Your Daughter/Granddaughter Will Never Win The First-Place Trophy

Women and Children FirstWhen speaking with my daughter, an avid cyclist, about her upcoming racing season, I asked about “transgender women” competitors (biological males who gender-identify as females). It seemed obvious that such a competitor’s male physiology would render the best efforts put forth by my daughter null and void. My daughter explained that excluding transwomen competitors was improper and discriminatory under the governing USA Cycling rules.

How could inclusion in competitive sports be based solely on one’s gender beliefs/feelings, at the expense of objective, competitive fairness; why is inclusion based on a man feeling like a female, good; but by “his” indisputable biological sex, bad? Whether due to intellectual confusion, or intellectual dishonesty, grouping athletes by “gender” instead of by biological sex ignores the paradoxical twin-traits of transgender individuals.

via CanadaFreePress.Com

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