A Good Democrat: Pennsylvania Candidate Scott Wallace Trashes Police – Calls Them “Dogs” (LEAKED AUDIO)

A Good Democrat: Pennsylvania Candidate Scott Wallace Trashes Police – Calls Them “Dogs” (LEAKED AUDIO)

Jim Hoft
by Jim Hoft
October 31, 2018

Scott Wallace is a good Democrat.
Scott wants to raise your taxes, keep the border open and he hates cops

And now there is even video of him trashing cops.

Scott is running for Congress in Pennsylvania.

Western Journal reported:

According to The Washington Free Beacon, congressional candidate Scott Wallace seems to have been caught in Pennsylvania making an insulting remark about cops.

“Wallace, who is running in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district against Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick, was captured saying ‘dogs are smarter than police officers’ during a conversation with a constituent at a campaign event,” that outlet reported.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous told Free Beacon that she was at the event and another person made the opinionated comment that teachers are smarter than police officers, which was part of a discussion about arming school staff to prevent mass shootings.

That’s apparently when Wallace responded with the insulting dog quip. It’s unclear from the clip if it was meant as a joke, but even so it’s pretty un-funny.

Well, at least he didn’t call them pigs.


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