“I Hope They Die” – Trump’s Critics Celebrate News Of COVID-19 Diagnosis

"I Hope They Die" – Trump’s Critics Celebrate News Of COVID-19 Diagnosis

Tyler Durden

Fri, 10/02/2020 – 07:24

Update (0845ET): It was only a matter of time before somebody pointed out Twitter’s hypocrisy as the social media platform has left thousands of tweets wishing death on the president standing.

Many are blatant violations of Twitter’s terms of service.

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As we mentioned earlier, President Trump’s tweet announcing his and First Lady Melania Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was his most liked, and most shared, tweet ever, according to analytics shared by Axios.

The tweet, which was sent at 12:54 am on Friday, chalked up record tallies while most of America was asleep, meaning it will likely be remembered as Trump’s most popular tweet ever. Judging by the reaction in the polls seen when the leaders of Canada and Great Britain came down with COVID-19, a diagnosis actually could help improve Trump’s popularity by making him more sympathetic.

Of course, Trump’s political opponents are fixated on Trump’s distaste for social distancing norms. Though President Trump and Joe Biden notably didn’t shake hands at the outset of the debate, Trump defended his decision to continue holding large rallies on the campaign trail, and also mocked Biden for wearing a mask every time he appears on TV. Those clips have been playing in a non-stop loop across cable news.

Self-styled "journalists" and "politicians" tweeted crude jokes, or even went so far as to claim they were praying for both the president and First Lady to succumb to their infections.

Hu Xijin, a top mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China, implied that the president deserved to be infected due to his "gamble" to play down the coronavirus, a comment that was first reported by Bob Woodward during the reporting on his book "Rage".

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have yet to weigh in, and VP Mike Pence has yet to confirm whether he has been tested since Trump’s last test came back positive.

But as the reactions to Trump’s condition grow increasingly spiteful and acrimonious, Paul Joseph Watson and Summit News have gathered some of the most egregious comments.

CNN put the icing on the cake by turning the fearmongering up to "11".

Trump never called the virus itself a "hoax" (though he did suggest the media was overplaying it) and he never said Americans should inject bleach. But both of these ‘conspiracy theories’ have apparently stuck.

One ER doc repeated Joe Biden’s line blaming Trump for all 200k+ COVID-19 deaths.

One Twitter user argued that "the Simpsons" may have predicted Trump’s demise.

Still, not every reporter was completely devoid of class. One former Bloomberg scribe tweeted they wished both the president and the First Lady well.

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