Pocahontas Leads Scalping Party Against Trump Over Global Warming

Senator Elizabeth Warren has ratcheted up her shrill attacks on her arch-enemy after President Trump trolled liberals with a Thursday tweet mocking the left’s global warming orthodoxy by pointing out the freezing temperatures that are sweeping across the country.

To say that temperatures are colder than one of Hillary’s tits is an understatement. A dog was discovered “frozen solid” in Toledo on Thursday and record lows are expected just in time for New Year’s Eve.

To Trump, it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel and the Democrats lunge for the hook every time and they are often led by Princess Shrieking Moonbat who can’t help herself.

Pocahontas was quickly joined by other Democrats who seem to have temporarily forgotten the Russians and have already jettisoned the rehashed sex abuse allegations against Trump.

The rush to rip Trump should make billionaire green gangster donor Tom “IMPEACHMENT” Steyer very happy and keep the money rolling into campaign coffers.

She even got some dipstick from the television show “Jersey Shore” to chime in:

But alas, heap big mouth and hair-trigger Twitter finger often are not a substitute for keeping one’s emotions in check and not riding directly into an ambush.

Warren was ruthlessly mocked on Twitter and leading the charge was conservative actor James Wood who is right up there in Trump’s league when it comes to weaponizing the micro-blogging platform.

He wasn’t the only one:

If Fauxahontas practiced what she preached she would be living in a log cabin off the grid and riding a donkey for transportation.

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