Famous Evangelist Wants Donations For A $54 Million Jet: God Told Me So

An evangelist famous for preaching the “prosperity gospel” wants donations so he can buy a $54 million private jet. He claims to have been given this edict from the heavens above.

According to MSN, “Louisiana-based televangelist Jesse Duplantis raised eyebrows Tuesday when he said God told him he needs a new jet.” Duplantis then asked his followers from around the globe to send him donations for this divinely-inspired jet that costs more than just a widow’s offering.

What could have possibly spurned the Almighty to direct His angelic legions away from the aiding of huddled masses to bestow unto Mr. Duplantis the wisdom to know of this most providential jet? Nothing really, except for the fact that his previous private jet is now 12 years old and can’t fit nearly as many passengers or fly nearly as fast as the new Falcon 7X.

Mr. Duplantis also cited Scripture to justify this heavenly jet, saying that if Jesus were on Earth today, he’d trade out the donkey for his one of those Falcon 7Xs. “He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel flying all over the world,” he said.

Indeed, the Son of God, the Christ who changed water into wine, who walked on water, who has the power to instantly transport to anywhere in the world, would be so humble that He would ask His followers to donate $54 million in order to fly around in a private jet. Imagine the cheering multitudes gathered on the runway as He emerged from the cockpit exclaiming, “I am the way, the truth, and the life!”

People would definitely believe him.

And speaking of belief, Duplantis told his followers that God whispered unto his disbelieving ears, “I want you to believe in me for a Falcon 7X.”

Naturally, Duplantis worried about the price, but God reprimanded him, saying, “Jesse, I didn’t ask you to pay for it, I asked you to believe for it.” And by believe for it, God surely meant for Mr. Duplantis to ask his followers for donations. He has done this as many as three times “for God.”

“I used them — and just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ,” Duplantis told his followers. “You know, some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet to get this gospel preached to the world.”

“I like all people to know exactly what I’m doing in this ministry; we don’t hide nothing whatsoever at all. … I can’t live long enough to travel by car, or by ship, or by train, but I can do it by an airplane. … I don’t want to learn how to fly it, I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

As noted by MSN, Duplantis has preached the Joel Osteen brand of “prosperity gospel,” teaching people that money to pastors and ministries is an investment. On TBN, he has also stated that God even blesses people who please him with material wealth.

“The televangelist was investigated in 2010 for a $3 million tax-free house serving as a church rectory that was paid for through non-taxable donations as legally he was not permitted to take the donations for personal use,” reports MSN. “His flight records show he took thousands of trips on his private planes.”

via Daily Wire

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