Student Accuses Man of Rape, Text Exchange Winds Up Getting Accuser Arrested

Bear with me, but I must admit that some liberal initiatives can actually begin with some kernel of honestly noble intentions.

Take, for example, the #MeToo campaign.

Let me be perfectly clear by saying that anyone, man or woman, who would dare to use a position of power to sexually exploit someone is an utter and complete piece of garbage. There is absolutely no defense for that type of exploitation.

But like most things leftists get their grubby paws on, things quickly went awry with #MeToo.

Despicable people began to realize that they could weaponize sexual assault allegations to do almost irreparable political or personal damage to people.

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It’s a terrifying worst-case scenario that leftists clearly didn’t even consider when generating momentum for #MeToo.

The biggest problem with #MeToo is the leftist notion of automatically believing the victim before any due diligence is done.

Victims should always be allowed to speak out. Anyone with a shred of decency should at least admit that.

But after an accusation is made, there must be a thorough and fair follow-up to it. Otherwise, we run the risk of destroying someone’s life over little more than an unsourced accusation.

Do you think justice was served in this case?

That is, unequivocally, not how the American judicial system should work. But that does beg the question of what an appropriate punishment for someone who would peddle a false accusation should be.

According to this report by the Post Star, it’ll get you arrested.

Per the police reports obtained by the the Post, Nikole P. Tucker, a 20-year-old student at the State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack, allegedly claimed to have been forcibly raped by a man.

Unfortunately for Tucker, after an investigation, police determined that the sexual encounter was consensual based on text messages. Tucker was promptly arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of falsely reporting an incident and making a punishable false written statement.

Tucker admitted the entire ruse was fabricated when confronted with evidence according to the Post. Police had also determined that the two had met through an online dating service.

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Tucker was ultimately released pending prosecution.

While justice seems to have been served in this instance, it should be worrisome to all civic-minded Americans that this is hardly an isolated incident.

A male student at the University of Cincinnati had his name dragged through the mud for years while he tried to prove his innocence against false claims. He only recently was awarded $47,000 and had his record expunged of the accusation after a lengthy legal battle.

The veracity of sexual allegations must always be investigated, no matter what lunacy the far left may peddle. The case of Nikole P. Tucker is only the latest proof of that.

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