‘Pig supporters not welcome’: Pro-police stores threatened, vandalized, harassed

St. Louis antique store owner Cherri Elder formed positive relationships with police patrolling in the area, so she decided to display an American flag containing a thin blue line — a symbol for police sacrifice — in front of Elder’s Antiques.

But the gesture didn’t go over well with everybody.

“People came by, they would cuss at you, they would harass you,” Elder told KMOV-TV, “they would harass the customers.”

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot
Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot

Elder told the station she took down the thin blue line flag to avoid continued trouble.

“I thought things were getting better,” she told KMOV. “But apparently it’s not.”

What happened?

A month after taking down the thin blue line flag — which is now displayed inside her 32-year-old store — Elder told the station she found a large handwritten sign on the front window of Elder’s Antiques that read: “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down.”

On the right bottom corner of the sign was a hammer and sickle — presumably standing for communism and the former Soviet Union — along with the letters “MLM,” which KMOV said often stands for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot
Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot

“Oh, it’s most definitely a threat,” Elder told the station, adding that the sign was “big” and “for everybody to see.”

What happened at a nearby store?

A window at Delmay Ltd. Antiques — one of Elder’s neighbors a few doors down — is now boarded up.

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot
Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot


Three individuals were seen on surveillance video kicking in the window and running off, KMOV reported.

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot
Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot

Delmay also had a thin blue line flag hanging on her storefront, the station added, but it was stolen.

How is Elder reacting?

“My business, my friends are being targeted,” Elder told KMOV.

While Elder added to the station that she has “every right to fly a flag,” she said she doesn’t think she’ll be putting it back on display.

But whatever Elder decides, she told KMOV that these actions must “stop before somebody gets hurt” and that she desires a return “to some kind of normalcy where people have respect for one another.”

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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How a union sank a mom and pop company overnight

This is a sad story out of Connecticut brought to us this week by the Washington Free Beacon. It involves J-Con Woodworking, located in Thomaston. Hilary and Mark Converse own the business and it’s been in operation there for more than three decades. Now, however, the formerly successful operation is shuttered and the owners are left with nothing. It happened in rapid fashion after eight union carpenters working for them decided to withdraw from the Carpenters Union. That triggered a demand for pension fund payments from the union which essentially bankrupted the family.

J-Con Woodworking in Thomaston, Conn., closed its doors after 34 years in operation in order to cover $633,667.80 in retirement and health benefits as part of a multiemployer pension system maintained by the Carpenters Union. The mass payout was triggered after the company’s eight union carpenters decided to withdraw from the union in a unanimous vote, according to reporter Marc Fitch.

“They wiped us out,” Hilary Converse, who owns the business with her husband Mark, said in an article posted at the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. “We basically have nothing left.”

The Converse family liquidated all of its assets and sold off its machinery to cover expenses resulting from a suit brought by the Carpenters Labor-Management Pension Fund. Multiemployer pension funds were developed for union laborers who fulfill numerous contracts for different companies over the course of their careers. Participating employers pool their resources together to cover the retirement costs and provide defined benefit plans to the workers in the same manner that an automotive or manufacturing worker does from his lifelong employer.

Just as we’ve seen with public employee unions in Washington and around the nation, the culprit at the bottom of all this is the system of lucrative pension plans which the unions negotiate for. They promise the moon in terms of retirement plans and pension payments unavailable to most private-sector workers today, and the cost of these systems swells over the years until the pension costs devour the host they are feeding on. In the case of the Converse family, they had no say in whether or not their eight carpenters stayed in their union and the unions refuses to disclose how they arrived at the whopping figure of well over a half million dollars as being their “share” of the bill for the pension plan.

All of this happens with the blessing of both the state and federal government. The unions have long been so fully in control of politics, primarily through the Democratic Party, that they’ve been able to write their own rules. This essentially translates into the ability to write your own meal ticket. Then, when poor management of the systems and a failure to anticipate long-term costs begins to bring them down, rather than curbing the pension benefits to allow the system to remain solvent, they make increasingly steep demands on the employers. Eventually, the system proves unsustainable and, in cases like that of J-Con Woodworking, the employer folds and nobody has any jobs.

There are union reforms underway today in DC and some of the states, but it’s going to take a massive amount of effort to make any headway. The unions are weaker than they were a few decades ago but they still have tremendous clout and will tie up any reform efforts in court for years.

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MRC Supporters Make 25,000 Phone Calls Demanding ABC Apologize for Attacking Pence, Christians

<p>As of Monday morning, the Media Research Center and its grassroots members made over 25,000 calls lambasting ABC and demanding a full apology for anti-Christian comments made by <em>The View </em>on February 13 that suggested Vice President Mike Pence’s “dangerous” Christian faith was a “mental illness.”</p>

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Chelsea Manning Tweets That We Shouldn’t Have A President. The Internet Drops An Anvil On Him.

On Monday, Presidents Day, Chelsea Manning, the darling of the Left, decided to take another shot at President Trump and presidents in general with an ill-advised tweet that elicited an avalanche of scorn on the internet. Manning, the traitor and former intelligence analyst who is running for the Senate in Maryland and whose 35-year sentence for giving classified information to WikiLeaks was infamously commuted by former president Barack Obama just before he left office in January 2017, tweeted:

Manning was pummeled by a variety of people on Twitter for one obvious reason:

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WashPost Column Blames ‘Word-Abusing’ Trump for NBC’s Flubs at the Olympics

<p>Just imagine a world where seemingly everything bad is President Trump’s fault. For <em>Washington Post</em> sports columnist Jerry Brewer, that seems to be the world he inhabits. In his column for Friday’s print edition, Brewer blamed “our most profane, word-abusing leader” and President for three screw-ups by NBC guest host Katie Couric, former Asia expert Joshua Cooper Ramo, and Alpine skiing commentator Bodie Miller.</p>

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Brainwashed Kids Say “We Will Be The Last Mass Shooting”

This is exactly what happens when impressionable kids are brainwashed by both a leftist media and their equally left-wing teachers. ……

God bless children, but they know nothing save for tidbits of knowledge gleaned from their left-wing schools, the left-wing media and the very left-wing entertainment industry.

And so it should surprise nobody that brainwashed kids from Florida, where last week a 19-year-old maniac killed 17 during a mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, are now championing left-wing gun control policies and claiming, “We will be the last mass shooting,” as reported by USA Today:

Students at a power-packed rally in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday made impassioned pleas for legislation to regulate guns. “We will be the last mass shooting,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez declared to wild cheers.

Their calls for gun control have been steadily growing since the school shooting. Twenty-four hours after a gunman killed 17 at the school in Parkland, Fla., senior David Hogg implored lawmakers to take action.

“We are children; you guys are the adults,” Hogg told CNN. “You need to take some action and play a role. Work together. Come over your politics and get something done.”

God bless these kids’ hearts, but their belief that mere legislation could transform mass shootings from an inexorable characteristic of contemporary life to a figment of history isn’t just naive — it’s impossible.

Add to that the fact that Democrats politicians have yet to propose a single policy that would have prevented last week’s shooting, let alone the the shooting in Las Vegas late last year.

And according to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, even when Democrats controlled the White House, the House and the Senate, they themselves passed no relevant gun control measures.

“If the Left were to propose a piece of legislation, they’d have to defend it on the merits. They wouldn’t be able to posture about how ‘everyone but those evil Second Amendment advocates agrees!’ Because not everyone would agree with their proposals. In fact, most people typically haven’t,” he wrote last week.

“Which is why Democrats, enjoying a 60-vote majority in the Senate and a wide majority in the House from 2009-2011, passed precisely zero major pieces of gun legislation — and why when Barack Obama attempted to use the Social Security Administration to seize guns from elderly people who used a proxy for their finances, even the ACLU opposed him.”

Listen to more of his analysis below:

Look, if these kids genuinely want to make a difference, I recommend they consider pursuing reasonable preventative measures involving perhaps improved mental health care and definitely a grossly less incompetent FBI.

But if they instead seek to use draconian gun regulations to bring about some perfect utopia where mass shootings disappear into the dustbins of history, then I’m sorry to say, but they’re being very childish.

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Should The Next Emoji Rollout Include A ‘Pregnant Man?’ Leftists Think So.

The official “Emoji list” for 2018 rolled out last week, and it added 157 new pixillated cartoon characters to the vast range of items you can include in your text messages, including kangaroos, softballs, comic book-esque phrases, and your fair reporter’s personal favorite: people who sport ginger hair.

But, obviously, the official emoji people can’t please everyone, and some social justice warriors are particularly angry that there are no new “transgender” or “gender non-binary” emoji people — and that there’s no way to separate emoji couples to create non-hetero-normative combinations, and no “pregnant man.”

That’s right. No pregnant man.

“Since the 2015 introduction of Fitzpatrick scale modifier, which allowed emoji to have skin tones different to the Simpsonesque default, many have assumed further emoji releases would gradually decouple the pictograms from a limited — and in many senses Western, male and heteronormative — vision of humanity,” ABC News reports, in a hard-hitting expose on inclusive cartoon pictures of humans (or the lack thereof).

The problem, activists claim, stems from a decision made way back in 2016, when the Unicode Technical Committee, which designs and introduces new emoji, decided to include female emoji in their annual rollout.

“Adding gender to Unicode was a massive mistake right from the start,” one non-binary emoji activist told ABC.

Ultimately, adding gender led Unicode to add couples and families, and although the selection of emoji now includes pictures of both gay and straight couples, and emoji can be adjusted to show skin and hair color, there aren’t yet individual emoji for every single option on the “gender scale.” For example, there’s no option to have a polyamorous group, and there’s no pregnant man, who might accurately depict the trials of a transgender female giving birth while appearing to be male.

The pregnant man is very important. “Let me make this very clear,” one activist “wrote in an official submission to the Consortium,” according to ABC. “If Unicode wants proper gender representation in emoji, it needs to be able to represent pregnant people who aren’t female.”

There aren’t a lot of those, she admits. And the suggestion doesn’t quite make sense. If you’re pregnant, you aren’t completely transitioned to male, because only females of the species have the necessary plumbing to accomplish the particular feat of reproduction.

In fact, according to Unicode, that’s actually the problem: there just aren’t enough people who are both male and pregnant to justify creating a specific emoji.

Fortunately there are now enough gingers.

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Donald Trump Hopes Americans Have a ‘Reflective’ Presidents’ Day

Donald Trump Hopes Americans Have a ‘Reflective’ Presidents’ Day

President Donald Trump called on Americans to have a “reflective” Presidents’ Day as they take time off for the federal holiday.

“Have a great, but very reflective, President’s Day!” he wrote on Twitter:

Trump does not have anything on his public schedule, but he plans to travel back to Washington, DC, from his club at Mar-a-Lago.

The president did not golf on Saturday or Sunday out of respect for the families who lost loved ones in the Florida shooting, but he traveled to his golf course on Monday.

He also met with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Saturday to discuss their agenda.

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Hah-Hah! Julian Assange Trolls the Hell Out of Hillary Clinton With #PresidentsDay Jab

As millions of Americans celebrate Presidents’ Day Monday, one person in particular, is sure to be down in the dumps. That person is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost to President Trump in the 2016 election. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange brutally jabbed Clinton by simply tweeting the hashtag #PresidentsDay.


As Townhall’s Christine Rousselle wrote last year, “This tweet aged about as well as an avocado.”

As The Gateway Pundit covered in great detail, WikiLeaks published over 20,000 pages of Podesta’s emails between October and November 2016.

Damning information from the emails included Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches and presidential debate questions leaked by DNC operative Donna Brazile. 

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The FBI botched another recent investigation. This one let a Muslim girl allegedly attempt ‘jihad.’

In the days following last week’s tragic shooting at a high school in Florida, the FBI has come under scrutiny because it admitted investigators failed to follow protocol in investigating the shooter, who had been reported to the bureau. But it’s not the agency’s only recent botched investigation that led to a 19-year-old person committing serious crimes.

What’s the other?

Tnuza J. Hassan was arrested last month after reportedly setting numerous fires on the campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. The fires didn’t injure anyone and didn’t cause significant damage, a huge wrench in Hassan’s plan.

According to reports, Hassan told investigators she “wanted the school to burn to the ground and that her intent was to hurt people” and the fires were an attempt at committing “jihad.” She admitted she was angered by U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and wanted to deliver a “pay back” of sorts to Americans.

However, Hassan, just 19, wasn’t an unknown individual to the FBI, according to The Associated Press. In fact, she landed on their radar last year when she was stopped from flying to Afghanistan in September. She told investigators then that she wanted to join Al Qaeda. She told them she thought she would marry a terrorist, but never fight.

Still, the young girl admitted that she would wear a suicide belt if she needed to and said she encouraged her other Muslim friends to “join the jihad in fighting.”

Despite all of that, investigators released the girl. As the AP noted, it’s not clear how closely the FBI was monitoring Hassan between that interview and when she was barred from traveling to Ethiopia in late December. But it couldn’t have been closely because she disappeared for a week before the fires at St. Catherine’s.

Hassan faces serious charges, including multiple counts of arson, lying to the FBI, and attempting to provide “material support” to Al Qaeda.

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