Live-Stream Video: Panicked Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Hold Monday Meeting Before Tuesday’s Senate Grilling — Starting at 4 PM ET

The Maricopa Board of Supervisors is meeting today before their meeting Tuesday with the Arizona State Senate to answer questions about missing files from their voting machines and software handed over to the Senate Auditors.

Last week, the Gateway Pundit reported about the emergency meeting that was called by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, after the County was reportedly unable to provide passwords to the auditors performing an audit of the county’s 2020 Election results.  They also did not provide access to the routers which were requested in the audit as well.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was discovered that “the entire database directory” for the 2020 General election, showing the “Results Tally and Reporting,” had been deleted from the voting machines!

Also, the Arizona Audit Team found “significant discrepancies” between the number of ballots therein and the batch reports included in the boxes.

The data drives that were deleted included adjudicated files from the 2020 election.

President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann released a letter to Chairman Sellers, demanding answers on Wednesday night.

Senator Karen Fann called the Maricopa County Supervisors to come before the Arizona Senate next Tuesday and explains how the election databases were deleted from the voting machines just 10 days before the machines were turned over to the Senate forensic audit team!

On Thursday night the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held a meeting and released a statement smearing the Arizona Senate and the Arizona Audit Team, accusing them of “causing agitation.”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors then scheduled a meeting for Monday — the day before the Senate meeting.

That meeting is about to start.

From the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors website:

  • Following CDC guidelines regarding recommendation to limit social gatherings, no residents will be allowed in the Board of Supervisors‘ meeting rooms.
  • Residents can submit comments related to the May 17, 2021, Board Meeting agenda by 8:00 am on Monday, May 17, by emailing Agenda.Comments@Maricopa.Gov or calling 602-506-3766.
  • Residents wishing to comment on any Board related item, may send an email to Agenda.Comments@Maricopa.Gov.  
  • Residents can watch the Board meeting live-streamed at Maricopa.Gov or Maricopa.Gov/324 at the time of the meeting.
  • Residents can also watch via Pre-registration may be done via this link: and entering the webinar meeting ID 823-429-499. 
  • Residents may listen to the Webinar by dialing 1  (914) 614-3221, and entering the Audio Access code 709-152-954#.  Long distance charges may apply.  
  • No Audio PIN is needed to listen only.  

Here is the livestream video:

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