COVID-19 Exposes The Real Cost Of Fake News 

COVID-19 Exposes The Real Cost Of Fake NewsWe’ve been forced to pay drastic economic and social costs to battle the existential threat COVID-19 is perceived to be. It has cost the world trillions of dollars and the loss of myriad civil liberties, so it makes sense for societies to ensure the price paid was worth it and if not, to demand extreme accountability in return.

Fact is, COVID-19 was destined to be Fake News from the start, the question was how  large a fake would it prove to be? Given the coronaviruses’ “novel” designation, early COVID-19 models must have been heavy on assumptions and light on factual data. They could only spit out wild guesses and, as it turns out, they guessed poorly. Regardless, the guesses proved more than good enough for government work. 

via Canada Free Press

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