CHAZ Shouts Down Black Women Frustrated They Hijacked Black Lives Matter Movement

Protesters from the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” on Thursday shouted down a group of black women who accused them of hijacking the Black Lives Matter.

Members of the African American Community Advisory Council, which works with the Seattle Police department to improve policing in the city, spoke out in the Chaz Zone on Thursday, according to a report from Komo News.

“The thing is, you have hijacked this!” one woman said. “You have taken the meaning away!”

Other videos of the conversation were posted on social media.

Another woman asked the protesters to sit down with the police force to improve their communities.

Wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, AACAC Chair Victoria Beach complained the CHAZ movement had become like a Burning Man festival.

“How are we going to be heard if that’s happening?” she asked. “How are we going to come to the table and talk?”


via Breitbart News

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