Activists Demand Release Of Elderly Patient From Hospital

Two live-streamed social media videos released on Jan. 29 show a young woman, Kelli Stewart, telling the story of Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, WA, whose staff were allegedly holding an elderly woman “against her will because she would not Covid test.” The 74-year-old woman, Gayle Meyer, had been admitted to the hospital on Jan. 28 by her daughter, Satin, because of a urinary tract infection. According to Satin, Myer has brain cancer, memory loss and was asymptomatic for Covid-19. Satin is her mother’s caregiver and has power of attorney. Stewart filmed Satin and a small group of people for over two hours. In parts of the video, she provocatively narrates the evening events, now posted on the Ammon Bundy YouTube channel.

The Clark County Sheriff’s office released a statement explaining their view of the evening’s events and accompanying timeline. While the report says that some protesters had weapons and gas masks, no participants in the live-stream are shown with those items. The full statement is below:

Clark County Sheriff Statement/Legacy Hill Incident/Jan. 29

Stewart is allegedly a leader in the Peoples Rights Group/Area Four of Washington state, a grassroots organization formed “to defend yourself, your family, and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.” She has led several grassroots efforts to fight Covid-related restrictions.

Stewart is also allegedly a member of the Three Percent of Washington group, whose members are known as Threepers. The term Threeper is based on an inaccurate historical claim that only three percent of Americans fought in the Revolutionary War against the British. She has also worked with the Patriot Prayer group run by Joey Gibson. Facebook removed the group in September after Gibson was connected with unrest in Portland, claiming Gibson was part of a “violent right-wing militia.” Gibson was one of six men arrested in May of 2019 for fighting with Antifa in Portland’s Cider Riot. Gibson filed a lawsuit on Sept. 11, 2020.

Vancouver, WA

Stewart has appeared as a speaker for several events, including one over the summer involving the case of a local pet groomer, Kelly Carroll, who is also seen in the crowd at the hospital. Carroll had opened her new PetBiz dog grooming business in March and re-opened it in May in defiance of state COVID-19 “Stay Home, Stay Safe” restrictions. On May 29, Carroll was charged with violating an emergency order and faced up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Gibson and Stewart held a rally during the summer for Carroll, whose charges were eventually dropped by Clark County.

The live-stream video shows Stewart waiting outside the hospital for a crowd “to build” online so that she can get the “message out there” that an elderly woman is being held as a “medical hostage” at the hospital. Satin also seems to be a member of the activist group.

When Satin arrived at the hospital on Friday to discharge her mother, they would not allow Satin to take her mother home. Stewart reports that the hospital has locked its doors and placed police at the entrances. The hospital had initiated its Code Silver lockdown procedure. Code Silver means that a violent situation is unfolding and/or someone is on the loose with a weapon.

Stewart shows deputies at the door refusing to allow Satin to complete discharge papers for her mother. She says that local carriers are blocking her text messages. As a group of people assembles, Stewart repeatedly says that the behavior of the officials present is “wicked and disgusting,” calling the sheriffs inside the “hired security guards for the medical establishment.” She makes several calls to go to the Peoples Rights channel on Telegram, saying she needs “all hands on deck.” She also asks viewers to call Legacy Salmon Creek hospital to demand Meyer be released.

Satin speaks with the sheriffs outside about her mother’s 24-hour quarantine and they are seen explaining the hospital policy to her. Stewart interjects, saying, “it sounds like the police have the power of attorney now.” Stewart tells the viewers that the police went to talk with Myer without her medical advocate present. She then returns to the crowd at the entrance and reports that the “police went to talk to Gayle without Satin there and Gayle said to the police, ‘if the police say that I need to say, I do but if they say that if I don’t, then I don’t.’” As Stewart is standing at the door with the crowd, she says, “this is why you don’t call 9/11,” and as staff enters the hospital, Stewart loudly admonishes, “Be careful in there. They kidnap people, be safe.”

Satin and Stewart/YouTube Capture

About 38 minutes into the live-stream, Satin becomes increasingly frustrated and is seen shouting through the glass doors to the security and police inside. She tells them that she has her doctor on the phone who has ordered a prescription for antibiotics for her mom and has approved her release. She says that no one in the hospital has called her to tell her what is going on with her mother. Stewart chants, “this is kidnapping and Satin needs in” in the background. Satin attempts to enter through the automatic doors as staff enters. Then, one of the two sheriffs standing at the entrance reaches through the gap in the doors, grabs Satin’s sweatshirt collar at her throat, and pushes her back out into the small external lobby area. At that point, the crowd begins to scream, and a young, bearded man steps forward while yelling at the sheriffs and attempts to force open the inner automatic doors. As he begins to force himself through, one of the sheriffs pulls out a can of what looks like pepper spray and sprays it in the face of the young man. At that point, the crowd begins to yell and scream at the Sheriffs inside.

Satin finally gets her mom on the phone and begins to negotiate her mother’s release. Meanwhile, Stewart begins to taunt the police outside. She says that the “police don’t care” and just “do what they are told.” She states that Clark county should cut its law enforcement budget, telling them:

“You guys think we are ever going to trust you guys again?… When you guys come around now, I grab my kids closer, and I tell them, you guys stand back because we don’t know what they are going to do. They might think we moved funny, and they might shoot…they will kill you.” She then singles out one of the younger officers and says, “That dude right there has mental problems. Be careful of him, guys. He wants to shoot somebody. He’s arrogant and really trigger happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is who shot Kevin Peterson, Jr.,who was fatally shot by the Clark County police while during an arranged drug deal. She adds that citizens don’t get to be armed. “You can’t open carry because they get nervous if people are equally armed.” 

Police Outside Hospital

There are two live stream videos, and when combined, the videos are over two hours from the beginning of the first one to the end of the second. Meyer is finally released toward the end of the second hour.

Stewart then announces she is holding a blue line flag burning party in an hour. By this time, a large crowd represented by children and adults has assembled, and several from the crowd tell the officers they should be ashamed. Toward the end, Stewart and several in her “army of angels” celebrate their victory, questioning why the hospital didn’t let Satin in to see her mother from the beginning.

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