Facebook Censors Picture of Unborn Baby, Says It May ‘Be Sensitive to Some People’

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Facebook Censors Picture of Unborn Baby, Says It May ‘Be Sensitive to Some People’

Pro-Life ProtesterWin McNamee / Getty ImagesIn this file photo, pro-life activist Lynn Jackson, with the group Bound for Life, protests in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on November 30, 2005 in Washington, DC. (Win McNamee / Getty Images)

Facebook censored a pro-life advertisement campaign featuring an unborn baby because it might “be sensitive to some people.”

The Iona Institute, an Ireland-based Catholic advocacy group, launched its new “still one of us” billboard campaign last week featuring a picture of an unborn baby.

“The campaign is currently running on a number of billboards in various parts of the country and we had extended the campaign to Facebook where we were paying a small amount (€150 in total) to bring it to a wider audience,” Iona Institute said.

But Facebook censored the advertisement and claimed the image of the unborn baby fell under the “graphic” or “violent” imagery category.

Now Facebook users see a warning where the ad once appeared: “This photo may be sensitive to some people.”

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But who would be “sensitive” to a photo of an unborn baby? It’s not a graphic photo of an aborted baby — it’s a harmless picture of an unborn baby in the womb.

“Needless to say, there is nothing graphic or violent about an image of an unborn child in the womb. On the contrary, it is extremely life-affirming,” Iona Institute said.

It’s strange that a harmless image of an unborn baby is deemed too “graphic” or “violent,” but it’s not too “graphic” or “violent” for teenage girls to get abortions.

“Are we now at a point where images of an unborn child in the womb cannot be shown in public even though parents see such images every day in hospitals all over the country and have no hesitation showing such images to their children?” Iona Institute said.

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And I doubt that pro-abortion advertisements are censored. In fact, Planned Parenthood currently has several active advertisement campaigns on Facebook.

It’s perfectly fine for left-wing groups to normalize the murder of unborn babies, but a photo of an unborn baby with a pro-life message is too “graphic” for Facebook.

It seems highly plausible that Facebook censored this advertisement for political reasons — it’s obviously not too graphic or violent, and the only people that would find it “sensitive” are leftists who don’t want to be faced with the brutal reality of abortion.

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This is the latest example of big tech’s recent censorship campaign against conservatives.

Earlier this month, Facebook banned several conservative journalists and provocateurs and Twitter suspended actor James Woods.

Facebook and Twitter are usually able to hide behind their vague content policies when they censor conservatives, but there is absolutely no excuse for censoring mainstream political opinions on abortion.

It’s clear that big tech is desperately trying to stop conservatives from reaching people with their message.

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