Check Out – The Antidote To Media Bias

As a Gateway Pundit reader, you know about the media’s anti-conservative bias. You’ve seen the media’s dishonesty, double standards and constant attacks on President Trump.

You know that as we get into 2020, the media’s hatred for Trump will grow stronger.

But a lot of your friends don’t see the bias. A lot of them don’t know what is really happening. A lot of them still get their news from cable channels, NPR and liberal newspapers.

To help your friends, we’ve created

It’s a one-stop place to see the stories the Liberal Media won’t touch.

Get your friends to read for some balance in how they view the world.

They’ll see that President Trump has:

  1. Created a booming economy

  2. Stopped wars

  3. Made America Great Again

Plus, they’ll see how ridiculously biased the media really is…

And it looks great on a cell phone:

It used to be that we could get positive stories about President Trump to our friends via social media. Then Silicon Valley Liberals changed everything. Now you see on Facebook what Liberals want you to see, instead of what you want to see (for more on social media bias, see Gateway Pundit reporting).

With the media dominated by Liberals and social media no longer an effective tool, tell your friends to go to

It’s the antidote to media bias.

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