporters to help fund bail for violent protesters, and just last week said the violence “won’t stop”. 
None of these reports mentioned Antifa’s role in the murder, or in violent protests in cities like Portland and Washington, D.C. In effect, the networks defaulted to lazy “Orange Man Bad” framing of an extremely dangerous situation, thus gaslighting their public.
It’s no wonder that viewers of Univision and Telemundo are in open revolt. 
This act of deception was brought to you by Verizon. Be sure to let them know what you think about the media’s continued gaslighting of the public.

via NewsBusters – Exposing Liberal Media Bias

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