Who Are America’s Racial Equality Protestors?

Who Are America’s Racial Equality Protestors?

Tyler Durden

Sun, 06/28/2020 – 09:55

Americans hit the streets in huge numbers over the past couple of weeks, calling for an end to systematic racism and radical police reform.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center outlines just who the protestors were. Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes that Pew polled 9,654 U.S. adults, of which 6 percent said they attended a protest or rally related to race/racial equality over the past month, a sizeable share given that the U.S. is experiencing a deadly pandemic.

Infographic: Who Are America's Racial Equality Protestors? | Statista

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615 of Pew’s respondents attended a such protest or rally and 46 percent of that total were White, 22 percent were Hispanic, 17 percent were Black and 8 percent were Asian.

Pew states that protestors tended to be nonwhite given the total number of adults polled, 64 percent of whom were White, 15 percent of whom were Hispanic, 11 percent who were Black and 5 percent who were Asian. Around 4-in-10 of people who demonstrated were under 30 years of age while older Americans were underrepresented at the protests.

Most participants, 79 percent, leaned towards or identified with the Democratic party.

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