Newsflash To Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz: You’re NOT An Oppressed Victim

Facts: Not a single man, woman or child in the domestic USA or its unincorporated territories is being actively oppressed by the government or society at large.

Many are suffering because of either their personal choices or unfortunate circumstances — newsflash: life isn’t fair — but they’re not being oppressed, period. Yet many feel otherwise. Why?

In a piece for Townhall, John Hawkins rightly noted it takes a “stunning level of self-absorption and self-deception … to believe you’re oppressed in America.”

Especially in light of all the actual oppression occurring across the world in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Venezuela, you name it.

“Oppression is worrying that you may be jailed in China for speaking out against the government,” Hawkins explained. “Oppression is eating your dog in North Korea because the dictator running the country with an iron fist is just fine with you starving to death. Oppression is Christians across the Middle East being systematically murdered because of their religion while their Muslim rulers shrug their shoulders.”

Correct on all counts.

So instead of legions of oppressed, what we really have here in the states are “an awful lot of Americans who are spoiled, bored, need attention or are just looking for any excuse for messing up their own lives.” Take San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who I argue is the quintessential poster child of oppressed brats.

Rather than work with federal agencies to help her constituents deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Democrat political leader rushed to the media to smear President Donald Trump for having allegedly “abandoned” Puerto Rico — but not without first printing a made-for-TV t-shirt:

Cruz’s lies rightly irritated the president, spurring him to repeatedly blast her on Twitter. In response, the media began painting her as an oppressed victim of President Donald Trump’s purported white supremacy.

“Trump can’t accept brown people and women calling him out,” claimed one particularly deceitful scumbag writing for the fake news outfit known as CNN:

Wrong, idiot. Neither Trump nor his black, white, Hispanic, Indian, etc., supporters care much for lying, sniveling, terrorist-loving dirtbags who care more about earning oppression points from the media than taking care of their constituents.

And her actions and rhetoric make it clearly she’s certainly not oppressed — she’s just a manipulative bitch, and yes, I said it.

Likewise, the president’s willingness to call her out doesn’t make him either an oppressor or an asshole (as some “Never Trump” types have suggested); it makes him a man who doesn’t take shit from anyone 

But especially hacks who pretend to be oppressed victims — or, as Hawkins described them, “sad, weak people who claim the tiny molehills in front of them are mountains so they can feel better about themselves.”


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