Gun Advocate Shoots Down Faculty Union’s Attempt At Deterring Would-Be Attackers With Hockey Pucks

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Via Campus Reform:

A faculty union at Oakland University in Michigan purchased and distributed hockey pucks to faculty and students for defense in the event of an active shooter. The pucks are also being used to raise money for new electronic locks on classroom doors.

The move comes even as, per state law, Michigan colleges may opt-in to allow students to carry personal firearms on campus, provided they are legally owned with permits. The law was pioneered by campus gun advocates who believe that allowing law-abiding students to be armed on campus is the best way to deter potential school shooters.

Tyler Yzaguirre, president of the Second Amendment Institute holds that view.

“OU Police Chief Gordon and the OU faculty union have to be completely out of touch with reality to believe that throwing hockey pucks at an active shooter will stop them. Students and teachers have been armed with similar heavy objects, such as books, in active shooter situations, and that hasn’t stopped the shooter. So why would a hockey puck?” Yzaguirre told Campus Reform on Wednesday.

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