Far-Left Antifa Attacks Gay Asian Reporter in Portland – Hurls Racist Taunts “Gook,” “Chink”

Far-Left Antifa Attacks Gay Asian Reporter in Portland – Hurls Racist Taunts “Gook,” “Chink”

by Brock Simmons
November 18, 2018

Portland area freelance reporter Andy Ngo covered the #HimToo event and counter protest Saturday, only to face multiple instances of intimidation, threats, ridicule, and even racist taunts from the far left antifa thugs, calling him a “gook” and a “chink” telling him to “get the F*** in your cage”. Apparently the Portland “police” stood by and did nothing to intervene.

The user @TheflytingShow on twitter poses the question “How far right wing does an Asian have to be before its okay to call him a gook and a chink?” on the Rose City Antifa twitter feed.

Ngo writes for the Wall Street Journal, Quillette, and has started his own podcast called Things You Should Ngo. He first made national news after getting fired by the Portland State University student newspaper for posting a video of a muslim cleric saying that non muslims would be killed in islamic society.

Ngo attempted to file a report with Portland “police” but officers refused to take the report.

Only in Portland is perfectly acceptable for a gang of spoiled rich white kids to attack and berate a gay Asian reporter in the name of social justice and battling “white supremacy.”


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