Twitter Apologizes for Engagement ‘Issue’ Spotted by Conservatives

Twitter apologized on Tuesday after many conservatives on the platform reported that most of their posts’ likes and retweets were disappearing.

Among those who reported malfunctioning Twitter engagements was conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter, who claimed one of her posts which had thousands of likes had gone down to just 99.

Conservative organization PragerU, Muslim reformer Shireen Qudosi, conservative radio host Larry Elder, and journalist Yashar Ali were also reportedly affected.

Several Twitter users documented drops in engagement with pictures and video:

“Some people around the world are experiencing an issue with notifications, Likes, and Retweets,” Twitter proclaimed. “We’re working on resolving this and will follow up soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Some users mocked the social network company’s response, with one user posting, “Tweet suppression must be malfunctioning.”

“Why is it happening only with right-leaning accounts?” asked another.

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via Breitbart News

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