Remind Liberals Trump Is President With The “Donald Trump Lives Here” Stamp

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To show your support for President Trump, we’ve got a special offer for you: A “Donald Trump Lives Here” stamp (ordering through this link and the links below supports Gateway Pundit)!

It’s a way to remind liberals who occupies the White House. And that millions of Americans support Trump for President in 2020.

From the manufacturer:

Many people assume that it’s illegal to stamp or write on paper currency, but they’re wrong! We’re not defacing U.S. currency, we’re decorating dollars! There are three things that you CANNOT do to paper currency:

1. You CANNOT change the denomination — for example, you cannot add two zeros to a one dollar bill and pretend that it’s a one hundred dollar bill. That’s illegal.
2. You CANNOT burn, shred, or destroy currency, rendering it unfit for circulation.
3. You CANNOT advertise a business on paper currency. For example, if you own a Bagel shop, you cannot stamp “Eat at Joe’s Bagel’s” on a dollar.

But we are putting political messages on the bills, not commercial advertisements. Because we all want these bills to stay in circulation and we’re stamping to send a message about an issue that’s important to us, it’s legal!

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Right now, I Love My Freedom is offering this stamp at 50% off, plus free shipping and handling.

All of their products are shipped from their fulfillment center in Olathe, Kansas. Buying from this company supports American jobs and American production.

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Here’s more information from the folks at I Love My Freedom:

There’s no better way to show your support for President Trump than with this “Donald Trump Lives Here” stamp!

– Self-Inking Red Stamp
​- Perfect Gift For Friends & Family
​- FREE and fast shipping to anywhere in the USA
​- Can stamp thousands of bills
– Limited Quantity Available

This is your chance to proudly remind millions of Americans who is president! Now is your opportunity to represent the movement!

Right now, we’re giving you the chance to claim this best-selling stamp for 50% off and free shipping.

AMERICA FIRST! We have a shipping center in Kansas and a customer support center in Minnesota where we ONLY hire American citizens to do the job.

Get your “Donald Trump Lives Here” stamp for 50% off and free shippping today!

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The sooner you place your order, the better. This is a best-selling stamp and inventory is often scarce. Place your order quickly so you’re not left behind.

God bless!

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