Guest post by Ted Malloch

The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年大会) will be a ceremonial event praising communism and will include a grand military parade as its spotlight to celebrate National Day of the People’s Republic of China which takes place on 1 October 2019 in Beijing.

When the throngs of Red Chinese parade in front of the President for Life- Xi Jinping, on October 1, replete with thousands of military troops and enough military hardware to destroy the world many times over, what should the Free World witness and recall?

Should we really celebrate or instead decry the occasion?

Here are TEN proven things with abundant and irrefutable evidence that Red China has accomplished in these seventy tumultuous and horrendous bloody years of communism that should NOT be ignored or forgotten.

They won’t be part of the big celebration in Red China and our mainstream media will not mention them, under any circumstance.

1 The most infamous experiment in social engineering, the so-called,

‘Great Leap Forward’ organized by Mao Zedong saw the loss of 45 million lives in the deadliest politically created famine in all of human history.

2 The Chinese Cultural Revolution from 1976 to 1976 killed 3 million citizens in order to stop the “bourgeois elements” in the violent move to total Marxist-Leninist communism.

3 In 1966 the Red Guard killed 1,722 people in just a few days in Beijing, alone.

4 The Concentration / Re-Education Camps in Red China, present from the start of the Communist regime until the present, have incarcerated millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghurs, today.

5 The 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre saw 10,000, mostly students, killed who were designated “primitives” by the Chinese Communist Party.

6 Religious freedom is nonexistent in Communist China with official atheism the state preference. Underground churches operate at their own peril. An estimated 100 million Christians worship in constant fear and persecution.

7 The surveillance state in Red China has 200 million CCCTV cameras (1 for every 7 people) focused on its population in order to control and “score” them.

8 Humans rights do not exist in China, where routinely freedom of speech, movement, the press, and religion are ignored and abrogated, according to the US State Department, the UN and numerous NGO monitors.

9 There have been an estimated 12 million abortions a year in Red China for many decades, where a one child policy was strictly enforced until recently.

10 In sum, a rich 5000-year-old civilization was utterly destroyed in just a decade starting in 1949 under brutal communist rule that has continued unabated for seven decades now.

Over 100 million human lives in total have been sacrificed on the altar of RED Chinese Communism.

And this doesn’t even count the more modern crimes ,like buying off entire political classes in whole countries , including the US (“sharp power”), stealing territories in maritime areas, keeping North Korea in business and with weaponry, covetous looks at resource rich Siberia, stealing intellectual property, and totally mishandling Hong Kong — probably the one most worth mentioning of current vintage.

This is the greatest travesty of our times and nobody seems to want or need to do anything to challenge it and the dictatorial, one party, totalitarian, criminal, communist, mercantilist remine of the Communist Party of China until Donald Trump.



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