Schiff Already Planning ‘Commission’ To Blame Trump for Coronavirus Crisis

What the country needs now is more Adam Schiff.

The California congressman and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who led unsuccessful impeachment prosecution of President Donald Trump has been self-isolating for the past two weeks after a staffer tested positive for the coronavirus.

But he returned with a splash this week, using an interview with The Washington Post to announce he is introducing a bill to set up a “commission” to study the country’s response to the pandemic – and no doubt lay the blame on President Donald Trump’s head.

Schiff has been communicating with his constituents in virtual town halls while spending time in self-isolation, according to the Los Angeles Times, after a staffer tested positive for the coronavirus. He broke the news about the commission in an email to Post columnist David Ignatious.

In it, Schiff graciously acknowledged that events will have to play out before his proposed commission could start getting to the bottom of how it could turn into a weapon against the administration.

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“We will need to delay the work of the commission until the crisis has abated to ensure that it does not interfere with the agencies that are leading the response,”  Schiff told Ignatious in the email. “But that should not prevent us from beginning to identify where we got it wrong and how we can be prepared for the next pandemic.”

Even a country reeling under attack from an invisible enemy like the coronavirus, which had killed almost 4,500 Americans by Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics, can remember it was only a few months ago that Schiff was leading the sham effort to oust a sitting American president on the most spurious of charges.

They’ll also remember that it all took place with the blessing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who appeared to hint at some sort of post-coronavirus commission in a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” where she referred to an “after-action report” that would be prepared to judge — and no doubt crucify — the president’s response.

To pretend this that this man has the moral fiber or intellectual integrity to do anything other than use a commission to try to destroy Trump agin would be to believe in fairy tales. And conservatives aren’t usually the side of politics that’s vulnerable to that.

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Any Schiff-tainted investigation of the current situation would be a trial of Trump before a hanging judge, with the noose already tied.

The news Schiff is planning to cynically use the coronavirus crisis in yet another attempt to take down Trump did not sit well with many social media users who responded to Schiff’s announcement on Twitter on Wednesday.

While he had the expected comments from Trump-hating liberals (science will find a cure for COVID-19 long before it cures Trump Derangement Syndrome), a fair number had Schiff’s duplicitous number.

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That last one raises an excellent point. While Democrats and their childish cheerleaders in the mainstream media were pretending they had a chance of removing Trump from office while his party held control of the body that was actually voting on the issue, Washington was essentially paralyzed.

At a news conference Tuesday, Trump said he didn’t think his attention was diverted from the coronavirus crisis by the threat to his presidency and the facts show that he was already responding, if it wasn’t being noticed by the impeachment-obsessed media.

As Breitbart noted on Wednesday, the White House Coronavirus Task Force was established on Jan. 27, Trump chaired a meeting of the task force on Jan. 29, and on Jan. 31, Trump imposed a travel ban on travelers from China.

Clearly, Trump was still performing his duties as the president, and the White House was functioning in an orderly manner, but it’s impossible to believe it wasn’t affected at all by the fact that, all the while, House Democrats were making their insanely stupid argument in the Senate that the president should be forced from office for his disputed handling of aid Ukraine.

And Congress, naturally, was incapable of any action at all.

Even at a remove of only two months, it’s nearly impossible to believe.

The fact that that argument was led by the loathsome Schiff — a man whose reputation for partisan dishonesty was cemented by the fact that he almost certainly lied throughout the impeachment charade about whether he knew the identity of the “whistleblower” who started the long, national nightmare — won’t be forgotten by any sane American.

The reality is that Democrats have covered themselves in such disgrace throughout the Trump presidency, painting themselves as a #Resistance force instead of as a loyal opposition, that they have zero credibility with any Trump supporter, and probably just as little with any “independent” who kept an open mind about the president.

The only ones who will likely support any commission Schiff is involved in creating — “nonpartisan” or otherwise — are Trump-hating Democrats. And all but the dumbest of them would know its results will be a lie, but a lie they can use politically.

Actually, what this country doesn’t need more of is more Adam Schiff. It’s got coronavirus on its hands already.

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