Gov. Moonbeam Claims Illegal’s Killing of Cop Had ‘Nothing To Do’ With Sanctuary Laws

I’d like to joke that this might be the worst case of senioritis in history, but it’s no laughing matter when police officers are being killed.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, mockingly referred to as “Moonbeam” for decades now, had to have been utterly checked out, knowing that his term would be over on Monday.

How else can you possibly explain Brown’s butt-covering interview with KXTV last week when he had just days left on the job?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the utterly tragic story of Newman, California, police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was shot and killed during a traffic stop in the early morning hours of the day after Christmas.

He is survived by his widow, Anamika Chand-Singh, and the couple’s 5-month-old son.

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As Fox News notes, the alleged killer, identified as Gustavo Perez Arriaga, is an illegal alien who had multiple DUIs and suspected gang ties.

So to recap, Singh, a legal immigrant, was allegedly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant within a “sanctuary state” that helps illegal immigrants hide from the proper authorities.

But Gov. Moonbeam thinks that SB54, the “sanctuary state” law, had “nothing to do” with Singh’s death.

Here’s his interview. The “sanctuary” part occurs in the first few minutes.

Brown was asked if he thought bad people could slip through the cracks of such a lenient set of laws.

” I don’t think so,” he responded. “I think people now are looking to blame somebody because of the terrible things that happened. But it had nothing to do with the law of California.”

Are you kidding me?

Brown does have a point in that it’s not fair to blame SB54 for Singh’s death. The law prevents local authorities from sharing information with the federal government if an illegal alien is arrested for an unrelated crime.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga’s previous DUI arrests took place before the bill became law in 2017, so it didn’t apply.

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However, for Brown or any other politician to say the permissive atmosphere that gave birth to SB54, and the one that continues to be fostered by California liberals today, had “nothing to do” with Singh’s death is simply a lie, and a slap in the face to Singh’s widow and infant child.

Whatever laws were on the books three years ago, whatever law was on the books when Cpl. Singh was shot to death, it’s indisputable that California and its municipalities have bent the law in recent years to favor the presence of illegal aliens in the Golden State.

Do you think California Democrats share blame for this officer’s death?

And if they had not been doing so, it’s a very good chance that the illegal alien charged with Singh’s death might not have been in the country at all.

The technicalities of Brown’s argument don’t change the fact that he presided over an era in California when the very idea of “law” became warped in favor of a group of people who are only in this country because of their defiance of the law.

One of those people was Gustavo Perez Arriaga. That’s the reality, and every thinking person knows it.

Good riddance, Moonbeam. Something tells me you won’t be all that missed.

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