Mike Huckabee: Liberals Don’t Want to Give Up Masks Because It Means Giving People Their Power Back

Remember on March 2, when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced an end to the statewide mask mandate and the full reopening of the state, and President Biden accused him of “Neanderthal thinking,” while Democrat-coddling media outlets predicted a massive spike in COVID cases and deaths?

So, how is that working out?

On Sunday, Abbott announced that in the previous 24 hours, Texas had suffered zero COVID deaths, the first time that’s happened since March 2020.

It also notched the fewest COVID cases in over 13 months, the lowest 7-day COVID positivity rate since the pandemic started and the fewest hospitalizations in 11 months.

I guess Neanderthals are better at surviving than we thought.

Some liberals seem to be suffering withdrawal over the idea of the pandemic ending.

The CDC announced that it’s now safe for most fully vaccinated Americans to end social distancing and stop wearing masks (FYI: that was always safe for most fully vaccinated Americans), and the news has leftists beside themselves.

Do you think liberals like masks because they like having power?

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Then again, if they didn’t hate good news and love misery, they wouldn’t be leftists.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said she’d have to “rewire” her brain to not view someone without a mask as a “threat.”

(Rewiring her brain might be a good idea in general.)

And gun control activist and failed pillow maker David Hogg tweeted he would keep wearing a mask even though he’s fully vaccinated “because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative.”

Don’t worry, David: As long as the mask isn’t thick enough to prevent people from hearing the incredibly dumb things you say, nobody will ever mistake you for a conservative.

I suspect that the real reason these people are so reluctant to give up their masks and let Americans get back to normal is that it symbolizes giving up the control they usurped over people’s lives.

They want to keep that control and never let things go back to the way they were, with people running their own lives and doing whatever they want.

Their reluctance to take off the mask is telling us everything we need to know about what’s hidden underneath.

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