Michael Moore DEMANDS Mar-A-Lago Be Used As A Hurricane Shelter — But It’s Under Evacuation

Filmmaker and, now, star of his own one-man show on Broadway that is inspiring tens of people to become part of the anti-Trump resistance, took minutes out of his busy schedule Saturday night to suggest that Donald Trump open his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, as a hurricane shelter for those escaping Irma’s wrath.

There’s only one problem: Palm Beach, Florida is currently being lashed by 130 mile per hour winds and torrential rain as Irma’s eye makes landfall on mainland Florida. Although Irma moved to the west late Friday, South Beach, Miami, and Palm Beach are all being pounded by what appears to be a category 4 storm — and that includes Donald Trump’s Palm Beach golf club.

Mar-a-Lago is in the mandatory evacuation zone, so please don’t listen to Michael Moore; take a look at a map of Florida and head north.

Now, if you’re looking for a cushy place to crash during the hurricane, Michael Moore does own nine properties, none of which happen to be in a hurricane evacuation zone (most are in either Michigan or New York City). Since he’s clearly not using all nine of them, perhaps he could open up one or two of his extraneous properties to hurricane refugees.

via Daily Wire

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