Feminist Artist Paints Four-Story Penis on Side of New York Building

Crews worked hard to paint over a gigantic image of penis that a Swedish artist working with a local street art organization created on Christmas Eve.

The picture of a massive erect male member drew the attention of passersby as well as quickly became an object of no small amount of controversy considering that children would be exposed to what is for all intents and purposes, pornography.

The work was the masterpiece of Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt who also was responsible for another vulgar image – a giant vagina – that adorned another building not far from the Broome Street apartment building. The bizarre abstract nature of the female reproductive organs is less easily discernable than the four-story schlong which left little to the imagination.

Crews quickly painted over the enormous blood sausage, but it has gotten plenty of buzz since.

Via New York City CBS affiliate CBS-2 “Penis Mural On Side Of LES Building Draws Curiosity, Outrage”:

A colorful mural on the Lower East Side has drawn curious looks, and some outrage.

A penis was painted on the side of the building – but it wasn’t there too long.

As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported, the sight at the building on Broome Street between Forsyth and Eldridge streets was so striking that many stopped to take a selfie.

“It’s great, it’s fantastic,” one passerby said.

“Oh my God, it’s crazy,” another said.

“It’s a little risqué, but it’s New York,” said Wendy Seminski. “I guess like they say, anything goes here.”

But others who live and work near the pink and red painted penis were not pleased.

“It’s awful,” said Wing Ho, who works next door.

The mural was painted Sunday, Christmas Eve morning. Since then, many complained to the local community board.

Crews splattered gray over the mural Wednesday afternoon.

“There’s two schools within the zone around here, so kids have to walk past this,” said Staci Crosbi.

“So I don’t think that part is appropriate for kids.”

The painting was commissioned by the nonprofit foundation The New Allen and was created by Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt.

In a statement that included many vulgar terms for both male and female genitalia, Falkholt explained that her goal is to make it so people are not ashamed of their bodies.

“Many of my murals, including these, are about not feeling ashamed of your body and who you are as a sexual being. You can be a woman with a (penis) and a man with a (vagina) at the same time. Or something else—whatever you want to be. It is all up to yourself, and not society, to decide what gender you are,” Falkholt wrote.

Ms. Falkholt spoke in more graphic terms to the UK Guardian:

Falkholt told the Guardian her work was often about “not feeling ashamed of your body and who you are as a sexual being”.

“I usually paint giant vaginas, pussies and c*nts,” she said, “and since I had just finished one on the side of a five-storey building, I felt like a dick was needed. The wall space on Broome was a perfect fit for it. To paraphrase [the artist] Judith Bernstein, if a dick can go into a woman, it can go up on a wall.”

In a society that has become increasingly overrun by liberal freaks one never knows what’s going to pop up.

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