Tucker Carlson Breaks Down The Russian Hoax As Media Moves Back To Race Baiting

Democrats continue to retreat to their fallback position that President Trump is a white supremacist who is to blame for last week’s horrific massacre at two New Zealand mosques which is as sure a sign as any that the Mueller report is going to be a dry hole in terms of Russian collusion.

Now that most indications are that the deep state dirty cop will drop his long-anticipated report in the near future, it is going to likely be a massive disappointment to Dems and their cadres of conspiracy-spewing babbling idiots in the media.

The Russian hoax may one day go down as the greatest lie ever perpetrated by the media against the American people but it has allowed the rabid political left to muster great support for the neo-Stalinist police state tactics that have been used by Mueller and this Gestapo such as pre-dawn, no-knock paramilitary raids on the homes of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone and the ransacking of the office of Michael Cohen, the lying cheese-eating rat who turned on Trump.

Trump himself has always called it what it was and is delighted by the results of a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll that shows that the public has caught on to Mueller’s horseshit.

The POTUS also tweeted out the following video of Fox’s Tucker Carlson breaking down the Russia scam:

The other shoe is about to drop but the media is already moving on with their race-baiting demagoguery.

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