Trump Obliterates Warren After Her 2020 Announcement, Libs Claim He Sent Secret Genocide Code

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Trump Obliterates Warren After Her 2020 Announcement, Libs Claim He Sent Secret Genocide Code

President Donald Trump, left; and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, right.ShutterstockWhen President Donald Trump greeted news that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was officially running for president, he responded with a joke that liberals immediately claimed was a reference to genocide. (Shutterstock)


Bryan Chai


February 10, 2019

at 10:20am

Look, it’s no secret that the leftist media has made President Donald Trump their public enemy No. 1.

To be clear, nobody should be above criticism or reproach, but the way the media constantly attacks Trump is breathtakingly unfair and rife with double standards.

Even given that, the latest liberal crusade against Trump is unbelievably idiotic.

The president took to Twitter to needle one of his favorite punching bags, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, after she announced her official bid for presidency in 2020. And in the process, he reminded Americans of Warren’s claims to Native American descent.

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For the unaware, Warren is the leftist Democratic senator from Massachusetts who’s known far more for empty claims to being Native American than any actual policy work she’s done.

“Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

In the grander scheme of things that Trump has said or done on Twitter, this is actually rather mundane. But that didn’t stop the left from latching onto one word from the post and use it to attack the president.

Some liberal claim the president’s use of the word “trail” was intended to evoke the “Trail of Tears,” the route forced on American Indians driven from the Southeastern United States mainly in the 1830s into the still-unsettled West.

Left-leaning sites like Mother Jones and Common Dreams both ran with this narrative, as well.

It wasn’t just the hard-core left making the accusation. USA Today headlined a story “Trump appears to mock Trail of Tears in tweet about Senator Warren’s campaign announcement.”

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Have the liberals lost it, with accusations like this?

Obviously, if Trump came out and said that he supports genocide, that would be a huge problem and something well-worth condemning him over. But he did no such thing here. There are some big problems with what the left is claiming about what Trump said.

First, Trump has a tendency to use all caps in his tweets. A cursory glance at his Twitter feed shows that he frequently capitalizes words. That’s not exactly a new phenomena.

Second, “campaign trail” — or even “campaign TRAIL” — is not an inherently loaded phrase. This is completely innocuous in the context of politics.

But most importantly of all, and this can’t be stressed enough, Trump literally signed bipartisan legislation less than a month ago that aims to improve the United States’ ability to prevent or halt genocides in the future. As the Cleveland Jewish News explains, the act was named after a man who one of the world’s most famous survivors of the Holocaust survivor, the late Elie Wiesel.

That’s an actual fact — far more important and meaningful than any illusory allusion to the “Trail of Tears” liberal activists can dream up.

Leave it to the left to ignore that rather important fact and slam the president for somehow making light of genocide.

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